Do not try to experience the Total just totally experience whatever is

Trying to experience the Total means you are reducing the Total to an object, a limited object. Whereas totally experiencing whatever is, means, you experience whatever is there, to experience. But, you have the Total behind your back, patting, touching you gently, toddling you on and saying go ahead.

Total, go ahead, experience. The world is yours.

How to have spiritual experiences? || Acharya Prashant (2016)

All experiences are physical; all experiences are only to the experiencer.
All experiences require, first of all, somebody who is experiencing and that somebody himself is the central problem, that central restlessness, that somebody is the ego; only the ego experiences.
So you can have an experience of everything that is ego-centric, like?
Like pleasure, like pain, like attraction, like repulsion, like fear, like hope – all of these are elements of experience because, all of these are born out of the ego.

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