• “Truth does not know you. How can the Truth listen to you? Truth can listen only to Itself through you. Silence! Let Truth talk and listen”


  • “Everything that you think of as the world is nothing but ‘you’.Everything that you think of as ‘you’ is nothing but the world.Sans your thoughts, the world and the conception of ‘you’, there is a vast nothingness and that is what you really are.”


  • “Those who do not listen, hear a lot of things. Those who listen deeply, hear nothing.”


  • “Innocence is that silence, that background that doesn’t change, no matter how much the voices change. It is that emptiness that remains no matter how many universes come and go. It is which sky that cannot be stained, even if you emit the entire world’s smoke into it. It simply cannot be dirtied.”


  • “What begins ends, nothingness sustains”


  • “God never told you God keeps on telling. God speaks in a thousand languages and in no language.”


  • “Joy is happiness without reason. It is a subtle happiness arising from nowhere. It is so subtle that it really cannot even be called happiness. In that sense, joy is just an emptiness – empty of sadness, and empty even of happiness.”
  • “To say something, speak. To say a lot of things, speak eloquently. To say everything, be in silence.”


  • “Standing outside, I see how I permeate everything from the inside. If this does not evoke a great awe and a deep silence, what else will?”


  • “The fellow is talking garbage if his words do not bring you to silence.”


  • “Ask: Do I really know what is good for myself? Then how do I know what is good for others? Helping others is an escape from helping oneself.”


  • “Listening is the silence in which words are said and heard.”


  • “Life is the sacred silence of a raucous laughter, or a raucous laughter of the sacred silence. A holy verse, a vulgar joke. Live. Both.”


  • “Prayer is your very being. Prayer is beautifully described in Hindi as ‘praarthanaa.‘ – ‘arth‘ means desire. – ‘para + arth‘ means beyond desire. Neither there is anything to pray to, nor anything to pray for, nor there is anybody who is praying. Prayer is nothing. If anybody is prayed to, anything is prayed for or anybody is praying, then that is not a prayer, but an activity out of desire. Prayer is your very being, a very-very silent call of the mind. Deeper the silence, closer you are to praying. The more you can describe or articulate, the more you are present, farther you are from praying. You cannot pray. You can only be prayerful. In every movement of the mind there must be prayer. Only that prayer is heard.  You ask for nothing and so surely your prayer will be answered. The Lord listens when you forget the Lord. The Lord listens when there is no Lord.”


  • “Surrender is absolute. There is no choice of surrendering in parts. Let the mind look at itself. That is the most sacred act. Only then you can surrender. Surrender to whom? Nobody. Silence. Not required. Not surrendering to anybody. Just surrender.”


  • “The mark of a good word is that it takes one to silence.”


  • “Absolute is Truth,and absolute are its ways. No compromises,no negotiations,no in-between, no opinions. Absolute silence, absolute radiance.”


  • “Don’t confuse enquiry with asking questions. Questions are just noise. Enquiry is silence. Enquiry doesn’t answer questions, it dissolves them.”


  • “Real enquiry happens in Silence.”


  • “Noise is the effort to be silent.”


  • “Aatman is the essence. World is the skin of the aatman. Look at your life and find out how much do you value the essence, and how much do you value the skin.”


  • “Looking attentively at the world, one enters the Truth beyond world.”


  • “The fellow is talking garbage if his words do not bring you to silence.”


  • “In Silence, you do not feel the need for any explanations.
    If you are still feeling a need for explanations, where is silence?”


  • “Real enquiry happens in Silence.”


  • “Real enquiry is not about asking questions or seeking answers or striving for the Truth.

    Real enquiry is in Silence.

    Real enquiry is about just listening.”


  • “To maintain silence is to maintain yourself; your silence is the noise that you are.”


  • “The silence of wisdom is not a product of civilizational noise.”


  • “If you are saying something, it is noise.
    If you are saying nothing, it is more noise.
    Silence is neither words nor keeping quiet.”


  • “Before you understand others, silence your mind.”


  • “Silence is that which enables you to know noise as noise; otherwise, Silence is nothing.”


  • “Why does a Master speak?
    He speaks because you cannot hear his Silence. So it’s a compulsion that he must speak. Could you listen to him, without his words, he would not want to speak, because he is the first one to know that words do not matter much.”


  • “Only Silence communicates fully; let words come from Silence.”


  • “That which cannot be expressed through words, is expressed in Silence. And That which cannot be expressed in words, is immensely important. You require a special language, because that deserves a special language. That special language is Silence. Hence, Silence is the most eloquent expression.”


  • “All internal voices are from fragments of the mind, the Total calls only in Silence.”


  • “Silence is not a cessation of sound,
    nor any other kind of negation.
    Silence is an unrestrained exposition,
    an immense revelation.”


  • “When you have forgotten all about the Truth, then you are in the Truth.
    When you have forgotten all about Silence, then you are silent.
    When even the word ‘peace’, when even the memory of peace does not occur to you, then you are truly peaceful.
    Everything else is just an image.”


  • “Silence is not your doing. Silence is to leave all security. Silence is to live without any sense of what will happen next. Silence is to leave yourself to the mercy of existence. And when you do that you do come to know that existence is actually compassionate and knows more about you than you do, takes better care of you than you ever could.”


  • “The mind is moving and the Heart is relaxing. The mind is at the foot of the mountain, the Heart is at the top of the mountain. The Heart was always there. The mind is never really going to reach, so do not use the movement of the mind to try to know the location of the Heart. The mind can just be left free. I am repeating this for the third or fourth time, the movement of the mind tells nothing about the Heart but the Silence of the Heart is enough to guide the mind.”


  • “Know a man not by the loudness of his voice, but by the depth of his silence.”


  • “The very cessation of this confidence – that life must be according to this and this pattern – is silence.”


  • “You can either have Silence or an experience of silence.
    And the experience of silence is noise.You can either have Love or an experience of love.
    And the experience of love is distance.”


  • “In moments of deep love, who worries about far and near.
    In deep silence, who thinks about gross and subtle.”


  • “When you know that no song can contain Him, then every song you sing has His music in His Silence.”


  • “Listener: In awareness, I feel connected to othersA: In awareness, there are no others.”L: Yes, in awareness, only ‘I’ is there.A: When others are not there, how can the ‘I’ be there?In awareness, there are neither others nor the self. Just Silence.”


  • “Q: How to be aware of Silence?
    AP: Awareness is not a subject, and Silence is not an object.You can be conscious of something, you cannot be aware of something.
    Silence is neither something, nor the absence of something.”


  • “Q: Can you give an example of speaking from Silence?
    AP: Is my mouth giving all these examples?
    Are these example rising from the brain?
    Is my tongue talking to your ear?”


  • “Real inquiry happens in Silence.In silence, smallest of the noises are known by you.”


  • “Noise can be known only in Silence.
    Knower is noise.
    With the knower, you cannot know.”


  • “If you are saying something, it is noise.
    If you are saying nothing, it is noise of a different colour.
    Silence is neither about saying nor about keeping quiet.”


  • “The Silent one looks at a talking Shiva and hears only Silence.”


  • “Liberation is the great Silence that you are.
    Liberation is the great Peace that remains.”


  • “Don’t say anything.
    Your freedom lies in such deep sureness that you can relax in Silence.”


  • “Don’t say anything.
    Your freedom lies in such deep sureness that you can relax in Silence.That relaxedness is sureness. Silence is total freedom.”


  • “The Heart does not speak in a human language, the Heart does not even utter in a way that the ears can comprehend.The voice of the Heart is the silence behind all voices and sounds.”


  • “All internal voices are from fragments of the mind, the Total calls only in Silence.”


  • “Give strength to that within you, which is drawn towards God, Truth, and Silence.”


  • “A man or a woman, who cannot live in silence, is mentally diseased.”


  • “There are some, who are products of silence. They listen to silence. You are one of them. Just acknowledge that.”


  • “When you have been living a life of peace and silence you would also know what to do in a crowd.”


  • “Your motionless, thoughtless, expectation-less silence is the only prayer possible, there is no other prayer. You verbalize it, and you lose it. When you are feeling alright with yourself, then that noiseless silence is the expression of your gratitude. You are silent because there is nothing to be noisy about. That is your thank you.”


  • “Truth, you expect to be silent, kind, gentle; Truth can come to you in any form. The formless, free to take an infinite number of forms. And when the truth comes to you in an appropriate form, you run away from it, you run away from it looking for the Truth. What am I doing? Running away from Truth. Why I am running away from the Truth? Because I am looking for the truth. We can even call that as some kind of cuteness or if we want to be blunt, we call it stupidity.”


  • “Silence is not something predetermined, premeditated. Silence is something that arises when the mind is clear of its preoccupations.”


  • “Spirituality is simply ‘Silence’.”


  • “Knowing Love The need of mind to get Peace, to settle into Understanding, to be clear of noise and be seated in Silence, to not to feel lonely but Total – that is Love.”


  • “Whatever you think about yourself – is the bondage. Liberation is the great silence that you are.”


  • “You do not communicate through words; you use words to avoid communication.”


  • “You can either have Silence or an experience of Silence and an experience of Silence is called noise.”


  • “To not to think of Silence is Silence.”


  • “To have an image of Silence as wordlessness or anything is noise.”


  • “Silence is that in which these words are said and heard. Do not equate Silence with wordlessness. You can be very wordless and still very noisy.”


  • “You’ll never know Silence, except through the manifestation of Silence.”


  • “The effort to do something, the effort to reach to Silence is noise. What is already there, when it is tried to be obtain, that is suffering. Suffering is nothing but unnecessary action. All that is unnecessary is suffering. Not only suffering is unnecessary, it is more important to see that ‘unnecessary’ is suffering.”


  • “If not Silence, then music. Nothing else.”


  • “Joy is Silence, fun is music.”


  • “If the second appears dangerous to you, do not go to the third; seek refuge in the first and that is Silence. If music is in danger of turning chaotic and sounding like noise then don’t side with noise, turn off the music player!”


  • “The silence of wisdom is not a product of civilization noise.”


  • “That is the only accurate way of describing the destination — Silence.”


  • “Silence is always available. Silence is the only thing that is always available. Just turn off the player!”


  • “When they come to the mind they cleanse the mind of other thoughts — that is the mantra. Once the mind is cleaned there is just mauna (silence). That silence is awareness. In that silence, you don’t have anything to think about because the thinker himself is gone.”


  • “When you are in peace, when you are in Silence, then you know how to behave with anything and everything.”


  • “Real Silence is one when you do not even know that you are silent.”


  • “Hear noise? Both hearing and noise are proofs of Silence.”


  • “When you are conscious of Silence, it is noise.”


  • “We can have a lot of words in Silence. We can have wordlessness in Silence.”


  • “If there is silence then you will call diversity as richness. And if there is no silence, then you will call diversity as a problem.”


  • “Whenever you will remember the World, it will invoke a certain feeling, a thought, inside you. It will take you away from Silence. One has to remember the roots. You remember the Truth, the World is taken care of.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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