The Source is one with the material and the movement || Acharya Prashant (2016)

You chase God when you think that God is somewhere else. The saint is the one who has stopped chasing God. The general perception is that the saint is the one who is chasing God. No. We are the ones who are chasing God and, where do we chase God? In expectations of the beyond. There has to be something ahead of this.


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The teacher uses your bondages to take you to freedom || Acharya Prashant (2016)

Truth saves you, but not only you. Truth is a general, universal savior. The ones that you want to protect, you will not be able to protect; only truth will protect. Let Truth come. The Truth will take care of you and also the world that you want to protect. Only the Truth can protect that.

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On Jesus Christ and Saint Kabir: At the root of desire, you find the Ultimate desire || Acharya Prashant (2016)

Crowd means influence of others on the mind, that’s where the crowd exists.

What Jesus means is that a mind that is crowded can never enter the truth, a mind that is dominated by many can never enter the truth.

Only the mind that is devoted to one can enter the truth.

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Whom to call a real saint? || Acharya Prashant (2015)

There are saints that appear as Saints, and there are saints that are waiting to appear as Saints. All’s said and done there is only Sainthood, nothing else. Of course, you can say that there is the Sainthood and there is the waiting. Yes, there is the waiting and waiting means time.

So, there is Sainthood and there is time.


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Free to befriend and free to offend || Acharya Prashant (2015)

At present, our celebrations are all nothing but dictatorship of the calendar. The anniversary comes and it dictates; the birthday comes, and that is the authority of the calendar; the new year comes; the religious festivals come; and what then you get is just inner turmoil, boredom and suffering.

Kabir says — he will have none of that and then he has Real religiousness, Real celebration, continuous!

Let life be a celebration of Intelligence

What is life?

No machine can ever understand that it is programmed. No machine can ever go beyond its programming. No machine can ever know, and respond to, that which it has not been programmed for. This is what is the essential difference between man and machine.

This essence can be called as intelligence. Innate, intrinsic intelligence that does not come from anywhere, is not gifted by anybody and cannot be taken away either.

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