Food is not just food || Acharya Prashant on veganism (2017)

Man is becoming more comfortable with his own skin, and in his own skin.

Man is seeing that to be a man is to have God in the heart and the soil in the body.

One has to be very comfortable with the soil, very-very comfortable.

And the soil has all the animals, the soil has all the jungles.

If you are not comfortable with the animals and the jungle, you will never be comfortable with yourself.

Man likes to be governed by morality rather than spirituality || Acharya Prashant (2015)

When facts are obfuscated, imagination has a field day.

It has been a practice in India, it’s now waning, but it’s still quite prevalent in many other countries for women to cover their faces and their heads.

As you’re sitting in front of me, and if you cover everything then imagination can run amok – that’s what the obfuscation of facts does.

It opens the doors for pleasure. So, the more you cover, the more there is the possibility of pleasure.

What is inspiration? || Acharya Prashant (2015)

You don’t need any source outside of you for aspiration because inspiration is totally yours. Any source outside of you can have just one utility – to cut you off from all other sources outside of yourself. Nobody brings you back to yourself because you are already there. He can’t give you anything that is internal, that is impossible. He can never inspire you because inspiration is yours. But he can tell you that you are mistaken. He can tell you that you are too attached to your roles. He can tell you that you have ventured too far away and now you are almost lost. He can tell you that you must go back.

How to deal with social pressure? || Acharya Prashant (2015)

The more clearly you state to me that such and such people are inhibiting your freedom, hampering your growth, stealing your joy; the more obliged you become to answer the question then, “Why are you with them”?

I will tell you, why are you with them.
Because you are so corrupted that you want all the benefits that come from their company and parallelly you also want to insult and humiliate them. You take all that can be taken from them and then you sing to the world that they are exploiting you.

Who is exploiting whom?

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