• “Whosoever is obsessed with make-up is a person who terribly and deeply believes in his or her ugliness. “


  • “To be born is to be born into crookedness.But once you know that the straight One, the simple One, the innocent One, is sitting in your heart; then you no more feel the need to display a fake straightness. Then you say, “I have straightness at the most important place”. Now, outside I can be crooked; outside I can be fully crooked. I do not need to prove a point. There is nobody to prove a point to. The real thing is sitting here, so outside the game of the unreal can be. Just enjoy it.”


  • “The simple words of the Teacher are not understood by the complex mind”
  • “Mind is a trader that always makes bad deals. It tries to sell away something that cannot be given away, and it bargains to buy something that cannot be useful. It trades away the essentials- love, freedom, simplicity in exchange for illusions of acceptance, pleasure and security. Hence there is only suffering in each trade, in every action of the mind.”


  • “A question appears as a barrier obstructing Reality . Barrier is the position from where the question comes.Without the position,its simple.”


  • “Mental health is such a stranger to us. We start feeling uneasy in our rare moments of simple innocence.”


  • “If the fundamentalists really knew the fundamentals, fundamentalism would be simple and beautiful.”


  • “To Understand is to see the Simple in the complex.”


  • “If it is not simple, it is not the Truth. If it is not self-evident, it is not the Truth.”


  • “Only two minds culminate in faith: Either a sharp intellect, or simple innocence.”


  • “What is liberation? Joy of life- simple, direct, ordinary. Any search for a special is futile and deceptive. Be liberated from your search.”


  • “You use the phrase ‘animal nature’ wrongly. Violence, disorder, greed, stupidity, ego – all these are your social nature, not your animal nature. Animal nature is simple, beautiful, and one with existence. Drop your social nature, rediscover your animal nature.”


  • “Be surrendered. Be simple. Be innocent.Live in your ordinary nature. That’s all.”


  • “If you are anxious about paying the bills, simply keep the bills small. Or don’t raise the bills. Unless there is a bill, where is the question of payment? Simple!The intention is to keep raising bills. So, first of all, for the sake of pleasure, one wants to generate bills and then, one throws herself into horror by thinking, “Now how will I pay these bills?”Do you see such a self-defeating cycle?”


  • “The True, the Real, is not something to be sought.
    It is our nature.
    It is never going away.
    Getting it doesn’t require special practice or effort or ‘sadhana’. It rather requires honest attentiveness; when you can be honest towards yourself, when you can acknowledge all your follies, when you can be attentive to the daily mistakes – that is Spirituality.
    Spirituality is nothing special. It is very simple, ordinary.
    The man who lives in himself, in his simple nature, is a spiritual man.
    Spirituality is simple wisdom.”


  • “The Upanishads come from nowhere, meaning, what the Upanishads are saying is just obvious, is just so simple. So what to say from where they come?
    They are like the palm of your hand. It is simpler to know an Upanishad than to know your thumb, your nails, the back of your hand.
    If you are sitting in front of me and somebody asks me, “How exactly did you learn about her?” I will have no answer because I did nothing to learn about her. What did I do? I just saw. So, how can I tell you how did I learn about her? Simply, how can the Rishi tell you anything about the source of his utterances? He did nothing to know all that. He did absolutely nothing to know all that. He just saw that as True.

    ‘Normal seeing’ is facts. ‘A little more dedicated seeing’ is Truth. But it is all just ‘seeing’, not trying, not getting, not comprehending, not thinking, not analysing; but just seeing that which is anyways obvious.”


  • “You have to give away everything to get That which is free.
    Kindly do not ask for very easy solutions, for the simple reason that if there are easy solutions and they come to you, you won’t take them. This comfort is there because you can accept something only when it comes to you with an acceptable level of discomfort.
    Let’s say the whole discomfort is removed, and the thing becomes ridiculously easy, would you take it? Honestly?
    Would you take it if it is ridiculously easy? Served like this.
    You won’t take it. Tomorrow morning when I’ll come to you, to wake you up, I’ll wake you by – take this pill.
    What is this?
    This is the enlightenment pill.
    You’ll say ‘aaargh’ (a sound depicting irritation when someone wakes you up for no cause) and will go back to sleep. You will know I am joking. I might not be joking.
    It is not that the Truth says that you must pass through suffering before I can come to you. It is just that you will not take anything without suffering.”


  • “Surrender is not an art. It is not a skill. It is not a task. It is this: when you spoke, I surrendered to you.
    Only by surrendering to your question could I listen to what your heart is asking. And when I speak, you have to surrender to me to really know what is coming through me that is surrender— easy, simple, obvious; so damn straight forward.
    Surrender is not something exotic. Not something far-fledged. Not something there (pointing towards the sky) in some other galaxy.
    This is surrender.
  • “Detachment does not mean that “I do not want this, I do not want that.” Detachment is just simple common sense. How can I keep holding that which is obviously a source of suffering? That is detachment.”


  • “To be detached is to not to hold on to stupidity, that is the simple definition of detachment.”


  • “If we can understand how one gets lost, returning is so simple and instantaneous.”


  • “You cannot skip life, even for a moment. And it is easy, it is effortless. It is as effortless as the beating of the heart, as effortless as breathing. Attention is no workout; attention is not a demanding activity. Attention is simple, effortless; you just have to be present. And when you are simply present, then you know what the whole game is all about.”


  • “The Teacher does not speak to confuse you. He has no interest in throwing riddles around. He wants to help you. So he has said something. His words are like the Truth – direct, obvious and simple. But to a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple makes no sense. To a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple becomes a great puzzle.”


  • “The complicated mind cannot become one with the simple. The words of the Teacher arise from a point of innocence. With all your cleverness, how will you ever know those words?”


  • “Be real and be honest.
    The scriptures are the easiest to understand because there is nothing to understand there.
    The scriptures have the simplest of meanings because they have no meaning at all.”


  • “Whatever is coming from outside would never have a totality about it for the simple reason that it is coming from outside, it is never you.”


  • “Life is simple and very direct. You are not born with the obligation to be enlightened.”



    AP: The ones who quit, quit in simple Faith. They don’t quite have a backup.

    Hundred percent fed up, or Hundred percent unconcerned, or
    Hundred percent Faithful.”


  • “Q: What is the Truth?
    AP: The breeze is so nice.
    It is so Simple that it hurts and humiliates.
    You want a complicated answer so that you can remain with the complication.”


  • “Remain easy, remain free, and you won’t need any confidence.”


  • Simplicity is existential, complexity is man-made.


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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