Gloss is the spontaneous action of Core || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Speaker : Core is what you are. It’s very simple.

And what are you?

You are your innate intelligence, the ability to understand.

What is the first statement that you wrote today?

Listeners : Appearance is the function of intelligence.

Speaker : Appearance is the function of intelligence and gloss is the function of core.

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Why HIDP? Because our object-centric education forgets the real subject – You

Question : Sir, why should we study HIDP (Holistic Individual Development Program)?

Speaker : This probably is a question that should cross the minds of educationists, parents, and the authorities in schools and colleges at a very early stage. At a very, very early stage!

(Addressing the questioner) Arvind, what is it that we have studied in our education so far? What is it that we have studied? You have studied the languages, Mathematics, Science, Social science. Later on you studied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and now technology or economics or commerce.

But tell me, are you the English alphabet? Are you the rivers and mountains that you studied in Geography? Are you the kings and the battles that you read about in History? Are you the molecules or the polymers that you read in Chemistry?
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