A life free of incompleteness and inferiority

Can there be another way of living?

“Because I feel thrilled, so I do whatever I do.
Because I am already contended, so I do whatever I do”.

“Yes, I acquire knowledge. Yes, I read books. But I read books because I already feel contended.
Books can give me knowledge but the books cannot give me the base of my Being.
Books cannot give me something which is so important and already preset in me. That, books cannot provide.”

Can there be a possibility of living like this?
Won’t it be good fun?

To go for goals is gloom, to fantasise a future is frustration

To give importance to success is to invite frustration. To give importance to results is to invite boredom.
Whenever you will place emphasis upon an event in the future and remember, results are always in the future; you will lose out on the present. We do not do anything without expecting a result in the future and this future-centricity costs us deeply. It costs us the only thing that we have. All we have is this, right now, what is happening. And it takes that away.
And then we are bored. Life becomes insipid. There is no juice in it.

Why do we blame others for our mistakes?

When you are able to blame others, then you are able to earn certain rights for yourself. Those rights cannot come to you, if you do not say that others are in a position to harm you. Even the law agrees to killing in self defense.

Blaming is quite nice to the ego. Blaming is a good defense against responsibility. So that you do not have to do the right action; you can just blame somebody. To not to blame is to take the onus of Right action.

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