Acharya Prashant on Ashtavakra: What is stillness of mind? || Acharya Prashant (2016)

The unchanging one who neither accepts change nor resists it; who is neither a seeker of pleasure nor afraid of pain; who neither despises pleasure nor glorifies suffering. Pleasure, he lets come to him; pain, he lets come to him. And when he meets them equally, they both pass through him, without leaving a trace behind.

He doesn’t have ideals. He does not live by instruction manuals. He follows no religion. Let alone be dominated by the world; let alone listening to the world he listens not even to himself. He is in need of no advice. No opinions mean anything to him, neither others’ nor his own. In the middle of opinions he is opinion free. That is the sthitpragya.

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What is Moksha? || Acharya Prashant (2016)

The liberated one is free of the word liberation.

And the liberated one is also free from the demand for freedom.

The liberated one is liberated of liberation itself.

He has no more demand, no more need for liberation left.
He does not consider liberation, he doesn’t think of liberation.

Liberation is a non-issue for him.

To be free is to be so absolutely free that you are free from freedom as well.

The one who is liberated, the one who is living in Moksha will wear no signs of Moksha. All signs are in the world.

All signs are just games in predictability. The liberated one hence cannot be known.

You cannot read him, you cannot predict or detect him.

In fact if you are able to spot a liberated one it only means that you are not liberated.


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Creativity arises from nothingness || Acharya Prashant (2014)

When you look at the wall do you see emptiness? No, you see something tangible, you see something important. Usually, this argument is given by those who want to retain their attachments. This is the favourite argument of the householders and so many people find it difficult to refute. You don’t need to find God somewhere. God is in your kitchen and bedroom. God is in the clatter of the utensils and the wailing of the baby.

God is not in the temple bell. God is the whistle of the pressure cooker. This is not at all bad but then the baby must not be a baby, then the baby has to be emptiness. Then the husband cannot be a person, the husband has to be infinite, impersonal, existential individuality. You do not serve morning tea to infinite impersonal existential individuality.

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Individuality and Personality || Acharya Prashant (2014)

Individuality is not something specific. Now, it will be more acceptable that whatever you can think of as yourself is just Personality. So, do not ask, ‘What is individuality?’, just stay put it this way that, ‘Whatever I think of myself is just personality. What is individuality? Let’s leave that for a while.

Or you can put it this way:

Personality is impure you; Individuality is pure You.
When all the dirt is wiped off from your mind, then the clean mind that remains; the clean transparent mind that remains is Individuality.


The Language of Emotions || Acharya Prashant (2016)

A little bit of disturbance in the mind, you call it anger or irritation; seismic waves in the mind! And your cheeks flush and your body starts shivering and then you say you are getting emotional, right? From where is the emotion drawing its energy? What is contained in your subconscious? Are emotions not a beautiful opportunity to learn from your mind?

Don’t you want to know, why you got furious? Don’t you want to see, what saddens you so much? We cannot often read the subtle language of the mind.

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