• “Nonviolence is a state of mind when it is not separated from the Source.”


  • “ Truth is that which IS and Truth is also that which IS NOT.”


  • “ Once the beauty of THAT is revealed to you, you fall in love with it. And then it gets maintained.”
  •  “Mind, the bridge between body and Source.”


  • “Intelligence is the non-evolving Source of all evolution.”


  • “Ask for only the Highest,and you’ll get it. If you are not getting what you are asking for,then surely you are not asking for the Highest”


  • “I do not know my own good, so I cannot desire my own good. Existence knows what is good for me. So it sends me the sun, it has given me the capacity to love and understand. There is a bigger power, a totality that knows what is best for me. And let that bigger power, let that totality decide what is good for me. I should not look after myself because I cannot look after myself and if I try to look after myself I will only do myself harm. If I do not want to harm myself then I should not have this stupid belief in my expectations”


  • “When God answers your prayers, then he rejects your desires”


  • “At the Center, the Guru, Maya, and you, are all One and Nothing.”


  • “Till you want to make something unimportant, it remains important. Know the really important. Remember it, and all else will be forgotten.”


  • “Take care of One, all will be taken care of”


  • “Respond to His call and He will take care of the rest”


  • “It is important to remember the Important”


  • “Ignorance is to believe that you are someone separate from the One”


  • “God never told you God keeps on telling. God speaks in a thousand languages and in no language.”


  • “Mind and body crave to express their already Perfect Source. And that is the purpose of life:Just expression, not achievement. Live the Self.”


  • “Effortless action is the immersion of the actor in the Source.”


  • “Truth is the source of fact and imagination.”


  • “Why exists time? To search for its source. Why exists life? To search for its source. Why continues mind? As it has not found the source.”


  • “Love is the two ends of duality feeling good and united about their non-dual common source. Love is the one source that unites the two ends.”


  • “The world appeared in it dancing, colorful and bright. Swelled up the mirror, “Surely I am the source of light.””


  • “Mind immersed in its source, is the mind in its calm witnessing nature. Such a mind is just one with its object. Immersion,the way of life.”


  • “Only when there is depth and connectivity to the source, real forgetting of words happen. It is not just the words of the saint or scriptures now, the words have become my ‘being’. The words may or may not remain in memory now”


  • “The wave is convinced that the Ocean does not exist.”


  • “The flight soars high in the sky, but it is from the ground that it takes off. There’s no reaching out to the sky without being firmly grounded.”


  • “For the fruit, attend to the root.”


  • “I am either absolutely everything, or nothing at all.”


  • “You the root You the shoot You the fruit.”


  • “Guilt is trying to protect your self-concept. The self-concept is coming from somewhere. The source from where the self-concept is coming is also the source from where guilt arises. Those who give you your self-measure are also those who give you guilt along with it.”


  • “The one who knows does not have great answers; the one who knows does not have big words or big answers; the one who knows is the one who does not have even small questions. If you ask him for answers, he will conclude that he is a fool because he does not have answers. His being lies in not having questions, in realising just one thing that all questions are noise. He knows the Self and he knows the Self is blemishless. There is no place for doubt or confusion there. He sits rooted in sureness. He will say, ‘Only a Faithless mind can have questions. I know the source, the genesis of all questions, how can I give questions importance?’”


  • “The cessation of the ego’s movement is the submergence of the ego in its Source.”


  • “The Upanishads come from nowhere, meaning what the Upanishads are saying is just obvious, is just so simple. So what to say from where they come? They are like the palm of your hand. It is simpler to know an Upanishad than to know your thumb, your nails, the back of your hand.

    If you are sitting in front of me and somebody asks me, “How exactly did you learn about her?” I will have no answer because I did nothing to learn about her. What did I do? I just saw. So, how can I tell you how did I learn about her? Simply, how can the Rishi tell you anything about the source of his utterances? He did nothing to know all that. He did absolutely nothing to know all that. He just saw that as True.

    Normal seeing is facts. A little more dedicated seeing is Truth. But it is all just seeing, not trying, not getting, not comprehending, not thinking, not analysing; but just seeing that which is anyways obvious.”


  • “Mind going beyond its dualistic contents, into its non-dual Source, that is Solitude.”


  • “What does ‘remember’ mean?
    Remember means: bringing two parts together to make them one, bringing two things together — ‘Re–member’. So just by remembering, the mind becomes one with the Source, nothing else has to be done, just by remembering.
    You remember, and you are Home.”


  • “The mind can only look at duality — the eyes see figures, the ears hear sounds, and you can only touch material.
    So, find out something or somebody who is like a bridge between the dualistic world and the non-dual Source.
    That will help you remember.”


  • “Love is not a relationship with the other. Love is not a behaviour displayed to others. Love is your internal fullness. Love is the submergence of the ego in its source. That closeness is called Love. And when that is misplaced, when that is there, then everything is alright. In Love, you may even kill. Love is sheer wisdom. And Love demands that one does kill some time. Love is not about giving each other gifts. “You are my darling” — that is not Love. And let those special days come, anniversaries and the birthdays and the valentine days and all the kuchikoo. That is not Love.”


  • “It requires a seer to see, that the Truth is that which powers the eyes to see, but which the eyes themselves cannot see; that the ears are powered by some other source to hear; that the tongue is powered by some other source to speak; and that source is so vast, immense, beyond description, that the tongue cannot mention, or capture that source in words. It powered the tongue to speak, but the tongue cannot speak of it.
    It powers the mind to think, but the mind cannot think of it.
    It requires the humility and wisdom of a Sage to remember this.”


  • “The moon says: Why ask for this and that? I do not really need this and that. I only need one, and I’ll ask for that one. Can I merge in the Sun? Please, can I be one with the Sun? That is what my heart has been beating for so long. Can I be one with the Sun? And if you say, I cannot be one with the Sun, then can I at least, please see, the glory and splendour of Sun all around me all the time? Can you please give me a boon that I never forget that there is nothing but Light, but Sun? Can I remember always that every bit of energy around me comes from one single source? Can I remember and see that source, always and everywhere? That is what a wise moon would ask for. It will not want exclusivity. It will not say, that I should remain, and Sun should go. It realises the stupidity and impossibility of such a desire.”


  • “Detachment does not mean that “I do not want this, I do not want that.” Detachment is just simple common sense. How can I keep holding that which is obviously a source of suffering? That is detachment.”


  • “Love is your own state of mind, the other does not have much to do with Love. That’s another misconception, that for Love, there has to be the presence of an other; not needed. Love is essentially between the mind and the Source, and because the Source is the Source of the mind itself, so again it is not something between two entities, not between two separate entities.”


  • “A mind that is in close contact, in intimacy with its own Source, is a loving mind, and that is why it is unconditional. Because when the mind is in contact with its own Source, then whatever is happening on the periphery, all the conditions that are continuously changing on the periphery, they do not affect the mind, and hence it is called unconditional love.”


  • “The wise man does not expect too much from experiences. The wise man does not make experience the source of his learning. He knows that learning rests within. Experience has no positive role in enhancing learning.”


  • “You don’t need any source outside of you for inspiration because inspiration is totally yours. Any sources outside of you can have just one utility – to cut you off from all other sources outside of yourself. Nobody brings you back to yourself because you are already there.”


  • “Enemies need mediators. Lovers don’t need mediators.
    When the mind wants to reach the source, then it is about two lovers. What will the mediator do?
    Method is a mediator.
    Do you like a middleman in love?”


  • “Knowledge is the whole movement of mind.Intelligence is the settlement of mind.

    Be seated in intelligence.

    Knowledge can used as a resource.”


  • “You can never figure out the source of illusion. You will never reach to the roots of it. You can only be at your own roots. That is sufficient.”


  • “The cessation of the ego’s movement is the submergence of the ego in its Source.”


  • “When the mind is immersed in the source, you are the Guru. Guru is not a qualification; Guru is a state of mind.” 


  • “It is not the action that matters, it is the point of origin of the action that matters.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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