• “ Ego is good, nice, beautiful but only when friends with the Self.”


  • “Being what you are, you will be found where you must be. So instead of worrying about your whereabouts, you should be concerned about ‘Who Am I?’First look at what you are and let life unfold from your being.”

  • “Why must you be so inconsiderate, so rude? Why do you inflict torture upon torture on yourself, everyday? Many of you, after this session, will go back to places where you will be inflicting torture upon yourself. Don’t you know that? Can’t you change that? What is this slavery? What is this helplessness?Your first obligation is towards yourself. All other obligations flow from there. If the first is not being met, the other obligations obviously cannot be met. The first has to be given its proper place. The first is you.”
  • “You do not know me.Neither are you coming here to me, nor are you running away from me. Find out: who wants to come? To whom are you coming? Who resists the coming? You are not coming to me, you are coming to your Self. You are not listening to me, you are listening to your Self.By not coming here, you may avoid this physical location. But can you get rid of yourself, your essence? When you come here, you come to your Home. It is not a man you are listening to, you are listening to your own pure voice. It is not the physical location that calls you, it is the call within. The call to return Home, at peace.If you don’t come to me, where else would you go? Wherever you would go, you would find me. One day, you may find me staring back at you from the mirror. One day, you may find me sitting right in the middle of your Heart.”


  • “Everything that you think of as the world is nothing but ‘you’.Everything that you think of as ‘you’ is nothing but the world.Sans your thoughts, the world and the conception of ‘you’, there is a vast nothingness and that is what you really are.”


  • “What the Self is; the body cannot be.What the Self is; the mind cannot be.The Self is unlimited and immortal. The body and mind cannot be immortal. But because you are not in touch with the immortality of the Self, so you put the burden of immortality upon the body and the mind.”


  • “To know yourself, firstly stop believing that you know anything about yourself”


  • “What arises from the mind will have the same quality as that of the mind. It cannot provide a different quality to the mind. If you think that your thoughts can change your life, they cannot. You move around with a weighing machine, a balance in your mind. And you think that thought X can neutralize thought Y. You think good character will take care of bad character.Thought is not the arrow that will pierce the mind.Your thoughts will not unravel the mystery to you.”


  • “You do not need improvement. You need dissolution.”


  • “The Centre is not a part of the circle. The Centre is not outside the circle.”


  • “Take care of One, all will be taken care of”


  • “To go beyond yourself, come close to yourself”


  • “To be a human is to have Sky in the Heart and Earth in the body”


  • “Just as the thinker can not get rid of thought, I can not get rid of my self-concept by thinking about it.”


  • “My self concept – coming from outside – can be taken away, can be lost. No wonder this ‘I’ will always live in fear. Fear is an inalienable part of my living.”


  • “Self-realization is the real solution.”


  • “The Self is not many, not even one.”


  • “Mind and body crave to express their already Perfect Source. And that is the purpose of life:Just expression, not achievement. Live the Self.”


  • “A direct uncorrupted movement from self to action.”


  • “The self perpetuates itself by trying to become an enlightened self. Only the ego takes interest in enlightenment. Enlightenment is ego.”


  • “You don’t ‘have’ a Self. Self is not ‘in’ you. Far better to say: ‘I am in Self’.”


  • “The understanding of a Self or Soul or Atman was given to rid man of his body-identification. And man said: The soul is in my body. Tragedy.”


  • “. Who will know the Self? The Self, who else! How will the Self be known? By being in the Self, how else! Self alone is in Self. Try not, see.”


  • “The world is your self-image. The experiencer and the experience go together.”


  • “Disown the self, disown the actions of the self, and disown the shame associated with the actions. Shame only reinforces the ego. Shame comes out of a misplaced belief that you are better than your action. Just observe the games of the self, naked, shamelessly. Freedom from ego and freedom from shame go together. The entire game of ambition and progress comes from an urge to overcome one’s sense of shame. This life-drama is nothing but shame being played all around. Disown shame, disown this shameful life.”


  • “Ego will never directly choose freedom. It will just choose more bondages as means towards freedom. Ego plays a game of self-delusion. It will cry aloud, “I want freedom”, and will determinedly latch on to bondages. Whatever you will choose, you will choose just to escape from that which is worthy of being chosen.”


  • “An insecure mind, worrying about its own self-interest, cannot love. Love is for those who have stopped worrying about themselves.”


  • “Searching for your true identity or your real self, you will just be disappointed. The real self is not yours at all. Self is not personal.”


  • “Nothing separates the idiot from the wise except a willingness for honest self-observation.”


  • “Every desire is ultimately a desire of the Ultimate. Desire is essentially attempted self-remembrance in a delusion of forgetfulness.”


  • “Self-awareness is just self-remembrance.”


  • “. In attention, your old patterns cease to work. Your conditioned grooves are flattened. The filth on your eyes is cleared. It is cleansing of the highest kind. You are dissolved, cleansed of yourself. You are being washed in your own dissolution. That is Aatmsnaan (self-purification). That is why it is said that attention washes away all your sins of the past. Aatmsnaan is attention.The stains of the past actions cease to bother you in understanding.”


  • “Declare your Love. Live your Love; do not hide in shame. Do not lead double lives. It is a blemish on the mind. It rots the self. It is worse than prostitution. You want to sell your soul?”


  • “It is so difficult to get rid of oneself. More so when the self is trying to get rid of itself, and hence perpetuating itself in the effort.”


  • “The desire that is not a further thickening of the self is no more a desire. It is compassion.”


  • “Spend a lifetime filling ‘real’ stuff into yourself. Finally find that all’s still unreal- the self, the stuff, the lifetime, and the finder.”


  • “Anything done for the world will always be unreal. Every real act is always for the Self. Those who know the Self celebrate Selfishness.”


  • “One is always selfish. Just that some know the Self, others don’t. In awareness of Self, Selfishness is beautiful.”


  • “An insecure, fearful mind is due to lack of self-awareness. All identities, sense of self, obtained from outside can be taken away. Hence, fear.”


  • “Till one does not understand his mind-machine, he has no right to talk of love. Funnily, the most self-unaware ones ‘fall’ the most in love.”


  • “The first entity worth knowing is the Self, the Subject. A mind ignorant of the Self remains miserable even if well-versed in other knowledge.”


  • “Anything that requires your intervention to be secured is unreal. The Real is self-secure. It requires no defence.”


  • “This self-love, my concern for myself, my insecurities, fixation with my body, my people. Self-love, the only love affair that never ends.”


  • “The only way to find your Self is to lose your self.”


  • “We know not a bit of the Self but keep dying of guilt of being selfish!”


  • “I am nothing but the influence of the others. Some of these I know to be influences; the deeper influences I think of as my self. Am I?”


  • “The Self is the real freedom.”


  • “Self-preservation is an escape from life.”


  • “Any and every image you make of yourself is an ugly image. You are more beautiful than the best of your self-images.”


  • “Don’t correct yourself,disown the self.”


  • “Spirituality – Truth above self.”


  • “How can you get rid of incompleteness? You are already complete.”


  • “A person is no good if he doesn’t remind you of something beyond himself.”


  • “Prosperity is not what you have, but what you are.”


  • “I cannot be without my absence.”


  • “You are beyond your expectations; your expectations are bound to fail.”


  • “Who am I? The one who is not separate from you. I’m the one who ever asks, or does not ask. I’m the one who ever answers, or does not answer.”


  • “You are complete, including all incompletenesses.”


  • “I am either absolutely everything, or nothing at all.”


  • “Being close to yourself is closeness to others”
  • ““‘He’ wants a cure”, therein lies the whole contradiction. ‘He’ wants the cure. Who is this ‘he’? The disease itself. The cure is his elimination. Will he take the cure? So, that’s human tragedy! What we want is our own elimination. The highest is available to us but at the cost of our being – this limited self. That’s human predicament. There is an invaluable good there. You can take it. The good is invaluable and the price is infinite.”
  • “The Aatman(Self), of course, cannot be emulated, but the physical action can be copied, so one starts copying that stuff. Now where there is the root, the shoot, and the flower and the fruit will be there. But if you keep watering the leaves and the fruit, then you will never get to the root. By copying somebody’s action, you will not attain to that person’s essence.  You will only make a fool of yourself, as we do.”
  • “The one who knows does not have great answers; the one who knows does not have big words or big answers; the one who knows is the one who does not have even small questions. If you ask him for answers, he will conclude that he is a fool because he does not have answers. His being lies in not having questions, in realising just one thing that all questions are noise. He knows the Self and he knows the Self is blemishless. There is no place for doubt or confusion there. He sits rooted in sureness. He will say, ‘Only a Faithless mind can have questions. I know the source, the genesis of all questions, how can I give questions importance?’”

  • “Self-improvement lies in coming in contact with facts of the self.”
  • “Real understanding is a state of your mind in which it is attentive.
    It knows.
    That intelligent self; it knows.
    That is real understanding.”
  • “It is alright to pursue your desires and seek fulfilment, but only if you, first of all, understand what the Total desire is. What your self is really and deeply craving for. When you will understand the totality of desire, then you will also understand that you are craving not for the garment but for the Total, you may call it by various names – the Beyond, Truth, God. You can call it anything.”
  • “Self-improvement is a decoration of the disease.”
  • “Self-Realisation is not the ending of the struggles, it is the ending of the struggler.”
  • “Self-realisation is not the cessation of struggles. Self-realisation is the ending of the struggler. Self-realisation is not the cessation of troubles, it is the ending of the struggler.”
  • “Whatever you’ll ‘do’ to drop the self will only further the self.”
  • “You are attacked only as long as there is something to be attacked. And when there is something to be attacked, you would always feel attacked, or threatened to be attacked. It is not as if the universe is conspiring against you, it is just that the self that you have built up, lives on a diet of threats. It is not as if all the arrows and bullets are aiming at you, it is just that the armour that you have raised, is justified only by arrows and bullets.”
  • “The self uses the words of the Guru to defend itself from the Guru.”
  • “The commandments of the Self are that you must abide in the Self; that is your real place, that is where you must be. That your actions must be coming directly from the Self – from the Self to the mind, from the mind to the material.”
  • “What is ‘society’? Society is not something outside. Society is a mind that does not live in the Self.”
  • “We all are conditioned.
    Religion is that which reduces our conditioning and brings us back to our original, innocent, clean Self.”
  • “For real action, let the Real act on your behalf.
    Observing the world, one comes to the ego.
    Observing ego, one comes to the Self.”
  • “The ego self lasts only as long as it has not reached its goals. And its goal is not its amplification but its dissolution.”
  • “The mind cannot really know the Self, the Self knows all about the mind.”
  • “Listener: In awareness, I feel connected to others

    A: In awareness, there are no others.”

    L: Yes, in awareness, only ‘I’ is there.

    A: When others are not there, how can the ‘I’ be there?

    In awareness, there are neither others nor the self. Just Silence.”

  • “Sadness is a self-imposed state of the mind.”
  • “Q: Is liberation of the Self a gradual process, or something instantaneous?

    AP: It is neither.
    Liberation is another name of the Self.
    The Self, by nature, is already liberated.
    One is always and already liberated.”

  • “The only way to clean yourself is to immerse in the ocean of the Self.”
  • “An insecure, fearful mind, is due to lack of self-awareness. All identities, sense of self, obtained from outside can be taken away. Hence, fear.” 


  • “It is horrible to see someone doubtful of himself.
    It is hilarious to see someone certain of himself.”


  • “If you are just looking, not looking for. If you are just looking, then you are looking at the Self. If you are just looking, without hunger, without fear, without desire, simply, simply in a relaxed way, if you are just looking, it is the Self that you are looking at.”


  • “Consciousness is the Self.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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