To have no method of meditation is to have an infinite variety of methods || Acharya Prashant (2016)

To have no method of meditation means to have an infinite number of methods available to you. Now everything is a method – eating is a method, talking is a method, walking is a method, swimming is a method, even hitting is a method, depends on the situation. But, the right method will be known to you only if you are surrendered, because the right method cannot be your own thought. The right method has to come from somewhere else and you have to surrender to that place, to know the right method.

Joy is the taste of Ultimate madness || Acharya Prashant (2014)

Become a little less clever.

Get rid of your smartness.

Do act like an idiot.

It’s okay, you will not be harmed. Nothing is supposed to be a particular way. Try breaking the ways a little. Check out for yourself whether you are harmed? And even if you are harmed, how much is the harm? How much is the harm? You are anyway being harmed every time.

A little bit of madness is welcome, very welcome.

How to get the courage to live by the Heart? || Acharya Prashant (2016)

You are your own best-kept secret.

When you meet a person, meet in friendliness, meet in love. Meet to share. Meet to play. Meet to rejoice. That’s a right relationship. Don’t meet to sit at that person’s feet. That’s vulgar. You don’t need to sit at anybody’s feet. I repeat – this head can bow down only in front of one authority, and nobody else. With everybody else, let there be love, not submission.

On Upanishad: Me and Time || Acharya Prashant (2016)

So here we are – “Mind beings”.

Mind beings – who do not exist in their own eye when they are deeply asleep, absent minded or comatose.

Please understand.

Anybody here who can claim to exist even in his deep sleep?

Anybody here who can claim to be even in his deep-deep sleep?

So such is the power of thought that our own existence in our own eyes – and when I say ‘our own eyes’, I only mean ‘thought’ – our own existence in our own eyes depends on thinking.

If the thinking mode of consciousness ceases, then we cease to exist.

So the ‘mind’ is thinking all the time and we think as if ‘we’ are thinking.

But the fact is- without thinking we do not exist.

So is it not true that thought is thinking us?

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