Don’t imagine solutions

Answers are not there. Only questions are there. Understand the question and that is it. This question-answer format has been given to you by the society only. That there is something like a question and then there is something like an answer. No. Only Inquiry exists and resolution of inquiry exists. There is nothing like ‘answer’ in that.

Don’t imagine solutions. Don’t imagine that if I do like this, then that would happen. Do it first.

This is what you need to observe. While walking, roaming, eating, whatever is happening, just observe that and you will understand! Truth is not far. Just that is what you have to see.

As a boss, if I am sucking Life out of my employees’ life, is that not violence all the more.

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Acharya Prashant: Ask till you drop the mask

Acharya Prashant: Ask absurd questions. People would say, he has gone mad. But, ask absurd questions.
Why should something like a ‘home’ exist? Have you ever asked this question? You go back home everyday, have you ever asked this? Why should anything like a home exist? I mean, why can’t we just be, wherever we are! Why do we always need to go somewhere in the evening? Why can’t I just be? You are there, I am there. And we are enjoying. We are here the whole night, spend the rest of the day, and we will leave when we feel like, then we will go another place. The whole world belongs to us! What is this concept of a home?

Ever thought? Ask. This is called Inquiry. What is this game about Mummy-Papa? One male, one female, sitting together in a home. What exactly is going on? And these people are supposed to be special. And the whole of religion, and the whole of society, and everything telling me that I must respect, Love them. What exactly is going on? Let me understand it, let me understand it. What is this thing called siblings? What are brothers and sisters? What is this thing called society? What is this thing called religion? What does one mean by religion? What is this thing called a normal life?

What is this thing called progress and growth? That one must progress in life! What is this thing called progress? Have you ever asked yourself, about this thing called progress? Papa, why do you keep chanting, progress, progress? What is meant by progress? A little more money? Why do you need more money? What would you do with it? Are you using all the money that you have? You are using only ten percent of the money you have, rest all is in the banks! So, what will you do with more progress? First, finish the money that is there in the banks! I already have so much, first let me finish it up. What happened to the money in the bank? Is it all finished?

These are absurd questions but ask them. Understand, how the minds of the people function.

When you see the roads in the mornings, full of traffic; Ask, what is this going on? Where are these people going? Why? Look at their faces! People are coming back home in the evening time, in traffic, look at their faces. Ask them, is this what life and work are supposed to be? That they have made faces like that! People who are returning back around 7.30 – 8pm, have you ever focused on their faces, expressions? They are driving a car, there is peak traffic hour, and they are stuck in long traffic jams! Have you ever looked at their faces? Look. Look closely, inattention. And ask yourself, is this what I am preparing myself for? I am paying fees in Lakhs so that my life becomes rubbish like this? I am paying to get assaulted?

Listener: Acharya Ji, asking questions, will we be getting the correct answers?


Answers are not there. Only questions are there. Understand the question and that is it.

This question-answer format has been given to you by the society only. That there is something like a question and then there is something like an answer. No. Only Inquiry exists and resolution of inquiry exists. There is nothing like ‘answer’ in that.

L: But when we will inquire, won’t we be thinking?

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Look at all that which is a certainty with you, that is where your demons lie

The doer only knows to act. He is identified by his doing, by his activities. Do not give energy to those activities. The doer will say, “I am interpreting what this speaker is saying.” Immediately you must know that your interpretation is a foolish interpretation. The doer will say, “I will decide what to do next.” Immediately you must know that your decision is a self-defeating decision. Whatever the doer does or thinks, you must know that it is stupid and wrong. In fact, that is the very definition of wrong action – that which comes from the doer.

But you have known only the doer. You have known only the doer. Of the real doer, of the immense, you only have thoughts or at best a faint ancient remembrance. Otherwise, your life is totally full of only the doer. Which practically then means that you will have to doubt everything, which practically then means that you will have to reject your ways totally.

But this will be so difficult when the world around you is constantly teaching you to be confident and motivated. This will be very difficult when there are teachers and gurus who are constantly egging you on to achieve your goals. The real seeker knows fully well that his goals are bound to be stupid. But there are so many so-called well-wishers who want you to keep moving, who want you to realize your dreams. All dreams are whose dreams, the doer’s dreams. So, if you are really sincere then you will have the guts for total self-annihilation. And without that, there is no freedom from your predicament.

Start with the little things of the day. Start with all that which you do automatically, habitually. Do you know what this automatic doing implies? This automatic doing implies that you have such a deep belief in that action that you do not even think it fit to inquire it. You are saying, “This must be right so I can do it automatically. Why do I need to pass it through the scanner? Because I have heard of it so much because I have seen it so much and because I have been doing it so repeatedly, this must be right. Everybody is doing it so I can do it without any consideration.”

That is where you must immediately pause. That which you have been constantly doing without any consciousness, under the strong and terrible assumption that it must be right, that is what you must immediately question. I repeat, look at all that which is a certainty with you, that is where your demons lie. What is a certainty with you? Come to this very instance. It is a certainty that you will get up from here and go into a particular direction. Won’t you? And, why don’t you want to look into that? Why don’t you want to question that? Why not?

Is it not a certainty with you that you will behave and react only in particular ways and patterns? Why must it happen that way? Is it not a certainty with you that you will be found next to only a particular set of people, only next to a particular man or a particular woman? Why must that be a certainty? Whatever is a certainty with you is an act of the doer and the more certain it is, the more deeply embedded it is in your psyche.

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If you are absolutely sure of something, there is an absolute need to enquire

May 2018 TL_Poster 12

Question: What is meant by dropping the doer?

Acharya Prashant: Dropping the doer means not supporting the doer.  The doer is a helpless, powerless, parasitic being. The doer can survive only as long as somebody else supports him. The doer has no life of its own. The doer is survived, maintained and furthered by your belief in the doer. So, it’s simple, doubt the doer. Do not stand behind him. Do not keep supporting him. Do not be his friends; for the parasite has no friends. The parasite only has a host.

Whenever a thought arises within you, immediately an alarm must go off – Another Trap. Whenever you feel that you are sure of something, immediately an alarm must go off – Another Failure. Whenever you are sure of something, absolutely sure, that is when you must be absolutely sure that you are being fooled. Of that which you are totally certain in life, that is what your curse and your bane. That is what is meant by getting rid of the doer. Read more

What kind of education will help one know herself?

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Question: Our education system is not that sufficient in…. this is my question, what kind of education should be added in our education system that we know ourselves?

Acharya Prashant: Wonderful. What’s your name?

L: Gaurav

AP: Now, Gaurav wants to take it a step ahead. He is saying, “If that is not sufficient, if the existing education system is not sufficient then what else can be done?”

Gaurav, we are talking of self-education, the need to first and foremost, know the knower. We are saying that before you say that the pendulum corresponds to 2Л√L/G, you must ask who is watching the pendulum. The fellow watching the pendulum is as important as a pendulum, if not more. Right? So, we want to know ourselves, how do we proceed?

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The Truth is only for those, who really really are qualified for it.

The scriptures are very clear on this. The Truth is only for those, who really really are qualified for it. And if you are not qualified for it, you must not get it even if you beg for it.

That is why such rigorous conditions have been put. You go and you first clear this test, you prove your worth in this criteria, you do this, you do that, you spend years first becoming capable of receiving the Truth. And only then the Guru will initiate you. Otherwise, the Guru will keep turning you away, go back

you don’t deserve the Truth yet. Similarly, there are so many people who just don’t deserve even facts, you are not morality bound to keep serving what they aren’t even looking for.

You give Truth to someone who is not looking for Truth, he will slaughter you. You give facts to someone who is not looking for facts he’ll call you are a liar. That doesn’t mean you have to have an instinct for self-preservation. That only means that you’ll be taking the fun out of the game.

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Answer the questioner, not the question

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Question: In daily routine life, sometimes we say we should speak the truth, and truth only, and avoid speaking lies. But once you are speaking the Truth, you are more relaxed and you don’t have to think every time what the lie was. So, should we speak the truth all the time?

Acharya Prashant: No No, see, first of all, what you are calling truth is just facts. You are asking whether you should be stating facts to someone all the time.

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You don’t pay attention, things remain special

Practice is just remembrance. Practice is just attention. If you are attentive, then it is always there. It is not there, only when the mind is elsewhere. Even right now as I am speaking to you, what is happening, is practice. The depth of your listening right now will determine, how much more can you listen. Just like, when a man practices to run, the more he practices, the more he can run.

Similarly, the more is your attention right now, the more you will be able to listen, understand. And then, listening and understanding, become such a state that they do you remain special anymore. Then you are not asking for them.

You don’t pay attention, things remain special. Then there is the need to form an image, to chase something, to question, to desire.

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When you enquire into the Truth, the Truth is what makes you enquire

21762214_1227353527370622_921021697824714700_nQuestion: This word practice was quite striking for me because in the last session that happened before we left for the camp when Devesh Ji asked you that what to do when the world calls. You answered saying that why don’t you talk about that cause. Then when we talked about Ramakrishna he also said that if you talk about the free, you are free and in the same way Ramana Maharshi again said that it is also a practice that we can keep on talking more about all this.  So, its a kind of practice that you have formed.

There are two things that we have mostly discussed is, we need to be in close contact with what we are. We call it by the name observation. And the other thing is its also a practice of doing all this, that has been mentioned here.

How can we be in a constant touch with what is happening (Observing) and still do not make a practice out of it? How can these two things happen simultaneously?

Acharya Prashant: Why do you need to practice? Is it not happening right now? It is like a man asking, “How to ask?”

It is like saying that one wants to learn to breathe. Had he not been breathing, could he have asked this question?

Practice is always happening. This is what is happening, is practice. When you remember practice – that is practice. The moment when you ask, “How to practice?”, the question is redundant, because ‘practice’ is already going on. The question of practice is relevant, only when you forget that question. Read more

The function of Brahm is to give stability


One should identify Brahman neither with the head nor with the middle part nor with the bottom but with (what remains in the shape of) the tail, since it is said that Brahman is ‘the Tail’ and substratum. Thus those who contemplate this fourfold division attain the supreme Goal.

Verse 5

~Avadhut Upanishad

Acharya Prashant: Brahman is to be identified with no part of the body but with the tail. What is meant by that? The idea is that the tail has only one function-to give stability. Brahman is the stabilizing tail of the universe. All other parts of the body have various utilities and functions. But the tail gives stability. Read more

Don’t suppress. Just understand



Question: Sir, there is something negative in our mind. And the more I suppress it, it keeps on increasing. So, what’s the way out?

Acharya Prashant: The only reason, why negative feelings keep on increasing, is because you want to suppress them. There is a great pleasure in suppression of negative feelings. You see, whether you enhance the feeling or suppress it, ultimately you get a sense of power. The ego says, “I am suppressing”, or “I am being entertained”.

A far better thing is to just see, what that feeling is all about. You have a healthy mind. Look at that feeling. Why do you repeatedly keep getting this feeling? What does this feeling say? Ask the feeling, “What do you want? What really is your demand? Why do you keep coming again and again? And you are welcome, it is not that I want to expel you from my house. I Am not suppressing you. But I want to know that why are you a recurrent visitor to my home?” Ask it. And to ask that, you will have to be friends with that feeling. Not thinking that, that feeling is your enemy.

Because, a thousand feelings will come to you – envy, jealousy, fear, hatred, competition, ambition. You cannot fight them all, and there is no need to fight them. What to do with them?

Listeners: Forget about that, ignore, you can say to yourself that it is not compulsory to think about them.

AP: All these things that you said, in all those cases, are you really friends with the feelings? If you are friends with somebody, do you ignore them? Do you forget them? Do you say that, You are not compulsory?

All these three responses that you gave, they came from fear. You are afraid of that feeling and that is why that feeling keeps on coming again and again.
Have guts, be courageous. When that feeling comes, say, “Ah! the feeling has come again, right. Let us sit down like friends and talk. Miss feeling, what do you want?”

Why ignore it? And can you ignore it? Are you actually ever able to ignore it? It destroys your mood. And if something is able to destroy your mood, are you actually ignoring it, or becoming a victim? You are saying, “Forget it.” Are you able to forget it? There is no way you can forget it.

L: Just like killing our enemy, we ourselves become an enemy. We should change that enemy.

AP: And that thought is you. At that moment, that is what your real identity is. It is like trying to defeat one hand with another hand, which hand will win? Using one thought you are trying to conquer one thought with another thought. And both the thoughts are in your mind. Which hand will win? No hand will win, you will be defeated. You will be exhausted.

So, first thing, accept yourself.

Drop this approach that something needs to be controlled. Nothing needs to be controlled; it is all fine, good, alright. Nothing needs to be controlled. You only need to understand, not control.

Understand, not control.

The urge to control comes from a moralistic mind. It comes from a violent mind. It comes from a mind that has already been tutored that something is good and something is bad, something needs to be controlled. Nothing needs to be controlled. Everything is alright. There is nothing in existence which needs to be controlled.

Everything just needs to be? Understood.

And to understand something, you need to be friends with it.

L: Sir, please explain with an example, like Anger?

AP: So, how can you control Anger? You look at people, are you able to find them able to control Anger? People flare up at the flimsiest of reasons. Sometimes, there is no reason to get angry and people are so angry. And you are looking at them and wondering, what is wrong with him? And after two hours, you are in the same shoes – Getting angry for nothing. (Smiling)

Who can control anger? When anger comes, tell yourself, “I am getting angry again and this anger is because I wanted something, I did not get it.” The expectations are being hurt, so anger is normal.

But to do this, you will have to have two things. One, honesty. Second, courage. Why honesty? Because you know, we get a certain pleasure in anger, have you experienced that? You are frustrated. And then when you are able to shout at somebody, a certain pleasure. It is because of this pleasure that you want to be angry. And then you ask me, “How to control anger?” Isn’t it so that you want to be angry? And that is the reason why, after you have been angry, you sometimes feel peaceful, nice, good. The ego has had a massage. I was able to shout at him. So, I am feeling good. Because there is a pleasure in anger.

So, be honest that I am the one who is nurturing anger all the time. That is the part about honesty. The second part is about courage. When anger comes, I am repeating, be friends with it, not enemies. Anger is there, alright anger is there. What is the big deal? It is there with everyone. Why get all worked up about it, “I am angry, I am angry.” Changing your Facebook status, “Angry”, why? It is alright. Anger is not something alien.

L: Sir, do you get angry?

AP: Anger comes, there is no doubt about it. Now, whether I get angry or not, that is another matter.

L: Sir, how to understand it, through questions?

AP: By being aware that it is coming. Let it not enter like a thief. You don’t even know and it has made some kind of a backdoor entry. Anger has come, you stand upon the door, and say, “Welcome Sir, again you have come. All the time you want to come.” It comes. Till the time, there are situations, there is a body, there will be reasons for anger to come, but there is no reason, for you to be dominated. Let it come and when it comes, don’t feel small. Don’t feel as if something very bad has happened.

Breath goes in and goes out. Hunger comes, fatigue comes, tears come, anger too can come. What is the big deal?

-Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity

Watch the session: Acharya Prashant: Don’t Suppress.Just understand

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Why is it easier to believe in the world rather than the Truth?



Listener: Sir, Why the Truth is so rare? Truth is something which is non-fictitious and this world is fictitious. And why the world is not so rare and Truth is rare?

AP: Are you asking, why you believe strongly in the world and not in the Truth? Is that what you are saying? – Because you have been taken in, because you have assumed a lot of things, because you do not inquire, as simple as that.

L: Why in the first place we ignore them? Why not in the first place we inquire them? They are the two sides of the coin, we could have like either.

AP: Had you been of the quality, who would inquire rather than believe then you would not have been ‘you’. The one who appears to be born as ‘Praveen’ had no option but to believe. Praveen was born with ignorance, with seeds of ignorance. Read more

With the sky in the Heart, Chasing horizons is Joy

WhatsApp-Image-20160704 (12)

Question: Sir, do you ever get tired of all those questions that people ask you?

Acharya Prashant (AP): There are not many questions; there is just one question always.

I have good fun in answering the same question in multiple ways. Read more

How can I correct my mistakes?

Question: Sir, I see that the mistakes are happening over and over again. What to do?

Acharya Prashant: When the right intent will be there in all its power then these things will not happen, because these things are not natural. These are not your inner order. These things happen only when an external agency is sitting on your head, powers them to happen, otherwise, they cannot happen. Read more


Attention is when the mind that is split, the mind that has come far away from the home wants to return; when all these splinter elements of the mind want to get reunified and reunified at the center.

So, when you just want to know about something, it is not attention.

When you are really curious in your inquiry that is also not attention.

Attention is when you want to reach the utter depth and you will not stop at any point in between.

Attention is when you say that I have to reach the very Truth, which is at the foundation of anything.

You already know. There is nobody who does not know


Question: Is yoga, meditation, and reading of scriptures really necessary?

Acharya Prashant: What else are you doing right now, is this not meditation. Everyday I ask the same question, I have to ask it today as well —how will you meditate while driving your car? And if you can’t meditate while driving your car, then is not meditation worthless? How will you meditate while having sex! Will you put your legs up in the air and say this is some kind of Aasan. And if you can’t meditate in your most intense moments, when else would you meditate?

How will you meditate while taking a shower! How will you meditate while eating! And life is all this or  is it not? How will you meditate when you are on the soccer field. Passing the ball to someone and instantaneous reflexes are required from you, how will you meditate? And life is all this. Or will you sit down in the middle of the field to meditate?

How will you meditate while swimming? How? And why don’t you ask these questions, because life is all this, this is life?

L: Food restrictions, are they necessary?

AP: Everything in the world knows what to eat; why do you not know what to eat. The bird knows what to eat, the fish knows what to eat, why you have to be restricted? Because somebody else is there who is unnecessarily forcing you to eat something else. The commercials are there and they are attracting you all the time – new potato chips, new sauce, new dish, new recipes.

L: I was asking about killing animals.

AP: Everything in the world knows whether or not it should kill. Why do we not know when is the right time to kill and when not to kill.

I am asking you again a very simple question — have you ever seen a camel drinking the milk of a goat? The camel knows that it must drink the milk of its mother and only for a few months, is that so or not. And the camel needs no Guru for that.

Have you ever seen a horse drinking the milk of an elephant?

Why do you drink the milk of a buffalo, are you a buffalo? Why do these simple things not occur to you? Does the buffalo come and drink your milk? If the buffalo is so intelligent that it won’t come and suck at your wife then why do you want to go and milk the buffalo?

Everything in existence knows its proper diet, why do we not know. Can you just shrug away all the unnecessary knowledge, like this (shaking head)? So that you immediately know, what you know.

Have you ever seen an animal violate its diet-patterns? Try feeding grass to a lion, try feeding flesh to a cow, try. How is it that we do not know what to eat and how is it that we over-eat?

Man is the only animal that dies of over eating. How is it possible, figure out.

From where is this knowledge coming that obfuscates our sharp intelligence?

Our sharp intelligence is lying buried under the load of acquired knowledge, why can’t you reject all this acquired social knowledge.

The moment you reject it you know everything.

You already know everything.

L: But if you are hungry, is it any different?

AP: Try feeding grass to a hungry lion. I am asking you, try feeding grass to a hungry lion.

L: But we are not animals.

AP: Who told you that? (Smilingly)

We are not animals only in the sense that we are worse than animals, only in that sense.

Right action comes only from the right source.

If you are asking what to eat and when to eat and how to decide what to eat in a particular situation, it need not be a decision, it is an instantaneous response.

When you are alright and at peace with yourself then the response, the decision is so quick that it can’t even be called a decision.

It’s like this — ‘No, I won’t eat this.’ Why? I don’t know. But I know I won’t eat this. You ask me a reason, I won’t be able to convince you. But I just know. This word ‘JUST’ is tremendously significant – I just know, without any reason it’s an uncaused knowing.

I just know, I don’t have to explain it to you, I just know. And we all, I assert and  I remind you, we all just know. You too just know. It is impossible to not to know.

Ask the Heart! In everything and anything that matters, ask the heart, it just knows.

Have faith, it just knows.

And when you come to know that you know, don’t be afraid because often that which you know, will scare you.

Your beauty scares you, don’t reject it, embrace it.

The heart is not a dictator, it only suggests it depends on you whether or not to heed. Obviously, if you will not heed then you will suffer but still you may decide not to heed.

Be your own friend; Don’t decide to reject the heart, listen to it. It’s continuously guiding, it’s guiding even right now! Do you see that it is guiding you right now; don’t you see that?

L: Something is obscured.

AP: Pay attention to that which is not obscure. When you are driving in a foggy night, what do you pay attention to — the road or the fog? Yes! So look at that which is not obscure; don’t talk too much about the fog. The fog intensifies when you talk too much about it.

L: Once I am at peace with myself, is there something after it, or is that it?

AP: Is that question coming from peace?

L: Yes.

AP: In peace, you do not bother about future.

But you are asking what will happen after peace! This question cannot come from peace. And is it not obvious? Why you need somebody to point this out? It is not obvious because you have been trained deeply in the language of before and after. Marry me and after that we will have a nice family, after…

L: And there is a lot of talk about enlightenment, is that enlightenment? What is enlightenment?

AP: When you know, that is enlightenment. When you refuse to know it is darkness.

No person is enlightened.

If right now you understand, you know, you are already enlightened. You can choose to remain enlightened or you can again wallow in the darkness.

Enlightenment is not something that you attach to a person,  ‘Oh, he is enlightened.’ No.

Enlightenment is Truth, the very essence of all.

Surrender to the Truth, you are enlightened.

L: We have sort of industrialized everything that we do. And there is a label of?  growth on it, how much can we grow. Aren’t they all pursuits

AP: They all are trying to create a future for you. They all are trying to take you somewhere. and whenever there is talk of progress, of betterment, of G.D.P growth and such things, you are always being pulled away from what you are. But if you have a political leader who wins votes by offering you a better future, then don’t you see what you are doing. But you love those leaders, don’t you, Who offer you a better future.

L: Then we shouldn’t be engaged in those false promises.

AP: Great! that you are figuring this out.

Maybe you need a totally different kind of mind, a totally different kind of politics, an entirely new way of living.

Maybe the shopping mall and the ashram are part of one rotten system and both sustain each other. Maybe the office and the weekend retreat are part of one system and both sustain each other. Maybe both have to go together — the commercial centre and the spiritual centre both have to go together because both co-exist, and both can ‘only’ co-exist.

Maybe you need an entirely new world; a totally new humanity. But the new comes only from that which is immediate. The new will not come from a distance, the new comes from here.

L: The only question arises then, although that seems like a bad pursuit, but that’s part of the truth, overall. Even if its destruction of the planet and the human beings it’s still truth, isn’t it true?

AP: It doesn’t matter whether it is truth. You have to live your life, ask yourself, how you feel about it. You maybe shredded into pieces it is still the Truth. But, what does that do to you?

All this is not being told to the Truth. We are not trying to educate Truth, about Truth. You are the recipient of all this. So, ask — what does all this do to me.

Forget the Truth; look at yourself.

We don’t have Mr. Truth sitting here to receive these teachings. It’s between you and me.

Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session: Acharya Prashant: You already know. There is nobody who does not know

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Real enquiry happens in Silence


Question: Sir, if Peace is something that the mind can never know then what is the point of all this enquiry?

Acharya Prashant: What is enquiry? How does knowing happen? Does enquiry mean that one keeps asking questions? Does enquiry mean that one is looking for particular answers within obviously the framework of the question asked? If that were so then Anubhav (referring to the questioner) here would not be asking what he is asking. What is it that you have asked Anubhav? What is it that you have asked here?
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Seated in Reality, you feel no need to explain the Real


Won’t you first want to check out the facts?
Or, would you rather live your life based on stories?
Whatever calls you is worthy of your attention. Honestly enquire, ‘what it is’.
That would enable one of two things – if it’s a worthy candidate to attract you,
your attraction to that thing would deepen, and if it’s unworthy, then the attraction would drop.
Full Stop!

Question 1: Do you think silence can help in understanding or explaining spirituality or spiritual experiences?

Acharya Prashant: Silence is silence. Silence has no business explaining anything. Silence has no interest in explaining anything.

In Silence, you do not feel the need for any explanations.
If you are still feeling a need for explanations, where is silence?

In Silence, you do not feel the need for any explanations. If you are still feeling a need for explanations, where is silence? In Silence, you know that explanations are worthless. In Silence, you say, “Even knowing is a burden. I have no obligation to realise. Even without realising, I am perfect.” Read more

The myth of social service


Question: Ramana Maharshi has said that “Till you reach the stage of gyaan (self-knowledge) and thus wake out of Maya (ignorance), you must do social service by alleviating suffering, wherever you see it. But you must do it without the feeling that ‘I am the doer’. You must help the other man as a means of worshipping God in that man.”

What is this social service that Ramana Maharshi is referring to? One who himself is suffering, can he bring relief from suffering to others?

AP: What is the cause of one’s suffering? That one cannot look within; one cannot look at himself. If you ask Ramana Maharshi, he will say – “Lack of self-enquiry is the only cause of suffering”.

When you enquire into your suffering then you see that the sufferer is just a joke. Read more

Spirituality is the intimacy of the immediate, not the blaze of the beyond


Acharya Prashant: So, here we are, sitting in a spiritual city. Everything here, the whole context is spiritual. Some of us are not from India, and they have come here for spiritual reasons.

So, what is Spirituality? Read more