You appear by the will of existence, so just abide by the will of existence || Acharya Prashant (2014)

Who is working you?
Existence is working you.

Everything, the whole universe has willed you up. You are the will of the universe.

You don’t know a thing about yourself and yet you are working, aren’t you? The kidneys, the entire system, it is all just working. You are not working it, it is just working.

Let this existence take care of you.

Feel like a baby in the cradle. The universe is the cradle. The universe is your cradle and you are a baby. The universe is the cradle and the mother both.

The universe is the mother and the cradle and you are a baby, in the arms of existence.

You will be taken care of.

Why do you need to bother?

Unconditional love is a fierce commitment to reject all but the One || Acharya Prashant (2014)

A mind that is in close contact, in intimacy with its own Source, is loving mind, and that is why it is unconditional. Because when the mind is in contact with its own Source, then whatever is happening on the periphery, all the conditions that are continuously changing on the periphery, they do not affect the mind, and hence it is called unconditional love.

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