Dance, and dance naked

The one to whom you most quickly and frequently turn to seeking support, is also the one who would want you to keep seeking support. That is the difference between God and this world. When you take support from the world, the world ensures that you keep taking support. The world ensures that you never become strong enough to not to ask for support. When you take support from God, He ensures that you need no more support.

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What lies beyond mind? More mind. || Acharya Prashant (2016)

If there is noise, what does one experience? Noise. Peace is a coming down, a subsiding of experience. You cannot experience Peace because Peace is no experience. All you now experience is that the previous noise is now relatively lesser, lesser, lesser… And when the noise is zero, then you say it is Absolute Peace. So there can be no experience of Peace. There can only be a reduction in the experience of that which you are already experiencing. And because we are already experiencing suffering all the time, so Joy is just the cessation of suffering.
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If you can’t dance with a stranger, then you can’t dance || Acharya Prashant (2016)

Whenever you feel that what you are experiencing is exotic, other worldly, then just put it to this test – ‘Will this happen in deep sleep? Will this happen after death?’ You say you have had an encounter with God, ask yourself – ‘Can it happen without the brain?’ It is real only if it does not need the brain. Can it happen if your brain is smashed? Can it happen, even if you are given sleeping pills? Now it is so disappointing, because whatever you conceive as enlightenment or awakening or whatever, can never happen when you are comatose. So, all the lure is gone.

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