How can I correct my mistakes? || Acharya Prashant (2016)

Directly see, and acknowledge that what you think of life is all rubbish.

What you think of as the good life, what you think of as a wasted life, all these are useless concepts.

Once you have seen that, then your mind will not rush to that dreamland, that Lala land.

~Acharya Prashant

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Any concept of God is not God at all. Drop the concept and surrender || Acharya Prashant (2015)

Our arrogance is in the same measure as our fear.

Let us be direct, simple and humble.

Let us just say, ‘Yes, there are these scriptures, we wrote them, the son of a man wrote them and these books are beautiful and they are sacred, that means that there is beauty and holiness within me. Otherwise, how could this book come? There is nothing repugnant in man’s mind. It is from man’s mind that the Upanishads and the Bible are arising’.

So man’s mind is great. Let’s just accept it.

And while accepting it, let us parallely bow to the fact that even though man’s mind has climbed these heights, yet, he is nowhere close to the Ultimate.


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