Connecting to the Truth, or appreciating the Truth, are not possible


Listener 1 (L1): Sir, I try to remind myself that I have to first start loving and respecting myself, then I think there’s a huge conflict because the moment I do love and respect myself then I am immediately reminded of thousand of things wrong with me. Then I think that there is so much I need to change in myself. How can I be perfect and beautiful?

Acharya Prashant (AP): You talked about three ways of relating to yourself: appreciating, loving and connecting. Let’s say here is this poster containing a quote. Even if you connect to it, sitting there you connect to it, yet, what remains between you and this quote? Do you become one with the quote in an attempt to connect with it?

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In the name of spirituality, entertainment sells, titillation sells, pleasure sells

Question: Do you believe in [Censored]?

Acharya Prashant: What is [Censored] I have not read any such thing. Do not quote this and that author here. We are talking real stuff, not entertainment. If you know, this particular author that you are talking of, for sure you will not know Dattatreya.

L1: Who?

AP: That’s what. The result of knowing such pop authors, is that you do not know the real ones. You will be able to go to the real one, only if you get rid of the popular ones.

L1: Finally, if they are all saying the same thing. Ramayana says the same thing, Mahabharata says the same thing, [Censored] says the same thing. They are all saying the same thing. They all mean the same thing. There is nothing different. I mean, nothing different in anyone. The question was asked because there is a confusion in my mind…

AP: If they say the same thing, why are you confused? Could they say the same thing, that same thing would have cut through all the confusion? You can have billions who are saying the same thing, does that matter? Does that matter?

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How to have spiritual experiences?

Question: Acharya ji, what do you think is the significance of understanding the body to have some real experiences beyond the mind of oneness. I mean, I see a lot of masters giving discourses on how the oneness is realized on mind levels sometimes. But there are no real, valid experiences within the body for the true, bliss of true oneness, or seeing the reality as one throughout.

Acharya Prashant: I am glad you brought this up. Is everybody one with the question? His question is, how does the experience of oneness come about? He is asking – all the understanding that one has from the scriptures, from learning, from life, from teachers, how does one validate it through personal, bodily experience? He is taking the personal, physical experience as a measure, as an indicator of Truth. And that often happens, right? Don’t we say that, “Unless I see it with my own eyes, I won’t believe.”

Two people are talking of something and they come and break the news to you. They say, “You know, we just saw a dog with eight legs.”
What do you say? “Unless I see with my own eyes, I won’t believe.”

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What is knowledge and what is ignorance?


Question: Ashtavakra Gita, chapter 16 verse 1:

 “Son! Even if you read many scriptures many times, or you listen to them, yet you will not attain to your nature until and unless you forget all of them.”

Acharya Prashant: The mind proceeds on its spiritual pursuit, because it is fed up of itself. The mind does not turn towards the Truth till it has a certain belief in its own capability to heal itself. The mind tries its best. And when it sees that even its best is highly insufficient, then it turns to its concept of something beyond itself. So, that is the intention—to get relief, to go to a space that is outside of itself, contains a curative ability higher than itself. That’s what the intention of the mind is.

But then what is the mind?

The mind is all that which is accumulated in the mind. The mind is just its stuff, its content. Remove the contents of the mind, and nothing remains. The contents of the minds are also the container that contains them. This content of the mind is called knowledge. Mind is knowledge.

So, even when the mind tries to find relief from itself, it has no option, but to turn to knowledge, that’s what it does. It feels that by gaining another kind of knowledge it will be able to get peace. What it does not realize is that knowledge of any kind just becomes mind stuff. And mind stuff is mind. And mind is what the mind wants to get rid of.

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How to move to freedom from slavery?


Listener 1: Sir what is the meaning of Slavery?

AP: Obviously, if you are following just the commands, the dictates, of somebody else then it is slavery; slavery in the sense that obviously you have no freedom. Somebody else is on top of you, pushing you, guiding you, compelling you or luring you, to be in a certain way, to act in a certain way, then we can obviously see that is slavery. But it is important to see what looks like opposite of this is not really freedom.

If I say that following others is slavery, then mind quickly wants to conclude that following oneself is freedom. No, following oneself is slavery even deeper, because what we call as oneself is usually just an aggregate of the influences of others, influences of others that have been internalized. Influences so ancient, so common and so pervasive that one doesn’t call them influences anymore, one calls them as one’s individuality. One says that – this is me, and now because the effect of others upon you gets your own support, so it becomes very difficult to treat.

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Man is a restlessness


Acharya Prashant (AP): A small particle of snow starts falling from a hillside. As it keeps rolling down the slope what does it gather?

Listener 1 (L1): More snow

AP: More snow. And ultimately it becomes quite big. So, if you ask, “Who is it that has become big?” Read more

When the person changes, his relationships too must change

Listener: How to deal with society and the conditioning it brings along with it?

Acharya Prashant: You talk a lot about society, but ultimately our visa expires and we have to return to the same society. What do we do?  Do we go to some forest? Do we go to Mars? What do we do?  What do you mean by society? If you look at the contact list of your phone, is that list the same as the list in her phone (signaling towards another lady). How many numbers are there in your phone directory? How many? How many?


 How many?

This is not a mystical question please. (Everyone laughs)

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If life is not loveless, would you still talk of liberation?

Question: After listening to you it appears that the purpose of the world is Joy and fun. And Joy is coming from silence. And Silence would have been there even when we were not there. If Joy or Fun  are our natural states then why this universe does exists? Why did somebody create all this? What of the thinking?

Acharya Prashant: The question here, for those who will not comprehend Hindi, is that “Is Joy and Fun are our natural states then why does this universe does exist? Why did somebody create all this? What of the thinking?” I do not know what he was thinking but I am sure that if you go into this you will be set thinking and that will take away your peace.

We are not here to talk of mighty things. In a way of theory I can take this up, in fact I have taken this up not less than hundred times previously not less than five or ten or twenty videos addressing this. You would have put up on my name on YouTube. I could recycle their contents here right now but I don’t want to do that. I want to ask you, has this question really meaning for you? Do you live in this question? Is this question in any case in any way related to your daily living?

Life is what you do minute by minute, second by second, hour by hour. Minute by minute do you think why did God created the Earth or the Universe? Minute by minute you are taking over by questions of ambition, hope, worry, security, love, lust, achievement, fear, desperation, respectability – these are the things that really matters to us. In fact even when we talk of God we talk of some big entity, a fatherly figure, a respectable one, a creator and all powerful one. Do you see then that authority, security, respectability, bigness – this is what really matters to us? Let us rather ask questions which are very-very ordinary, I assure you that it is in the ordinary questions of one’s daily life that both the problem and the solution lie. Read more

You are free, now why do you act helpless


Question: Consciously, let’s say, I come to Dharamkot.  Five days ago, let’s say, I decide to come to Manali, in Manali, I would have had a different life style. And I come to this Dharamkot because I travelled by different things. That’s why based on this limited information I have, I made this decision. In reality, all my decisions might be wrong. I probably was wrong for these five days.

Acharya Prashant: You see, if you decide as the restless one, do you know where the restlessness is? The restlessness is in your mind. Right? You do not hold it in your hands, restlessness is in your mind. It is the very foundation of all your decisions, thoughts, experiences, perceptions; it is quite deep. It is that assumption from which all other experiences and observations emerge.

You go to Manali, what do you carry along with you?  The restlessness.

You come to Dharmkot, what do you carry along with you? The restlessness. Read more

Are you alright with yourself?


Question: Sir, in real life, habits look real. Not false.

Acharya Prashant: It may look real, it may look unreal. Ultimately, how do you feel with it? Are you okay? If you are okay with it, then the whole thing stops here. If you are okay with the way it is then it stops here. The fact is nobody is okay with the way he or she is. Some are honest enough to admit and some decorate their suffering with fancy names.

Spirituality is for the one who has decided to totally get rid of the suffering.

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Spiritual jargons never help anybody!

Spiritual jargon never helped anybody. Never! Believe me. Since years I have been getting people who have been with this master, that master, have read all the possible spiritual literature and have only received high sounding answers.

This morning a lady came to me and said, “You know, I have been going to this particular guru, a very famous one and whenever I ask him about my immediate condition, my marriage, my joblessness, my fear, my insecurity, he just tells me, ‘Believe that you are pure-consciousness. You are not the mind, you are not the body. If you can drop the mind then no change is needed, you will be very alright wherever you are.’”

And she says, “I have been hearing all these fancy stuffs but it doesn’t help me. Can you tell me something which is real, which is grounded, which is actionable, not some wonderful concepts hanging in the sky, not some distant heaven, not something to imagine but something to live?”

The spiritual one lives truly. He does not think of himself as this and that. He has no business thinking.

He lives — truly, directly.

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The Flying Kiss to the Sky

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Paperback: Advait Publications Page

What would remain without thoughts?

AP: You have said without thoughts and thinking there would be no world. It is well said but one could do better by saying that- without thoughts there would be no world and neither no no-world.

To say that the world does not exist is as much of a myth as saying that it does exist.

A Zen master once called one of his disciples and he pointed at something in his hand. He said what do you want to say about this — it was probably a short scarf. He asked does it exist or not? He said if you say that it does not exist then you deny its factuality and if you say that it does exist then you deny the reality. So talking about existence is always a risky business. Read more

When God is the Lover, to be kissed is to be killed

Question: The old Tibetan scripture says the spirituality will shift from the east to the west. That was written centuries ago. It was kind of predicted.

Acharya Prashant: Of this I too feel a little sure that the center of spiritual yearning has already moved to west from the east. East has relics, east has remains, east has the old devastated buildings but the new grass is taking root not in east, I assure you. East has a lot of remains, so if you are interested in archaeology, in historical wanderings, then east has a lot of history but if you’re looking for living spirituality, if you’re looking for spirituality that breathes, you will find very little of it in the east.

When I’m saying east, I’m referring to India. I don’t know of other countries. In fact I know of other countries; nowhere. About the west, even though again just as I don’t know other countries, I also don’t know any western country but about the west I’m reasonably sure because the kind of mind that is needed for a spiritual pursuit has to be first of all a mind that is not averse to order.

The western mind at least knows how to follow an external order; they know how to drive in traffic. The inner order — it is such a huge authority, it is such a dictator that it does not listen to any of your wishes. The external order is a very gentle order in comparison. Now, the one who cannot even follow an external order; an external order, in the sense, just as you said, ‘When Indians say thirty minutes, you never know what they mean’. So somebody who cannot follow even an external order, how will he tolerate the immensity and the utter authority and the unreasonableness of the internal order.

When the traffic policeman is telling me to do something, and that something is quite reasonable, he’s not torturing me, that I cannot follow. I cannot think straight. I cannot think two plus two four and the inner commander will say two plus two is five. When I cannot appreciate two plus two four, how will I appreciate when that unreasonable order comes from within?

Are you getting it?

Take it like this: I tell you something which will save your life and you cannot follow that. It is a simple and reasonable order. I’m telling you something which will save your life and you cannot follow that even though it is logical, simple and reasonable. Then, how will you follow when the inner order will tell you to take your life? You cannot follow the instruction of a doctor — here in India if a doctor gives you pills, you think the doctor is an idiot.

When you cannot follow instructions that will save your life, how will you follow instructions that will take your life?

Spirituality is about taking your life.

L2: You said, I think yesterday, we have to forget or overcome our differences but only one thing is important and that is the difference between the essential and the non-essential.  How can we manage that? Inner order, this is really strict.

AP: The inner one is a little too difficult to be tolerated.

God is a really finicky husband and autocratic father.

He gives you orders that you can never understand.

He gives you orders that are impossible to execute.

He’ll always tell you to do something that will put you in trouble.

“Don’t go home!”

He’ll never give you something that will make you feel warm and comfortable.

“Go out. Midnight. Dance there. Naked.”

Oh God! Where is the fire?

“No fire. Keep dancing and keep dancing to my tune.”

That kind of a fellow this God is. What to do?

How to follow the inner order? You don’t know.

When He (God) will beat you black and blue ,you will follow. When He will love you madly enough then you will follow. There is actually no recipe. Even, I’m desperately looking for that formula. But not getting it. I know there is no such formula but when you see all the madness around, you desperately wish to find some formula that can be applied on everybody. There is actually no such formula. That’s His unreasonable, unacceptable behavior. He should be tried for bad behavior — no manners, no etiquette, just commands!

He ties your hands and then asks you to fight. What to do?

And after you’ve won, He declares that you’ve lost. What to do?

And when you are an absolute winner, He gives you death as a reward.

He is, I assure you, not the loving father you hold him in Christianity.

That image is a totally false image — God, the provider; God, the supplicant.


L1: There are quite a lot of Christian mystics who’ve gone through that.

AP: I know. Of that I can be very-very certain because I’m going through that every day, Dusan (listener).  God is not kind at all I’m telling you. He is very lovable but he is a kind of lover you keep loving and He responds in His own idiosyncratic crazy ways. You’re sending out kisses to Him and He comes back with a slap. When you say why are you slapping me, He says that’s my definition of a kiss. I just kissed. What to do?

But rest assured, God is not like that. He doesn’t have a long white robe, He’s not old, He doesn’t have a flowing beard and He’s not merciful. Not all that, seriously not all that.

That does not mean that He’s the opposite of all that. I’m just saying that He’s not what Christianity has made Him out to be. He’s not that! He seriously torments. He seriously makes you suffer. Sometimes what you think of as Joy is just suffering. In the form of Joy, He has sent you suffering. I’ve personal experience of that. You feel happy that Joy has come to you but then you know what appears auspicious (Shubh) is the worst thing that can happen to you. You think that the emblem of auspiciousness (Shubhankar) is coming but God has his own way of giving.

One has to learn to live with His moods — a very moody and autocratic being. And the worst part is after doing all the rubbish that He can, after appearing to be conclusively unjust, tyrannical, ultimately, He delivers you the worst humiliation. The worst humiliation is that when you were thinking of Him as tyrannical and unjust, He was actually displaying kindness to you.

That is His last slap on your face!

First of all He keeps slapping you, when you think He’s slapping you. And then His last slap is that you learn that when He was slapping you, He was actually caressing you. That is the last slap! Net result is: All you get from Him is slaps. When you discover that these were not slaps, that is too late. You’re gone. Some idiots call that Enlightenment.


But you’re gone, too late to know.  

It is not for the small-hearted. If you don’t have raw beastly courage, do not get into this. He really shreds your heart, makes you play with your own blood and then when you’re all in red, totally gory, he says what stupidity is this?

Aghast! You’re looking at his face. But I just followed your orders.

“Come on! You should know better than that. Why did you follow my orders?”

If you have any weakness, if you have even a single point left uncovered, undefended, if even on a single front you’re weak then God will exploit that.

L1: But it is his duty. That is his duty.

AP: Not a likeable fellow at all.

Sometimes you feel disgusted towards yourself for being him!


I am you!

I Am That is such an impersonal thing. When you talk to God, all that you ask is, “I am you!” Of all things possible, “I am you!”

You know that’s what they say, ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely!’

There is only one who has absolute power. He’s totally corrupted — follows no discipline, does not listen to your wishes, plays around with men as toys and keeps giving random twists to your life stories. Today you meet some random woman on a boat, tomorrow she is your wife and he’s giving high fives to himself.    

Another one made an ass.

When you’re about to meet Him,

He himself becomes the barrier and then,

He says, “Such a fool, he cannot come to meet.”

The evil is God’s secret agent.

After we all have retired to sleep then God holds a secret meeting with him. What do you think? The evil is evil? God will tolerate evil? He’s such an absolute autocrat, why will he tolerate evil or devil?

The evil is nobody but God in forms that we dislike.  

L1: Evil could be the final rising.

AP: The final rising, yes.

L1: He does the dirty job.

AP: One thing is certain: That dirty job is being done with that fellow’s consent. I’m sure He’s behind all this, whatever is happening. One just has to trace His hand. Maybe ,one of the secret services – CIA or something like that, they should shadow evil and figure out from where He gets his ammunition and resources from? What do you think, evil could have survived without God’s patronage?

Not only can the evil not survive without the patronage of God, even God cannot survive without the patronage of evil.

L1: Yes.

AP: Remove evil and? (Asking the listeners)

L1: There is no God anymore.

AP: It’s not conforming to the image — the word Patronage. Right?

L2: Patronage is a bit too much for me.


AP: God turns into Gods. One of them is an evil God. And these Gods together keep up the God.

God turns into Gods.

One of them is an evil God.

And these Gods together keep up the God.

L2: I don’t agree but I respect your views. You have more experience.

AP: I wish experience could speak all this.

All this while we’ve been talking of God; you just said you disagree which means that your God differs from my God.

L2: I don’t know because I have no picture.

AP: Seriously? Can you differ without having a picture? Is it possible to differ at all?

L2: Because in some aspect I don’t agree with your approach.

AP: Again, I’m asking, how will you disagree if you don’t have a picture? Look into it.

L2: A picture means something clear, crystal clear for me at least.  

AP: You may have a vague picture. There are clear pictures and there are vague pictures, nonetheless both are pictures.

L2: In a very rough sense, yes.

AP: In a very rough sense, right?

So we are talking of God and you do not agree with my God so surely we’re talking of Gods because your God is not my God.

L2: Yes.

AP: So all this while we have been talking of Gods. Not God; Gods.

So that’s what God does: gives rise to Gods that we can talk of and we keep talking of them.

Meanwhile, time is wasted and God remains elusive.

~ Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session: Acharya Prashant: When God is the Lover, to be Kissed is to be Killed

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After you die, order a pizza for yourself || Acharya Prashant (2016)


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Question: Emotionally, I am very scared about death. If I think about it, I get scared. May be a part of myself knows that there is something else. But emotionally, a part of myself is terrified..

Acharya Prashant: What is your imagination about death?

Listener 1: Losing everything. Not being anything.

AP: Now imagine more. Imagine that it has actually happened.

You are still able to imagine. Right?

That means you are still alive. Read more

Go, open the door!

Your friend is in your home, you believe he is not there. Since you believe he is not there, so you switch off all the lights, lock the house and go out looking for him. Now, what will happen? Will you ever find him? When you go out looking for that which is already in your home, you have guaranteed that you will continue searching.

So, never begin with a flawed assumption. Never.

That’s what all the meditators are doing—Locking up peace in the house, switching off all the lights, bolting from the outside, instructing the guard to shoot anyone who tries to go in or get out. And then they have gone all over the place looking for the friend. “Where is He? Where is He? God! God! We can’t get you, God! God the unreachable, God the unknowable, God the unthinkable, God the unnamable.”

He is sitting in your home. Go, open the door!

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Religion is young

Feel free, totally free, don’t have that fear that you must follow the conventional.

Religion is not at all about going a particular line, going down the beaten track.

Not at all.

Religion is extremely dynamic, religion is more modern than modern.

Religion does not consist of rituals.

Religion means, ‘I will live my life with honesty and Truth’. And are honesty and Truth outdated things? Are honesty and Truth something that belongs to the seventh or first centuries. They don’t. Right?

Is love something that would be taken as primordial?

And without religion what love are you talking about?

So, religion is cool, religion is young, religion is vigour but not the religion that is touted, not the religion that is being publicised.

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Does life have a purpose?


Listener 1: I usually think about the purpose of life and obviously, there is no answer to it but when I talk to my friend about it who is an atheist, we always come to the conclusion that there are good people and bad people and both chose their ways and end up in  the same soil. But what after that? That is the thing that gets me confused every time.

Acharya Prashant: Even if there is a purpose of life, what will you do with that?

Let there be a purpose of life or maybe there is no purpose of life, but right now that we are talking, what will you do with that purpose? The three of us are busy in conversation, now what will you do with that purpose? Right now I have something to say to you and you have something to say to me but what will we do with that purpose? Read more

If you don’t know who you are, then who is asking?


Question: Sir, how to remember that remembrance—that which you are?

Acharya Prashant: You don’t need to remember. Because when you remember, you are also prone to forgetting.

Do you remember your driving license number? We don’t even remember the phone number of the first sim card we had. How many of you remember that? But we say we want to remember the Truth. If you remember the Truth, you will also forget it. So, don’t try to remember, don’t even remember. Conveniently, rid yourself of the responsibility to remember anything.

Why do you want to remember that which you anyway are?  Read more

You can never avoid, escape, or be free from the mind


Question: How to escape mind?

Acharya Prashant: You will never be able to escape mind.


In fact, all these things –  freedom from the mind, escape from the mind – are touted in the spiritual market but they all are very fantastic nonsense.  Read more

How to respond to life’s problems?


Question: Given that we all are conditioned beings, given that we all have blocked energy and stuff that is lying suppressed in the mind, what is the way to respond? Life continuously presents us with situations that appear as challenges. How to respond?

AP: Let’s say, I indeed do suggest ostensibly a better way to respond. What would the way immediately become? Immediately, that way will become conditioned.

That which we are now calling as conditioning of the mind, when it came to the mind, did it say, ‘Hello, I am conditioning and I am now going to dominate the mind’?

There is so much that comes to the mind. There is an infinity of stimuli that the mind is perceiving. The mind really does not store all of that; it selectively stores only that which it considers important for some reason or can assimilate. When conditioning too comes, it has to be taken by the mind only if the mind finds it important to preserve. Otherwise, the mind also has a way of forgetting.

When conditioning comes, it does not honestly say that I am coming as ‘conditioning’ to possess and dominate you. We also have some say in allowance of the conditioning. As the mind conveniently forgets so much else. You would be remembering many of your experiences that happened 10 years back, 40 years back, but you may not remember all the events that happened today in the morning. Why is it that you choose to remember a few things and forget the rest?

L2: Because the mind decided that it is important than the rest.

AP: Yes, because the mind considered it worth remembering and forgot the rest. Conditioning never comes as conditioning; it comes in as safety, security, pleasure (avoidance of pain). When it comes, it appears nice, that is why we let it in. Had it clearly said that I am coming to ruin your mind and destroy your life, would we have allowed it?


It is allowed entry and given nutrition in the mind only because it is considered benign and even helpful. We say, ‘Let it in, it is a good thought; let it in, it’s a good method’. What appears like a friend at the time of gaining entry into your house, enters, and very soon possesses your house. And then you find no way to evict him. Your house is no more your house, it has now been taken over by stranger who masqueraded as a friend.

So, now when you are asking for a way or a method to be spontaneous and child-like, you are asking it in all good spirit and the moment I give an advice you will take it in as you think that the advice is helpful, as you yourself wanted it. You will be eager to take it in. It goes in the mind without any barriers or checks only because you considered it important. It remains in the memory, does not get deleted and whatever is in your memory, very soon becomes your load, your conditioning.

L4: I feel some constraint here. What do I do?

AP: Continue feeling the constraint.

Would the constraint be still there if you do not dislike or resist it?

L5: So, when the thought and resistance come do I have to accept it?

AP: No, you don’t have to. This cult of acceptance too is another big hoax. So, a thought comes and we do not like that thought. We have a resistance towards it. What is the thought? A movement. Ripples in the lake. Something has just happened. The thought is not liked by you because you feel that the thought is harmful, that the thought is not moral, that it limits you.  What do you do with it?

L6: I give it attention

AP: What is this attention that you give?

L4: Either a resistance.

AP: I resist it with another thought. Now initially there was one thought, now how many are there?


AP: Have you actually cleared the thought or proliferated it by not liking the thought? What have you done?

L: Multiplied the thoughts.

AP: Remember, all your likes and dislikes and methods and attitudes and whatever you do is all just mind stuff. If there is something blocked within you – is it the blockage that is the problem? Let’s say that this moment there is nothing which remains blocked. You say to it, ‘Be there, I am alright as I am. Let there be a monkey on the back. I can still play. You be where you want to but I too have an equal right to be where I want to be’.

And you don’t even say this much. Because even saying this much is like?

L8: Food for thought.

L5: So, if you give attention to this monkey…

AP: The monkey is the attention that you give to it.

The monkey does not exist without the attention that you give to it.

The monkey is the attention that you give to it.

The resistance that you give to any particular thought is exactly the energy that that thought carries.

You give no resistance to it and thought will fall down on its own.

Thought has no legs of its own; it moves on your legs. Just like the monkey on your back —moving on your legs.

You don’t move, the thought won’t move.

And thought cannot survive without moving because all thought is movement.

If you don’t move, thought cannot survive; it will fall down.

~ Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session: Acharya Prashant: How to respond to life’s problems?

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