Man is purposeful, God is purposeless || Acharya Prashant (2016)

And the act of god is the act of perfect love, which means He couldn’t be standing separate from what He has created; which means He is nowhere as he is everywhere; which means he doesn’t build something and throw it away; which means he takes the shape of everything. Which means God himself manifests as everything which appears to be created.

When you create then you stand separate from what you have created that is why am not even calling it creation; I am calling it manufacturing, I am calling it construction, I am calling it cultivation. I am not calling it creation in the purest sense of the word.


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The only way to clean yourself is to immerse in the ocean of the Self || Acharya Prashant (2015)

Look at your definitions. Look at their unworthiness. Look at the trap that they are.
Every word that you utter is a trap.
What you call as ‘fresh’ is not fresh at all.
What you call as ‘present’ is not present at all.
What you call as ‘love’ is not love at all.
What you call as ‘me’ is not me at all.
Your language is a conspiracy against yourself.
Why do you speak? Why do you even think?

Love is an opportunity to know yourself

All love starts as nearness, all love starts as an urge for nearness. It will always start in the mental domain, always. It could be sexual; it could be any other desire. It could be a social need and emotional need, whatever. Always mental. Always, always mental. But the good part is, whatever be the origin it creates nearness, it creates an opportunity to know. But just an opportunity. After that nearness, after that opportunity whether it blossoms into creativity, whether it enters the zone of creativity, is another matter.

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