Acharya Prashant: Choosing the Right Profession

Kaustubh is saying he wants to be an IAS officer, and there is a huge burden of expectations and that is just draining away his life.

Kaustubh, do you want to be an IAS officer or is it out of expectations of others?

Please understand this: You are just beginning your second year of a B.Tech programme, have you really seen life? Do you really know what it means to be a bureaucrat? What makes you come to the conclusion that you must be an IAS officer?

If it is the expectations of others then you are condemning yourself to a lot of suffering.

Acharya Prashant on his book ‘The Lover you have been missing’

Real love is possible only with an immensity, an absolute totality, which is sometimes called as ‘God.’

You are attracted to that which is limited;
and you love that which is unlimited.

Your attraction to the unlimited is called love.

We all have that attraction to the unlimited.

Who is satisfied with small and ordinary and limited? Don’t we all have that urge to find something that is so absolute, so large, so relaxing, so immovable that we can quietly relax in the fold of ‘That’ like a baby? Sleep peacefully without a concern, without a worry.

That is the fundamental attraction: The mind wanting peace; the confused intellect wanting clarity.

These wants are love.


On OSHO: Is sex momentary Samadhi, and Samadhi eternal sex? || Acharya Prashant (2016)

When an Ashtavakra speaks, he requires a Janaka to listen. And when a Krishna speaks, at least an Arjuna is required. He did not go about speaking to just anybody in general. But the scriptures fall in wrong hands. And then they are interpreted to suit one’s own personal convictions. And that is why so much of perversion happens with the alleged sanction of religion.

Would religion really sanction all that? Would the scriptures really support all that you see happening in the name of spirituality or religion? The words might be divine, alright, the words might have descended straight from heaven, alright, but who is reading those words? You. And who are you? The one who does not know how to read.


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On Krishnamurti, Osho, and Meditation: The meaning of ‘The observer is the observed’

Methods do not take you to the end.

When you are already at the end, then you know which methods are right and that knowing is spontaneous.
You first have to be a devotee then wherever you go you know there is God; now there is a temple everywhere. But if you think that without being devoted internally if you enter some temple then you are just boosting your ego.
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On Krishnamurti and Osho: You cannot reject the world while holding on to yourself || Acharya Prashant (2016)

When Krishnamurti said there is no authority, he does not said you are the authority.

He said nobody can be an authority including you.

So then only Truth is the authority.

When the world is not an authority, when you are not an authority then nothing is an authority. Then that which is nothing and hence the Truth is the authority.


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