You are the mother of all importance || Acharya Prashant (2012)

Your education has taught you about technologies, but has not taught you about the source from which everything else comes, which is ‘you.’

The subject, the most important entity.

The simple fact is that the subject, which is at the center of everything, is always the most important.

~ Acharya Prashant


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How can I know the Truth?

Questioner: Why can’t truth come in thoughts?

AP: Have you ever thought of something that will not disappear? And have you ever thought with the intention that something must deceive you? You think so that you get clarity and security. You think for your welfare. Don’t you? But you always think in terms of objects. Can you ever think of something that has no form, no shape, and no name? Can you ever think of something, even imagine, which is beyond space and time?

So all your thoughts are of things that are contained in this temporary material world. But the objective of thinking is to give you a Joy and a security that is beyond all this temporary material world. You think in one dimension, and the purpose of thinking is to take you to a totally different dimension. That will never happen. So thought in that sense is quite useless.

The deepest expression of our core will be revealed this Sunday in the enlightening presence of Acharya Prashant Ji.

Come to be blessed by Light.
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Guilt is a great method to not to change || Acharya Prashant (2015)

Come face to face with the fact of your being.

Grand notions, or petty notions, any notions, will not work.

They are not evil, they are just useless. It is just that in my dictionary, the useless is the evil. There is no other evil. That is the definition of evil. That which is not needed is evil. That which you are needlessly carrying is the evil.

The difference between belief, fact and Faith || Acharya Prashant (2014)

Faith has no object. You can never have Faith ‘in’ something. Faith is just Faith.

Faith is when you are going beyond objects. When thoughts are no more there. Yet the deepest enquiry has brought you to the point where you just know. Just know. And there is deep peace which indicates to you that now you know. This peace cannot come without knowing. “My peace is a proof that I know.” Obviously you cannot hand over that peace to somebody.

Facts can be circulated. Imaginations can be told. Not Faith.

But yes, Faith shines upon the face. It is nothing, but it makes everything worthwhile. It is nothing by itself but it makes everything worthwhile. Peace is nothing. Can you show me a little bit of peace? It is impossible. But in peace life becomes worth living.