• I am not spiritual.
    I am a destroyer of all spirituality.
    I am the spirit.


  • “The gross mind sustains itself in extremes. Either it speaks a lot or it doesn’t speak at all, either it is attached with the world or runs away from it, either ‘worldly’ or ‘spiritual’.”


  • “Only a spiritual man can be a materialist.”


  • “Spirituality isn’t about God or consciousness. All spirituality is essentially about not being stupid. Its about being really ‘fool-proof’.”


  • “Spirituality is disruptive. Wisdom is a rebellion.You cannot be spiritual and continue to be in your old ways.”


  • “For science that which cannot be detected, does not exist. If something can just not be detected, absolutely undetectable it is, then science will say, “It does not exist”. Spirituality says, “My instruments for detection are very limited. I detect using my senses and my intellect which are quite limited. Something that cannot be thus detected may also exist; in fact it may be more real than what the senses announce as real.” Spirituality thus lacks the arrogance of science.Science says if my eyes can see, look at it, only then it exist. Spirituality says but first of all am I sure that my eyes are an instrument capable enough to tell me the truth? Spirituality is an honest, brutally honest search for the truth. And kindly do not think that it precludes science. To go beyond something is not the same as rejecting it. Spirituality is deeply scientific and so very scientific that it transcends science. You could even say that it is more scientific than science.Science stops at one particular superstition. What is the fundamental superstition of science? – That my eyes will tell me the truth. And my intellect can tell me the Truth. That is the fundamental superstition of science. Spirituality does not accept even that superstition. Spirituality says, “No! What the mind says is just that, the words of the mind. I want to look at the mind itself”. And that looking at the mind cannot happen while remaining in the province of mind. Hence, there has to be something beyond the mind.”


  • “Spirituality is science turned inwards – it looks at both the subject and the object”


  • “A spiritual man is a really ambitious man”


  • “No ritual is spiritual.”


  • “Spirituality separated from worldly living becomes worldliness. To separate spirituality from the world is to co-opt it into the world.”


  • “Spirituality is not the renunciation of life; it is the art of living fully.”


  • “Spirituality – Truth above self.”


  • “To not to be spiritual is to be a social slave.”


  • “Spirituality is not the renunciation of life; it is the art of living fully.”


  • “Our relationships- a tale of spiritual bankruptcy.”


  • “Without an essential spiritual dimension to the relationship, an element of fear, suspicion and exploitation will always be there in it.”


  • “Find an absence of love, understanding and peace in your relationships? Its only because your relationships are devoid of a spiritual base.”


  • “Only a spiritual mind can know the smallest right decision. That is our tragedy: an irreligious mind cannot take even the smallest decision rightly. His life is just a melancholy tale of an uninterrupted series of tragedies. Only a spiritual mind can take right decision – big or small.”


  • “Spirituality is the real smartness. Right decision. Right action. No tension. Everything smooth.”


  • “Separation from the observed event misleads. Science does that- I am watching that atom. Spirituality does that- I am witnessing that mind.”


  • “The worldly man takes this world too seriously. The ‘spiritual’ man makes a bigger mistake- trying to achieve another world, another reality.”


  • “To be goal-less means to live in deep realisation that nothing is wrong with you, you are complete. So, before you chase your goals, become goal-less. When you succeed, laugh, and when you fail, laugh even more. Let not spirituality become a refuge for you – a shelter against the incapability to chase goals.”


  • “The Truly spiritual man is young in action, and eternally old in realisation. At the centre, he is completely still, like Shiva in mystical stillness. At the periphery, he is a lover and a fighter, like Shiva in existential dance”


  • “To not to be spiritual is to be a social slave.”


  • “Spirituality is the intimacy of the immediate, not the blaze of the beyond.”


  • “Spirituality is something totally dynamic. The expressions will keep changing, always changing. And if you are obsessed with the expressions, then you will keep missing the Real.”


  • “The True, the Real, is not something to be sought.

    It is our nature.

    It is never going away.

    Getting it doesn’t require special practice or effort or ‘sadhana’. It rather requires honest attentiveness; when you can be honest towards yourself, when you can acknowledge all your follies, when you can be attentive to the daily mistakes – that is Spirituality.

    Spirituality is nothing special. It is very simple, ordinary.

    The man who lives in himself, in his simple nature, is a spiritual man.

    Spirituality is simple wisdom.”


  • “Spirituality is not about reaching another world.Spirituality, mind you, is about knowing this world.”


  • “Spirituality is Surrender.

    But before surrender, it is rebellion.

    Rebel against all that which is false. Rebel against all that which is material but claims to be spiritual.

    When you have rebelled against the false, that is surrender to the Truth.”


  • “Keep the secret.Don’t spill the beans.That’s the essence of Spirituality.Don’t break the news.Like lovers talk in hushed tones.One does not talk loudly to God.Somebody may hear.”


  • Man likes to be governed by morality rather than spirituality.”


  • “Science will not ask, “What is the state of the scientist?”
    Science will keep asking, “What is the universe? How is the universe? From where does it come? To where does it go?”
    But it will never ask, “To whom does the universe occur?”
    Now, is there a universe independent of the perceiver of the universe?
    Spirituality is dimensionally above science.
    Spirituality looks not only at that which is outside, but also at that which is apparently inside and looks at the outside.
    Spirituality looks at both — the object out there and the subject in here (mind).
    Science looks only at the object.
    Spirituality looks at both — the object and the subject; which means that science and Spirituality are in no way opposites.
    There can be no conflict between them.
    It is just that Spirituality is an infinite super-set which contains all kinds of sciences.
    Spirituality is the vast expanse in which many sciences keep coming, keep going.”


  • “Spirituality is not about the elimination of pain and pleasure. It is about being comfortable with both of them.”


  • “All the literature that we study, spirituality, this and that, that is useless without an observation of our daily life.
    And daily life is right now, nowhere else.”


  • “Spirituality or wisdom is not about cutting off your links from the world, rather, it is about relating completely and fully.”


  • “Spirituality is in one sense, deep Surrender, and in another sense, it is the re-vesting of all authority back in oneself.”


  • “Spirituality is the intimacy of the immediate, not the blaze of the beyond.”


  • “When ‘you’ are looking at the world, the world is ‘you’. Spirituality is not an exercise in selfishness. To be free of the ‘other’, you’ll first have to be free of yourself, because the ‘other’ clings to you through ‘you’.”


  • “The beginning and the end of spirituality: simply acknowledge what is going on.”


  • “Spirituality means: don’t take yourself seriously.
    Likes- indulge in them.
    Dislikes- indulge in them.
    But don’t take them seriously.”


  • “Spirituality means: don’t take yourself seriously.”


  • “The desire to end is the spirit of Spirituality.”


  • “Worldliness is to remain dry in the rain by being confined to your room.
    Spirituality is to be drenched in the rain and yet be dry.
    Spirituality is to be silent in middle of the sound of the rain.
    When you are silent, the sound of the rain is your song.”


  • “Spirituality begins when instead of seeing yourself as a victim, you start seeing yourself as a clown.”


  • “Spirituality is the art of supreme nonsense.”


  • “To live life honestly is to be Spiritual. Nothing else is Spirituality. Rituals, traditions, reading of scriptures – no, not all this. To be sensitive to yourself, to really go into the stuff of your own mind, that is what it means to be Spiritual.”


  • “Everything about the life is holy if you can look at it directly and really.”


  • “To not to be foolish, is to be Spiritual.”


  • “You cannot have a special land that enables the coming of the spiritual mind. You cannot have a spiritual culture, where it is easier to be spiritual. But for sure, you can have a mind that is attentive to its own falseness.”


  • “Concept Both pain and pleasure are pain. Both pain and pleasure are suffering. It is not as if spirituality is about moving away from pain. Spirituality is about moving away from both pain and pleasure. And having returned to your innate fullness is the point of joy.”


  • “That point where pain and pleasures are just visitors – they come, they go, I live in my house. The house is named joy.”


  • “Spirituality is not about taking things blindly, at face value. It is about really having the courage to stand the fact of anything, even if it’s distasteful.”


  • “When you don’t try for methods and solutions, then He sends His methods and solutions.”


  • “Spirituality is not at all an escape from sorrow. Spirituality is about understanding, including the understanding of sorrow.”


  • “Samadhi cannot come as a result of Sambhog (Sex). Samadhi has to be prior to Sambhog. And then Sambhog carries the taste of Samadhi, just as everything else carries the taste of Samadhi. If you want Samadhi through any means, you will be disappointed. People have tried Samadhi through thousand means, they have always been disappointed because no method will ever work. No method can bring you to your natural state, because that is what you already are. The method is the barrier, the method is Maya, the method is the problem. All spirituality is about learning how to drop methods.”


  • “The spiritual man, gets a tenderness, a softness, which has a feminine touch to it. He becomes a non-man. At the same time, the spiritual woman, gets a directness, a deep understanding, a sense of not clinging, a detachment, which is not womanly at all.”


  • “Whenever the situation is real, then the answer to that situation has to be spiritual.”


  • “Only when you honestly come up with whatever is happening in your life, would the doors of spirituality open to you.”


  • “Spirituality is about, directly knowing what is happening, and who are you, in the happening situation.”


  • “Spirituality is about getting rid of all that is planned, and organized about you. It is about having the courage to move into spontaneity.”


  • “No scripture helps the one, whose eye for honest observation is not open. I call them the two wings of spiritual flight. First, an honest observation of the world, second, a deep faith in the words of the scripture and the Guru.”


  • “Don’t take vacations, let your life itself be a spiritual vacation.”


  • “Learn to play with a cat. That is more spiritual than raising your legs and practicing breathing. If you don’t know how to play with a rabbit, if you can’t hug a tree, then it does not matter how you breathe, you don’t have a heart. What will you do with all your breathing, if your heart is not beating? Kittens are the key, that’s the sutra.”


  • “A spiritual life is a very ordinary life. It is not as if we perform supernatural feats. You are sitting in the sun. It gets a little too hard and you walk into the shade. The same old pain-pleasure principle. You are sitting and reading and after a while, you feel like eating, you go and eat. You are walking in the night. After a while, you feel like sleeping, you go and sleep. And all of that is somewhere related to pain and pleasure. So, the spiritual mind has no problems with pain and pleasure. When pain comes, he knows it is pain and when pleasure comes, he knows it’s pleasure. And he is absolutely nonchalant. He will cry in pain, he will laugh in pleasure. He will look so ordinary. And if you have an image of a spiritual one that he does not experience pain and pleasure, then you will be puzzled, because he will weep and cry and groan.”


  • “Put all the jargons aside, Spirituality is basic honesty in living. Very very basic honesty. Do not hide behind words. Do not give decorated names to your suffering, and that is all.”


  • “Spirituality means don’t take yourself seriously.”


  • “Spirituality, is not about correcting yourself? Spirituality, is dropping the assumption that you can correct yourself.”


  • “A child, simply splashing water in his bath-tub, is to me, more of a spiritual icon, than any accomplished guru. He has more of the untouched play of Shiva in him.”


  • “Spirituality is not another name for stupidity. To be spiritual is to be beyond normal intelligence. It does not mean that you won’t even be normally intelligent.”


  • “Spirituality is simply ‘Silence’.”


  • “The really spiritual mind does not ask for peace, it already has peace; it asks for troubles.”


  • “To be born human is to be born in diversity. To be born human is to necessarily see diversity. There is no need to suppress diversity, and force yourself, or train yourself to call everything as ‘one’. That would be insane. That’s not spirituality, that’s just insanity.”


  • “To call everything as one is not spirituality, but insanity.”


  • “Spirituality is not morality, it is not a set of commandments, it is never instructive. It does not tell you, do this or do that. And if you are ever told that in the name of self-inquiry or spiritual progress, then just be very cautious, it must be somebody who doesn’t understand.”


  • “Spirituality is not an isolated activity. You do not say that these are the things that I do and then the next thing that I am engaged in is, spirituality. If you do not do what you are doing, then how will you ever come to the facts of what you believe yourself to be.”


  • “The distinction between spiritual life and worldly life is a false distinction. That which is called as Truth is not to be attained in isolation or abstraction. It is found in the middle of life, not in the middle of some special spiritual life, but in the middle of our everyday life.”


  • “Spirituality is basic honesty.”


  • “We are all women, so it applies to everybody. In spiritual terms, everybody sitting over here is a woman, and the only man is God. So it applies to everybody.”


  • “Spirituality is not some heavenly mumbo-jumbo. The spiritual man is an intelligent man. He knows how to live. He is intelligent in the small actions of daily life. A spiritual man cannot be stupid. A spiritual man could not be just talking about the big things – Heaven, Love, God, Truth, Joy – and be slipping in his daily actions.”


  • “Spirituality is not about gradual changes. It is not an incremental improvement, it is total dissolution, which means a disappearance of the false center, and a movement into the truth.”


  • “Why does the ego move into spirituality? Because it wants relief from itself. Ego is a burning mass, it’s a restlessness. It wants freedom, primarily from itself.”


  • “The change of the center is spirituality itself.”


  • “Spirituality is not a search; it is just an honest acknowledgement of what is already going on. God is not hiding anywhere.”


  • “The proper function of this spiritual knowledge is to just expose the hollowness of other knowledge. The proper function of spiritual knowledge is to just expose that your belief and confidence in all that you know will not take you anywhere. That is the function of spirituality. That is the function of scriptures, and that is also the function of Guru–to break the false confidence that you have in yourself, to expose the deceptiveness of all that which your mental stuff, your intellect, your knowledge promise you.”


  • “The scriptures give us a very apt metaphor. They say that, “Spiritual knowledge must be like the wood used in the funeral Pierre.” That wood burns down the dead body, but having burnt down the dead body the wood does not remain itself. The wood too disappears. It removes all that which was dead, unnecessary, decomposing, and having removed that it goes away by itself. That is the best knowledge—knowledge which removes your falseness and then sublimates. Having performed its function it no more overstays. So, your mind is totally free, totally free of worldly knowledge, and also free of spiritual knowledge.”


  • “If you could just see the whole dynamics of our eating, our wearing, our walking; the house, where it comes from and what it is; the car, where it comes from, how it’s made and what it leads to, if we could just know these things, would we still live the same way?

Are these facts so difficult to know?

And don’t they deserve to be known? Don’t you want to know what you are putting on your head? Don’t you want to know what you are applying on your face? Don’t you want to know what you are wearing? Don’t you want to know what’s going down your throat? Don’t you want to know?

If you could just know that much, life would change. And that is, spirituality.”


  • “The spiritual mind sees in two dimensions parallely. In one dimension it looks at the gross, form, name and such things, just like everybody else; so it will say it has this colour this size this shape it is moving, it will perceive all those things. In another dimension, the spiritual mind is a non-perceiver; it is not perceiving anything, it is kind of asleep, or you could say that this sleep is the highest wakefulness. It is simply at rest, it is simply at rest even if it is observing tremendous change outside.”


  • “You know one of the reasons why people avoid even detest spirituality, it’s because they are afraid that it will lead to a total annihilation of their concepts, of their way of thinking, of their relationship, in effect, their whole life. They do not want to lose it. Because they do not want to lose it so they shy away. It is just a bid to protect oneself.”


  • “Does spirituality hinder us from being motivated and effortful?”


  • “Spirituality is not about abstract mumbo-jumbo. Spirituality is simple and direct common sense; coming in touch with simple facts of one’s life. Spirituality is not meant to take you anywhere else – some heaven, some Paramatman, some enlightenment. Spirituality is meant to show you where you are exactly.When you see where you are, then you reach where you must.”


  • “Spirituality is about getting rid of morality. Nothing is good or bad. Just acknowledge. Just acknowledge that this is the way it is. Acknowledge with all the confidence that even if you are stained, fallen, and ugly in your own eyes, yet existentially, you are absolutely beautiful. So acknowledgement will not bring any harm to you. You can freely accept that this is what is going on in my life day-by-day, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour and yet you will meet no punishment. In fact, you are already meeting punishment for not acknowledging.”
  • “Spirituality is an honest acknowledgement. It begins with that and it also ends at that – I am this. I am distracted. I am afraid. I am seeking to escape. But if you admit that you are seeking to escape, then you will have to admit that there is something to hide. You will have to admit that there is something wrong somewhere. So we wouldn’t admit that we are shivering. Instead we pretend that all is hunky-dory and you know well, nothing is happening.”


  • “Spirituality is faith. Faithfully, without fear, one simply presents his nakedness to the Truth.”


  • “Spirituality is not about assumptions. Spirituality is hard facts. We live in identities; and that is a fact. Now figure out that fact. Now see that fact in action. Now see how it plays out in every aspect of one’s life. That’s spirituality!”


  • “In the language of the world, everything is material and direct; in the language of Spirituality, everything is symbolic; it must not be taken on face value.”


  • “Spirituality is for the one who has decided to totally get rid of the suffering.”


  • “Spirituality is for the one who will not compromise. If you are a well-adjusted man, a socially compromised man, then spirituality is not for you. At least not till the day when you feel nauseatic; when you feel repentant about yourself.”


  • “When you cannot follow instructions that will save your life, how will you follow instructions that will take your life? Spirituality is about taking your life.”


  • “The spiritual one lives truly. He does not think of himself as this and that. He has no business thinking. He lives — truly, directly.”


  • “Spirituality has nothing to do with extension of life, that you will live for another ten years. No spiritual man has any interest in prolonging his life.”


  • “The materialist has to drop the material. The spiritualist had to drop the spiritual. And these two must happen together. When these two happen together, then nothing is left to happen.”


  • “Spirituality begins with the realization that You are beyond all sins. You can never be a sinner – that is the beginning of spirituality.”


  • “To be spiritual is to see the simple reality even in all complexity. The worldly mind respects complexity; the spiritual mind loves simplicity.”\


  • “Spirituality does not use the jargon of physics. In physics, work done is just force multiplied by the distance covered in the direction of force. But in spirituality, you have done something, only if you have done something with desire. Otherwise keep doing; let the doing happen.”


  • “Spirituality is about seeing the simple in the complex.”


  • “Your words are an obstruction in praying, they are not the prayer. Spirituality is about having the courage to sound foolish. Most of us keep on wanting to sound intelligent. Right? We are so afraid. The spiritual man is not at all afraid, he says, ‘I am prepared to appear stupid. It’s alright’. That is prayer.”


  • “That’s the essence of all spirituality: ‘Your Friend lives in your home. The friend is always home, don’t look elsewhere.’”


  • “There is no spiritual knowledge bigger than your direct observation. No master can give you more exoteric knowledge than the innocent honesty of your sight. When you are just simply looking, even the Truth cannot hide from you; even the Truth would be helpless in front of you.”


  • “Spirituality is the art of supreme nonsense.”


  • “Spirituality is the art of supreme nonsense. So become comfortable with something nonsensical. If you are too tied to sensibility, then you will be tied to your insanity.”


  • “Spirituality is not a well dressed up adult; rather spirituality is a naked child.”


  • “Totally, if you are anything, then you are spiritual. The totality itself is spirituality.”


  • “Spirituality is not about having divine thoughts.”


  • “Spirituality is about letting things be as they are.”


  • “A spiritual mind is a mind in which thoughts do not needlessly arise at all.”


  • “The spiritual mind hardly bothers to call itself spiritual and doesn’t even care to define what spirituality is.”


  • “The fundamental problem is the darkness in human mind. Only spiritual wisdom can heal that.”


  • “If you must rebel, rebel totally. And that total rebellion is spirituality. That total rebellion is surrender.”


  • “Do not be too clever; remain a little foolish, a little innocent. That is the crux of all spirituality. Do not be too smart; allow yourself to be cheated a little, allow yourself to be robbed, allow yourself to be wounded a little, but never lose your innocence. If you have gained a lot from the world, but compromised on your innocence, then you are left with nothing.”


  • “Spirituality is about not taking existence as an alien or separate place. Not as a strange place. Spirituality is about belonging to existence. Not belonging to a narrow household, or caste or ideology. All these are boundaries. So, wherever there are boundaries, there is violence. Wherever there are boundaries, there is also the fear of being small, powerless, limited. Is there not? The moment this is there, you feel that pang of violence. That does not mean that the non-violent feels very powerful. Because to feel powerful that would mean that you are ready to exercise power over somebody. Feeling powerless and powerful are almost the same thing. They imply separation, distance.”


  • “Spirituality is not about finding something new. Nothing new can be found. The eternally new is already sitting in your heart. Spirituality is about having the confidence to not be a slave of the old.”


  • “In deep change, in spiritual progress, you are moving into the unknown. Remember, you are moving into the unknown. And if you are moving into the unknown, then you can have no preconception of what is going to happen next. And if you can have no preconception, then thinking about what is going to happen next would only deter you from changing.”


  • “Spirituality is the art of divine stupidity. If you are afraid to be stupid, then spirituality is not for you.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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