• “Success is to realize that failure is the inevitable finality of our ways”


  • “The worst failure is when the enthusiastic striver realises he’ll never get what he’s chasing. It doesn’t exist. It is also his only success.”


  • “Enjoyment is the key to success.”


  • “Success is always the next number.”


  • “To give importance to success is to invite frustration; to give importance to results is to invite boredom.”


  • “Success is beautiful because it lies in that domain of beauty. Failure is beautiful because it lies in the domain of beauty. The domain of beauty matters, not success or failure.”


  • “Success and failure, belong to this world, they keep coming and going, they are not important. What is important is the center from where you are acting. Keep failing, how does it matter? You can fail only if you take up a tremendous challenge. Go for the stars and fail. Failing is beautiful. Go for the God and fail.”


  • “You will have to see that whatever you call as success, whatever you call as the shining jewels of your life, are either just deception or stuff that Grace has given you in spite of you not deserving it.”


  • “The thought of success itself arises only in a sad mind. When the thought itself arises from a sad mind, how can this so-called success give you happiness?”


  • “Success, achievement, these thoughts come to you only when you’re feeling down, only when you feel life has not been good to me, only when you feel I have lost out on something. Then you say I want to be successful, right? So, the thought of success itself is a very sad thought. Do you see this?”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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