• “ We should not compete against the idiots nor become a victim of their propaganda.”


  • “A social mind cannot attain individuality”


  • “If others can predict you, others will enslave you”

  • “To not to be spiritual is to be a social slave.”


  • “Is guilt really eternal? Different people,different times, different guilts. Guilt too may just be an implant by the society.”


  • “The solution to all problems- social, economic, political- lies not in collective, institutional action. It lies in development of the individual.”


  • “A truly religious man can never be a social man. He’s free from the clutches of society. He is intelligence unfettered, indomitable, alone.”


  • “Those who ask you to be ‘sincere’ towards your work in the name of duty,sacrifice,society or nation surely understand neither work nor love.”


  • “Time, as it exists in the mind, is a social institution.”


  • “A social order coming from fear, tradition or authority is dead. Only individual intelligence leads to a live and spontaneous social order.”


  • “The external social order neither tolerates nor matches the innate order of Love.”


  • “Existence gives you fruits and vegetables, society gives you recipes. Being bound to recipes your taste buds and senses become crude and lose their capacity to sense the subtle.”


  • “One doesn’t wake up by changing dreams. One doesn’t become alone by changing societies.”


  • “The problem is not the society, but the social mind.”


  • “Existence gave you the body but you gave yourself the society. Existence gives you fruits and vegetables, society gives you recipes. Being bound to recipes your taste buds and senses become crude and lose their capacity to sense the subtle.”


  • “You use the phrase ‘animal nature’ wrongly. Violence, disorder, greed, stupidity, ego – all these are your social nature, not your animal nature. Animal nature is simple, beautiful, and one with existence. Drop your social nature, rediscover your animal nature.”


  • “Social conditioning begins with the clever objective of freeing man from physical conditioning. Social conditioning will not help you get rid of physical conditioning. Going beyond physical conditioning happens by having the faith to live in a purely physical way.”


  • “A new man is possible in this old world. But new men, a new society is not possible in an old world. The entire order needs to be wiped out.”


  • “Its easier to talk of social reform rather than individual awakening. Can the society be corruption-free if the individual mind is corrupt?”


  • “To be put in solitary confinement in a jail is not the biggest punishment. The biggest punishment is to be put in a crowd.”


  • “Society is an external order- man relating to man on the basis of a pre-established order. There is no love here; society is based on distrust. Or else there couldn’t be rules. Love is intrinsic and supremely dynamic. Social rules are external and largely frozen. Society is afraid of the force of love. The more there is an internal order, the less there will be the need for the external order. The dead structure of society strangulates love. Social order recognises only patterns, but consciousness and intelligence cannot be pattern-based. The inability to respond dynamically to intelligence, the inability to respond as per the level of consciousness, is the biggest failure of any social order. Society has the same rules for the butcher and the Buddha – one size fits all. It has no eye for understanding, for consciousness, for love.”


  • “Our society does not like open expressions of suffering. That is why we always pretend that we are happy. That is why whenever someone asks us, “How are you doing?,” rarely do we say, “Very badly!”.

    It is a mutual deception. We keep proving to each other that we are happy. There is no obligation to prove to others that you are happy. If you are happy for a while, it is inevitable that sadness is going to come next. When sadness comes, live it fully. Now you will know what sadness is, and in that knowing, there is Joy.”


  • “When so much of advice is available on how to get peace, how will one ever get peace? When so many people are intent upon telling you what to do with your life, how will you ever know what to do this moment? When you are repeatedly being told, and told, and told, about what Love means, what money means, what work is, what relationships are, what society is, what God is, how will you ever know any of these?”


  • “What is ‘society’?Society is not something outside. Society is a mind that does not live in the Self.”


  • “After gaining all the knowledge, after reading the wisdom literature, after seeing a few things, if I am still bound by the society, then what is the point in taking that education?

    Education must liberate, not make a man bonded.”


  • “As long as you remain chained by physical tendencies, the society will ride upon you.
    They say, ‘Man is a social animal’. As long as the animal is there, he will need to be social.”


  • “In a healthy society, you do not need rules, what you need is Intelligent people.If people are intelligent, then there is no need of rules.And the more rule driven a society is, the more unintelligent it is.”


  • “You have no obligation to be proven right in the eyes of society.”


  • “As I know myself, I am hardly anything more than the body, I am hardly anything more than the society. You know what does body represent- your physicality, your entire evolution. You know what clothes represent- society, everything that society gave you. If you can see that you are nothing more than physical and social conditioning then it’s a revolution. But you have to stay with that, not just talk. You’ve to really live in that realization. I am nothing but that, which my genes gave me and which my religion, priest, teacher, media, boss, wife, parents gave me. I am nothing but that. And since you’re not that, you’ll feel like rebelling.”


  • “Observe animals, that will give you freedom from all that which is animal within you. And observe society, that will give you freedom from all that which is social within you. But even as you observe them, observe them from the point of Truth — that is the most important.”


  • “What is society? The miniscule number of people, that you gather around yourself. You have gathered a very small number of people around yourself and you call it ‘the society’. An infinite number of societies exist. You are the center of society, you gather people around yourself, when you change, your contact list also changes.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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