• “After a few years of a soul-sapping routine, you stop feeling bad about it. Corpses don’t complain. The reward is respectability and progress”


  • “By not admitting that you are suffering, you endorse your suffering, and allow it to continue. Be sensitive.”


  • “Sentimentality is not sensitivity. One is enclosure of the past, the other is closeness to the present. One is cruelty, the other is love.”


  • “Lucky are those whose eyes open up even if to see their wounds. And lucky are those whose sensitivity awakens even if to feel their hurt.”


  • “The more untouched and inert am I within, the more sensitive and responsive I would be outside. To be one with the universe, be alone within.”


  • “Before an organ can be amputated, it is anaesthetized. If a living system gets insensitive, it is a mark of lifelessness. Life is sensitivity.”


  • “Attention is sensitivity. To be attentive is to be vulnerable, open. It means a lot of hurt. It is important not to suppress that hurt.”


  • “Why are we content with our bored, dull, regulated, lifeless lives? Because we have been taught to be cruel and insensitive to ourselves.”


  • “Sensitivity is not sentimentality.”


  • “A quack offered an idiot to cure his neck sprain; All pains sure he cured for he cut the jugular vein.”


  • “To look at the facts, you require a certain sensitivity.
    Facts must bother you a little, then you talk reality.
    Otherwise, you can talk La-la land.”


  • “Sensitivity means to not to be so blinded by beliefs that you cannot look at the obvious.”


  • “To be really sensitive, is to be intelligent.
    To be really sensitive, is to listen to your Heart.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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