• “We live to expand. Body-identified man reproduces physically. Mind-identified man expands thoughts. The free man just gives up his limits.”


  • “Those who ask you to be ‘sincere’ towards your work in the name of duty, sacrifice, society or nation surely understand neither work nor love.”


  • “If you live as the body, you will value only that which is related to the body.”


  • “You know, when you move into understanding, even the cells of your body change, your eyes change, your facial expressions change. Nothing remains the same.
    Deeper your meditativeness is, the deeper is the physical change that comes to you. Your very breath changes. It becomes regulated, on its own.
    The way you walk, your gait, the contours of your voice, its modulation, everything changes. The way you sit, the way you look, the way you listen, everything changes. I am prepared to say, that even the chemical composition of your body changes.”


  • “Once you discover your essential nature, that is when mind and body can freely and joyfully engage in doing what they must do.”

  • “Don’t be concerned about the body, rebirth is not about taking another body. When the mind really changes, that is rebirth.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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