Creativity arises from nothingness


Question: The creator is in every bit of the creation, then why do we call the world illusionary?

Acharya Prashant: Don’t call the world illusionary. “The creator is the creation” is not merely an aphorism. If you can look at the wall and see just creativity here, then wonderful, continue looking at the wall. Do you know what is creativity? Creativity is something arising out of nothing. So basically, if you can look at the wall as emptiness then it’s wonderful. First of all, the wall is not creation because if this is creation then there has to be a creator in the past. The wall is creativity and if the wall is creativity then the wall has to be emptiness. Creativity is exactly that — something arising from empty space. Read more

Are you in the same dimension as the pattern?

Don’t be afraid of patterns.

Be with the Truth; you will not be afraid.

And when you are not afraid of patterns then you can toy around with them. And it won’t matter whether you fall into the pattern, whether you break the pattern; whether you play by the rules, whether you disregard them — nothing will matter.

The only thing that matters is: Are you in the same dimension as the pattern? Or are you in another dimension?

That is the only difference.

There is one mind that fights problems and never succeeds.

And there is another mind that goes past problems and goes past success and defeat.

The mind that wants to fight problems or solve problems will always find itself getting more and more problems.

It will forever be stuck in the game of success and defeat against the problem.

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On J. Krishnamurti: Know Him, without His names


When you teach a child that a bird is named ‘bird’,
the child will never see the bird again.

~ J.Krishnamurti ~

Acharya Prashant: Beautiful quotation.

Because naming comes with a total bundle of association, references, memories, past, prejudices. having named something, having tagged or labelled something, you are no more in direct touch with that thing. Now, you are in touch with the name and not the thing. Getting it?

It takes a beauty; beauty that lies in mystical unknowing. Now, you know. We have 4 rabbits here (at AdvaitBodh Sthal), deliberately we have refrained from naming them, one of them carries a name but the other 3 do not have names. And it is beautiful and we often do not know who is who? They are all white, alike.

What else are identities, what else are relationships?

Names.  Read more

Continuous realisation and passive waiting

Question: Is there anything that I can do to have realisation in this point of time apart from waiting? Or should I do something?

Acharya Prashant: No, nothing.

In fact, already you have said something important. You have already realized that waiting is so important. But this waiting must be a very passive waiting; a very inactive waiting. You cannot actively wait. You cannot count minutes and hours and years. It has to be a very passive waiting. You are not even waiting, you must forget that you are waiting. That kind of waiting. Not the kind of waiting that you have on a railway platform.

Because active waiting is arrogance. You are in some sense wanting the other to comply by your wish. Wanting the train to arrive as per your wish—that is active waiting.

Passive waiting means that, ‘I do not know whether you will come, I do not know whether you should come, I do not even know whether you exists, yet, I wait. And this waiting is no obligation upon you to arrive. I wait without bothering you to come. You may come, you may not come, I do not even know whether you exist, yet, I wait’.

That kind of waiting.

Very dormant, very sleepy waiting.

Listener 1: I become negative again and again, and I have realized it. But it keeps on repeating. What to do about it?

AP: Nothing.

You see, this is the load of your living, this is the load of your past. You weigh a particular number, now, what can you do with it? Can you wish your kilograms away?

They came to you because you lived a particular kind of life. All that you can now do is to not to live the way you were living. Thinking about your weight will not help you. So, all this that you experience- resistance, this and that- is the kilograms that you have accumulated all your life. Now, thinking about that would hardly make it easier for you. Rather, get rid of the pattern that has brought you to that hefty condition.

Your patterns brought you there; give up those patterns.

L1: I have realized that I have put on weight..

AP: No, keep realizing.

There is nothing called realization in the sense of completion.

There is nothing called realization in the sense of accomplished realization.

Realization is an ongoing process.

Realization never happens completely; it never comes to an end.

You must keep realizing. Keep realizing.

~ Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session: Acharya Prashant: Continuous realisation and passive waiting

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We are all born married


Listener: Is it possible to live alone?

Acharya Prashant: Why does this question arise?

L: Because I don’t want to get married.

AP: Why don’t you want to get married?

L: Because I want to go on the path of spirituality. And dependency should not be there. I feel that if I marry someone, I will be dependent.

AP: What if you are dependent on somebody or something else even if you don’t marry?

L: I feel complete without marriage.

AP: Then, why does this question arise? Read more

How should one pray?


Question: How should one pray?

Acharya Prashant: If you pray you will only do what you usually do. Is that not obvious?

What all do we do?

We eat, we bath, we relax, we talk, we chat, we plan, we take pleasure, we feel hurt—that’s what we are. And if we pray then the prayer would have the same quality as all these activities have. So, obviously we cannot pray.

Prayer is not a continuation of who we are.  Praying is just going there and standing. Going where? Not to some physical location. Going there and standing silently. That inner silence is prayer.

Prayer is when you are saying that ‘I cannot know my own good’.  Read more

Learn from kids before you teach them


Question: Sir, is there something we can do for the education of our kids at home or at schools?

Acharya Prashant: What we call as education is just a preparation to serve social roles. The kid comes only physically conditioned; we make the kid a servant of the society. If you are in charge of a kid, then you have to be very sensitive, very careful and loving. Because remember that education does not happen only in school or college, education also happens when he is on the TV or the internet or with his peers, education is happening all the time. One has to be very careful about these messages. Read more

Whatever takes you towards your beautiful Heart is Beautiful

Whether or not your wife is beautiful, is not determined by the way she talks and looks.

It is determined by how you feel when you are next to her.

Does she bring you to that beautiful silence, or do you get further agitated in her company?
Does her very presence calm you down?
If her presence calms you down, then she is beautiful.

I keep calling Jesus, ‘handsome’.

It is not because he was young, tall, fair, and muscular.
I keep calling him ‘handsome’ for what he is.

Kabir is beautiful, Meera is beautiful.

Meera is beautiful for her devotion.

Meera is beautiful because when you are with Meera, then some of her devotion simply rubs-off on you.

Sitting next to Meera, you get a taste of Krishna. That is why Meera is beautiful.

So, what is Ugly?
Whatever takes you away from the beauty in your Heart is Ugly.

What is Beautiful?
Whatever takes you towards your beautiful Heart is Beautiful.

Anger cannot be right in isolation

Anger cannot be right in isolation.

If everything else about you is wrong and petty, then anger too is bound to be wrong and petty.

Do not be too bothered with the problem of anger.

Do not try to look at the one fragment of mind and quarantine it.

Whatever is the quality of your life that is also the quality of your anger.

When life is genuine, then anger is also genuine.

When life is fake, then all you have is fake anger.

When life has depth, then anger too, has depth.

When life is shallow then anger is just, as we said, poking and pinching.

Love is not about creating boundaries

The relationships of a healthy mind are loving relationships.

When you do not relate to the other in order to get something from him, it is love.

Where you are feeling so full towards yourself, that you feel no violence toward the world, it is love.

Love is not about creating boundaries, my family, my people, my love, my house.

Love is like the sun full in itself so its brightness falls on everybody; its warmth is available to all.

Wherever it goes, it brings light.

That is love.

Love towards family and real responsibility


Listener 1: Where do we draw the line between responsibility and love towards family members or relatives or friends? How do we know what is responsibility and what is really coming from the love? because of the conditioning, there is partiality involved, we see people with different ways.

L2: Conditions of love are selective! Totally selective.

L1: How do we know then?

Acharya Prashant: It is not knowing about whether our actions are right or wrong. You see, it is such a camouflaged ploy of the mind. The mind asks, ‘How do I know whether my actions are arising out of an acquired sense of responsibility or whether is it real love?’

The mind does not want to ask, ‘Am I right?’ The mind will ask, ‘Is my action right?’ Read more

Why is nothing permanent?


Question: Why is it so certain that ‘whatever comes will go’?

Acharya Prashant: Actually the quoted statement is an impression that whatever comes, stays for a while, and then goes away.

The fact is a little different.

Whatever comes disappears that very moment.
It will not go; it is already gone.
Read more

How to be spiritual and still manage one’s job and bills?


Question: I like being in your Satsangs but what I want to say is, I just find it a big challenge to fly back to everyday life. You know, you’ve got a job, you’ve got to make plans and it’s tough.

Acharya Prashant: If you really like this, then why would you go back to your job? Especially if the job is of the nature that hinders this.

L1: You have to have a place to stay. You have to have food on the table.

AP: Do we go to our jobs just to have a place to stay and to have food on the table?

Or do our jobs exist to provide psychological fulfilment to us? Is it only for the sake of physical needs that we work? Our physical needs are small and few. Please, look at this closely and honestly. Read more

Go mad, but go really mad. Don’t just pretend


When I am with you, we stay up all night.
When you’re not here, I can’t go to sleep.
Praise God for those two insomnias!
And the difference between them


Acharya Prashant: Insomnia is a restlessness. Insomnia is a breaking down of the regular pattern of consciousness. Consciousness exists as the waking state, as the sleeping state, as the dreaming state. Insomnia here refers to a breaking down of the regular patterns of mind, which is a kind of madness. To a mind which thrives on patterns, a breaking down of patterns appears so much like madness.

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If you are fond of playing the game of Love, then come over


जउ तउ प्रेम खेलण का चाऊ।
सिर धरि तली गली गेरी आउ।।
इतु मरगि पैर धरीजै।
सिर दीजै काणि न कीजै।।

गुरु ग्रन्थ साहिब


jau tau prem khelan ka chaau

sir dhari tali gali geri aau

itu margi paer dharijae

sir dijae kaani na kijae 

Guru Granth Sahib

__________ Read more

Present is Present, memory of Present is past

Speaker: What is meant by value? To value is to know the importance. Can we value something we don’t understand? Is partial understanding possible? Is understanding a thought, a feel? If you understand partially, you just think you understand.

To say “something is valuable” is to give it importance. How do I give something importance if I don’t know what it is? If I am assigning importance to something without understanding what it is, how am I acting?

Everything outside you is so important, or is it not?

What is ‘T’ (time)? What is ‘L’ (length(space))?

Do we not measure them all the time? But do we understand them?

“I have a responsibility towards my family”

  • Do I understand this entity called ‘family’?
  • Do I know what is meant by responsibility?
  • The tiny little ‘I’ at the beginning of the sentence, do I know of its significance?

Are we sleepwalking?

If your mind is unclear and confused, goals will be unclear and confused. “I am successful because I have achieved goals – which are unclear and confused.

Observe, understand and pay attention.

Being aware, of the demands of the body. Being aware, of stray thoughts. This is Intelligence – it occurs!

Thought is an inadequate response to a stimulus. Adequate response is spontaneity. 


Post class discussion:

  • We are learning every moment.
  • Knowledge is to ‘recognize’, it is always from the past. Whereas, wisdom is from the Present. We don’t want to know because we have knowledge.
  • I am..? Is this question important? Is this question imported? (Let this question not come before time)
  • We give importance only to that which has passed, or to that which will pass.

What about the Present?

Present is Present, memory of Present is past. 

Present moment is beyond the realm of ‘time’.

  • Imagination – it is the image that goes into the past, not reality.
  • Who looks out from my eyes?
  • Science focuses only on the object, not on the subject.

Do not draw any conclusions yet.

~ Excerpts from a ‘Shabdyog’ session held at IIT-Delhi. This session was not recorded, it is based on the memory of the audience.

Edited for clarity.

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What is inspiration?

Question: How can inspiration be so effective that it changes life of a person?

Speaker: Person have no inspiration, they only have ‘expiration’. Do you know what inspiration is? That is “in spirit”, your very core; when it arises from there, only then it can be called an inspiration. In spirit! Are we ever inspired really? No. (Smilingly) We keep expiring. That is why a saint has said that “you die a thousand deaths before you physically die“, because we always expire. Inspiration means when you really know not when you have heard, read or thought about it and it has stopped at that.

The person is made up of the world. He cannot have inspiration. He has nothing actually that can take control of him and comfort him and relax him. He is always at the mercy of the outside buffeted by and in between a thousand forces.

Because a person is asking this question that is why the person is asking, how can inspiration be so much or whether inspiration can be so much? All this is the lexicon, the tongue of the person. In the wiring of the person there are only movements and processes and reaching and doubts so he will firstly ask whether and then he will ask how.

Inspiration is about being totally possessed. Inspiration is about giving your complete command to something that you are not. And when we are talking of completeness, then it cannot happen in doubt. Doubt means hundred percent cannot happen. Doubt means something will be reserved.

Inspiration is not for those who ask for why and how. Inspiration is when you drop all this mental veneer. And allow yourself to roam naked. Inspiration will not tell you what to do in your current circumstances.

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Loneliness, Hurt, Conflict…

Question: Why is it that I always want to remain busy? Till the time I am busy, I think that the life is normal. But as soon as I find free time of some fifteen-twenty days, I feel that I am in prison. Why does this happen?

Speaker: You sense it in those fifteen twenty days but it is happening all the time. It is just that the fact of your loneliness or restlessness remains hidden beneath your preoccupations. You tell yourself, “I am so busy that I cannot allow myself to be lonely.” But that loneliness is always there. It does not suddenly emerge during the vacations. One is lonely all the time. And it is relatable to the blank that we discussed when we initiated the session today. What is that blank?

Listener 1: “I am… blank.”

Speaker: That blank is the loneliness. And you fill this blank with stuff like books, with movies, with friends, with many things.

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How to keep others happy?

Speaker:  HIDP is telling us that our first and primary responsibility is towards ourselves. Then what about parents, friends and the society?

Listener: Not the society.

Speaker: Just the parents.

Listener: Parents and our teachers.

Speaker: All of that is society. Even parents are society. Anybody apart from you is?

Listeners (in unison): Society.

Speaker: So there are just two, the individual and the society. You are there and everybody apart from you is society.

So what to do with them? What about them? If my primary responsibility is towards myself, then what do I do with them. I can probably see where your question is coming from. She is saying, “I want to keep my parents happy” Read more

How to deal with social pressure?

Question: Sometimes when I try to do the work which I really want to do, society opposes me. How can I get rid of all that?

Speaker: When you will really want to do something, then all opposition will be your fuel, the force that will be against you, will become your helper. Circumstances are just that, circumstances; thing that are on the outside. The decision to allow them to become all important is always yours. And remember you will never be found in circumstances that have nothing to do with your being. The louder you cry and complain about your circumstances, the louder rings the question, “Why are you in these circumstances”? The more you say that people around you are horrible, the more I want to ask you, “Why you are living with horrible people?” That makes you appear more horrible than those horrible people. Those people may be horrible because they do not even know that they are horrible. But you claim to be the wise one, why are you still found with them? And then you make a big show of it. And then you raise a hue and cry. You sing aloud of your providence. Read more