• “Can there be happiness except in a background of sorrow? Without sorrow, our happinesses would vanish. Is there beyondness from these two?”


  • “Boundaries are Sorrow.”


  • “When in grief, cry fully. Let tears flow freely. Learn sorrow.”


  • “After a few years of a soul-sapping routine,you stop feeling bad about it.Corpses don’t complain. The reward is respectability and progress”


  • “Life is not torturing you,deceiving you,or defeating you. Beloved life is just wildly playing with you. Learn to play the great game”


  • “Pleasure and pain are two ends of duality, but they should not be taken as separate. They are one. Pleasure in itself will hold no attraction for you if you are not in pain. If you ask, “What is pleasure?” The answer has to be in context of pain. Pleasure means nothing in absence of pain.”


  • “Why must you be so inconsiderate, so rude? Why do you inflict torture upon torture on yourself, everyday? Many of you, after this session, will go back to places where you will be inflicting torture upon yourself. Don’t you know that? Can’t you change that? What is this slavery? What is this helplessness? Your first obligation is towards yourself. All other obligations flow from there. If the first is not being met, the other obligations obviously cannot be met. The first has to be given its proper place. The first is you.”


  • “Understanding of sorrow is freedom from sorrow”


  • “Whatever you choose will bring sorrow to you. Joy springs in choicelessness.”


  • “You yourself are happiness and sorrow.”


  • “Where there is a circumference, there is a centre. The circumference is the manifestation of sorrow, the centre is the seed of suffering.”


  • “Want to end sorrow? Then stop fearing it. Go close to it, observe it, embrace it, love it, and become one with it. Is sorrow just sorrow?”


  • “The sacred is most terrifying. And it is also that which frees from all fear. The sacred plunges you in sorrow. It is also the utmost joy.”


  • “You remember a thousand things, but whatever you remember, makes you forget just one thing – the One.The One. That is what you forget.You might be watching T.V. in a very engrossed way, what are you forgetting?
    The One.You may be quarrelling very intensely, what are you forgetting?
    The One.

    You may be deeply engaged in pleasures of the body, what are you forgetting at this instant?
    The One.

    You may be deeply overtaken by sorrow and suffering, you might be crying. You remember your sorrow, but what are you forgetting at this moment?
    The One.”


  • “Remember, any movement that is done by you without realizing your essential nature would be a useless, false and sorrowful movement. It might appear very holy and pious from the outside, but still it would be only bringing more and more suffering to you.”


  • “All sorrow is just the violation of what one expects from life.”


  • “Do you still drink when you are sleeping? Do you drink in your deep moment of contentment? You said, you drink when you are happy, you drink when you are sad. Don’t you see, both of these are moments of excitement? Do you feel like smoking, when you are utterly peaceful? Does that happen?”


  • “Do drugs come, and insert themselves in your mouth? Does the cigarette, unwrap the pack, rise itself and comes to kiss your lips? Or do you go and buy the cigarettes? The cigarette does not buy itself. Who is the buyer of the cigarette, why not talk about him?”


  • “The work of the teacher is to show you that you are unnecessarily sad. Both — that you are sad and that sadness is unnecessary; that you are unnecessarily sad.”


  • “Just get rid of the sadness. Don’t chase happiness.”


  • “This thought of success itself is sadness.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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