• “What you collect for your security makes you all the more insecure.”


  • “You think you give birth to children? You think you proliferate the human race by procreating? No. Its not kids that you produce, its suffering that you breed. Please see that we perpetuate suffering through procreation. The urge to procreate itself arises from an inner vacuüm, an insecurity, an existential suffering. What arises from suffering will only give birth to suffering. What arises from joy spreads joy. Rare is the child that arises from joy.”


  • “Most of your money is just psychological security in the bank account, right? How much of it do you really eat, breathe, live? You use it just as a number to console yourself. Don’t you? Will you ever use that money, seriously? For most of us, money is just a mental comfort. Something to be used in future. The whole concept of saving, is it not a disease of the mind?

    Keep saving! Keep saving! Saving for what? And mind you, if you die, even with one rupee in your bank account, then is that not a tragedy? Why did you spend your life earning that one rupee? Why? Now you have died and that one rupee is still there. The fact is, most of us die with so many rupees in our account. Why do you leave anything behind?

    Ask yourself sincerely, ‘How much do you really need?’”


  • “Destiny is real. It comes only to those who ask real questions. Not imaginary stuff- here, there, Brahman, consciousness, evolution. You live your life in petty stuff- money, security, home loan, jealousy, servicing the car, pleasing the boss, spying on the neighbour. So, ask those questions. Those are the real questions. Only in those real questions will you meet something Real, otherwise, you can keep blabbering – pure consciousness, seventh heaven, depths of meditation; flowerings of blissfulness; Hari Om! (Sarcastically)

    “When can I get my paycheck, please?” “Hari Om!”

    “Is my wife seeing somebody else these days?” “Hari Om!””


  • “Our knowledge is, in some areas, pretty detailed as well and it’s quite amazing, the extent to which human intelligence has gone and created this knowledge and other human beings have absorbed it and are putting it to use. Now, having known this much, is it not strange, what you read in newspapers? “Man quarrelling with man, nation quarrelling with nation, husband quarrelling with wife, neighbour quarrelling with neighbour, man quarrelling with himself!”
    When we find nobody else to engage, we are busy fighting ourselves. And we know so much.
    We know so much. Yet basics of life – jealousy, possessiveness, insecurity, small happenings in our environment seem to shake us up.”


  • “Silence is not your doing. Silence is to leave all security. Silence is to live without any sense of what will happen next. Silence is to leave yourself to the mercy of existence. And when you do that you do come to know that existence is actually compassionate and knows more about you than you do, takes better care of you than you ever could.”


  • “Faith is to trust without security.”


  • “Conditioning never comes as conditioning. Conditioning comes in as safety, security, pleasure or something appearing valuable.”


  • “The more we invest our lives in achievement, in security, the more we believe that we are insecure.”


  • “Do you live in the city because you love the city? No, you live in the city because the city promises advancement and security.”


  • “You say you work for the family. Whose family – the neighbour’s? Is it really for the family that one works, or is it always for oneself? Don’t name your insecurity as magnanimity or responsibility.”


  • “You must learn to feel safe. You must feel assured of your security. Don’t give energy to thoughts that make you feel small, petty, vulnerable, exposed, and insecure.
    Things are good.

    You are not in an alien land. This is your home, don’t tremble so much. Stretch your arms and feel the earth. See it is not really shaking, it is holding you in her lap. Nobody is conspiring against you. There is no need to fear. There is no need to run helter-skelter for security. There is no need to hate yourself so much.”


  • “Insecurity enters you wearing the mask of love.

    Fear enters you wearing the mask of care.

    Body centricity enters you wearing some other mask.

    Spiritual practice lies in seeing beyond the mask.”


  • “Feeling threatened by the world, you seek a false security from the same world.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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