Without this, all is worthless || Acharya Prashant, on Guru Kabir (2019)

What is this absurdity?

That which is the essence of life, you are separated from.

And still you walk on, carry on, as if nothing has happened.

The sole purpose of life is getting defeated day-by-day.

Every passing day is a new defeat, time lost.

And yet you keep saying, “All is well.”

Not a trace of melancholy.

Not an iota of regret.

That which you desperately seek is made distant by your seeking

In the domain of Truth, anything that requires your action will always be a barrier. Even if it is your love, even if it is your deep desire for liberation, if it is yours then it is a barrier itself; a Problem.

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Love and loneliness

Please take every single feeling of discomfort, of disquiet as a signal that there is something that beckons you, and that something is not a thing. So, you better not try out things. There is something that is calling you but that which is calling you is not a thing. So, do not deceive yourself with one thing or the other.

Things will not suffice.

Nothing that the mind can conceive of would suffice. Your next great idea would again fall flat. Your next big hope would again be dashed. You would be disappointed once again. So, don’t place your hope in things. Don’t place your hope in thoughts. Don’t place your hope in yourself. Whatever you are doing, or can possibly do is not only insufficient but actually, detrimental to your own interests.

The more you live in the impression of finally reaching something that completes your destiny, the more you will keep away from your destiny.

Your destiny, obviously, is aloneness; is contentment;  is a realization that not only have you arrived but actually there had been never any departure.


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