Let life be a celebration of Intelligence

What is life?

No machine can ever understand that it is programmed. No machine can ever go beyond its programming. No machine can ever know, and respond to, that which it has not been programmed for. This is what is the essential difference between man and machine.

This essence can be called as intelligence. Innate, intrinsic intelligence that does not come from anywhere, is not gifted by anybody and cannot be taken away either.

Love, take me to the Heart! || Acharya Prashant (2016)

The Guru is the lover, the lover is the Guru, and there can be no distinction between the two.

This challenges our images.

The lover is imagined to be active, attractive.

A Guru is imagined to be staid, passive, wise, but hardly attractive in the worldly sense, that is.

No, these two definitions must converge, and they can converge only if both of them dissolve.

Who is Kabir?

The heart of Sufism and the heart of Vedanta, the heart of Hasidism, the heart of Krishna mysticism, they are all one Heart.

So, it would anyway be unwise to call anybody, any realized one, as belonging to any sect.

You see, Kabir can’t be called a Hindu or a Muslim. Some people substitute it with calling him both a Hindu and a Muslim. I call him neither a Hindu or a Muslim. Krishna cannot be called a Hindu. Jesus was even by fact not a Christian and he can’t even be called a Jew.

The simple words of the Teacher are not understood by a complex mind || Acharya Prashant (2015)

The Teacher does not speak to confuse you. He has no interest in throwing riddles around. He wants to help you. So he has said something. His words are like the Truth – direct, obvious and simple. But to a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple makes no sense. To a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple becomes a great puzzle.

At the Center, the Guru, Maya, and you, are all One and Nothing || Acharya Prashant (2015)

Silence is not your doing.
Silence is to leave all security.
Silence is to live without any sense of what will happen next.
Silence is to leave yourself to the mercy of existence.

And when you do that you do come to know that existence is actually compassionate and knows more about you than you do, takes better care of you than you ever could.

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