The dangerous meaning of ‘helping others’ || Acharya Prashant, on ‘The Fountainhead’ (2019)

Remember, remember, remember, and I have been saying this again, and again, and again –

That you are in bondage, and you want Liberation.

That you are in mediocrity, and you want excellence.

That you are caged, and you want to fly. 

That you are suffering, you want Joy.

That is the definition of ‘human welfare’. 

Why help others be liberated? || Acharya Prashant (2019)

Yes it is true that yours and the other’s Liberation are one, but that does not mean that you help the other with the intention of gaining your Liberation.

Because if you are helping the other with the intention of gaining personal Liberation, it means that you still see a difference between yourself and the other.

So do help the other, but without any desire for result or success.

We do not know how really the other would be helped.

We can atmost do our best.

You do your best, and that is enough for someone up there to smile and do some magic.

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