• “Responsibility is the fruit of maturity.”


  • “Love is a great responsibility. We don’t have the fire to do justice to Love. We don’t have courage to Love. Love is not for cold and dead minds. It is the mind illuminated by the flames of its own annihilation into the Ultimate.”


  • “Who is an evil man? The one who cannot relax. The one who has a thousand responsibilities. The one who thinks that he has any other duty than serving Krishna.”

  • “Responsibility does not come with identity; in fact, responsibility comes with freedom from identity.
    Real responsibility is very unpredictable, so it’s very thrilling.
    Fake responsibility is boredom, real responsibility is extremely thrilling.”


  • “You say you work for the family. Whose family – the neighbour’s? Is it really for the family that one works, or is it always for oneself?
    Don’t name your insecurity as magnanimity or responsibility.”


  • “The inner movement is not a movement of accumulation; it is an event of dissolution. You understand the futility of your ways and you understand that your ways will continue to be the same till you are the same. You understand that even if you try a thousand other ways, you are the one who would be travelling and hence no way would lead you anywhere. The traveler is the same, what is the point in trying a thousand new roads? The traveler is carrying his restlessness within him, how can a change of road be helpful? How can a change of environment, a change of relationship, a change of teacher, a change of country, place be helpful? How can any external change be successful when the sick one is being maintained, preserved and furthered? One is carrying some sickness in his heart, how will it help to change the clothes?”


  • “Most people are unable to break away from their situations, their workplaces, their home, or from their relationships not because they are responsible or committed but because they are afraid.”


  • “Living true to yourself is your only responsibility. Living in tune with peace is your only responsibility. Remain committed and surrendered to the Truth is your only responsibility. You are not obliged towards anything or anybody else. You are not answerable, accountable to anything, anybody else.”


  • “Responsibility is a redundant word. You need not even think about responsibility. When you are rightly yourself then whatever you do is the right action, the responsible action. And when you are displaced then whatever you do is an irresponsible act. The funny thing is only when you are displaced that you want to be responsible. Thought of responsibility doesn’t come to you when you are centered.”


  • “I do not have a responsibility to prove to the entire world that I am brave. I do not have to act as per the expectations of other people or even as per my own expectations, my own images of what is courageous and what is bravery. Was it a brave thing to do? I do not know. Was it a cowardly thing to do? I do not know. I do not bother to know. It just happened. There is something much more important that I am always with. I have no time, no energy to spend on this matter.”


  • “Your responsibility is not to chase liberation. Liberation will not come out of your chase. Your responsibility towards yourself is not about chasing peace, or love or freedom or pure being, none of this. If you are indulging in these chases then you are no different from a man who is chasing a house or a car or a woman. Your primary responsibility is to keep yourself clean of everything including all chases. That is, I repeat is the maximum you can do.”


  • “Till the time you feel a responsibility to interfere with what is going on, you will never understand what is going on.”


  • “Your only responsibility is towards the Truth.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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