How does Hinduism justify idol worship when Christianity and Islam forbid it? || Acharya Prashant(2017)

Hinduism has said: “All of this comes from the Truth. So where do I go to worship the Truth?

And having realised that all of this is sent by the Truth, I will worship all of it, without distinction. I will worship the tree, the animal, the stone, the leaf, the dung, the mountain, the air, the water, the hurricane, the man, the woman, the child, the old one.

Without exception, India has worshiped everything, because everything is coming from ‘there’ – the Truth.

What is Sin? || Acharya Prashant, on Vivekachudamani and Bible (2018)

You have mentioned Christ. Because, he does not value limitations, therefore, he calls himself as the son of God. And because he does not value the limitations, therefore, he is prepared to give up the limited body so that the limitations of others can be removed.


This body is anyway limited, who can attach too much value to it, that’s what Christ say. So, if this limited body, is done away with, in the service of the Unlimited, it’s a good deal. I take the deal. I lose my body, others lose their limitations. I sacrifice my body and looking at this sacrifice, if others can sacrifice their limitations, then I would joyfully sacrifice this body because, what I am sacrificing is little, and what they are getting is Immense.

So, it’s a good deal. I take the deal.

You get, what the sin is?

Acharya Prashant on Jesus Christ: Who is a man and who is a woman?

When Jesus says ‘woman’, he means all that which gives birth, has taken birth and would die. When Jesus says ‘woman’, he means all that which has a tendency to continue into the future by procreating.

When Jesus says ‘man’, he refers to the only man that there is – which is Jesus or the father of Jesus, who are anyway identical.

So, when Jesus says that no woman would have authority over man, no woman would disobey man, argue or resist and her job is to remain silent, obviously he does not mean a physical woman because Jesus himself is not a physical man.

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