• “Life is not torturing you, deceiving you, or defeating you. Beloved life is just wildly playing with you. Learn to play the great game”


  • “The misdirected craving for inner fulfillment becomes external attachment”


  • “To be at rest is to be at the destination even in the middle of the journey”
  • “Hope- A false medicine for restlessness.”


  • “. Do you ever sleep? Yes,the senses do sleep.Eyes stop seeing, ears stop hearing. But do you ever sleep? Restless one!Just once, sleep!”


  • “You’re restless for the essence of all that you’ve ever sought. You’re seeking the climax of the seeking. Manifested essence seeking itself.”


  • “Man is a restlessness. It can either make man go to its ultimate cause and produce a Buddha. Or, it can become ambition and destroy man.”


  • “Only by being totally at rest can one bring about great movement. By being alone, great connectedness. By being nothing, great creation.”


  • “Purpose, Goal, Desire- the mind’s attempts to come to an end, a rest. Intelligence is to see the stupidity of desiring to end desire”


  • “When love rests within, the world presents itself as lovable.”


  • “Thirst is the proof of water. Your restlessness is the absolute proof of the absolutely beyond. How long will you deny the undeniable?”


  • “Life – Rest, not quest.”


  • “The race was won, by the one, who did not run.”


  • “If it’s a mess, You created it. So,you clean it. If it has an order, its Yours. You maintain it. All this is none of my business. I just relax.”
  • “You rest within yourself, and the rest will be taken care of.
    That is the secret of Joyful relationships.
    Forget everything about relationships, and your relationships will really blossom.”
  • “Unless the mind is one with the fundamental nature of the mind, it cannot feel at rest.”
  • “That’s the contradiction that man must overcome.
    Being small, he must contain infinities, otherwise, he won’t come to rest. Being man, he must transcend humanness. Otherwise, he won’t relax. That’s the challenge, that’s the invitation. Enter so deeply into yourself, enter so deeply into your smallness, that you come to the beyond-ness, that you so desperately crave.”
  • “No action in continuation of restlessness will take you to rest.”
  • “The wise man does not expect too much from experiences. The wise man does not make experience the source of his learning. He knows that learning rests within. Experience has no positive role in enhancing learning.”
  • “You invite restlessness because you have a false belief that restlessness can take you somewhere, and all those things that you have been fed on since childhood. You have been raised on those things. Nobody just becomes restless out of nothing. All this is concocted restlessness.

    Try this: You do not call restlessness. Do not send it invitations.

    Your restlessness will feel uninvited. Its power will subside.”


  • “Look at your restlessness. If you can honestly understand it, then the restlessness itself will show the way.”
  • “All excitement is fundamentally the same. And all excitement is equally the same in its failure and frustration. If you are watching porn in order to be relieved, that relief is your superficial relief. If you are mating physically with a woman in order to be physically or mentally relieved, even that relief is equally superficial.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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