Forget the imaginary, just attend to what is || Acharya Prashant (2014)

Forget imaginary things, there is enough right now, here. Our hands are full. Pay attention to that, understand that. Pay attention the road. And then you won’t need to think about death. Pay attention to the clothes that you are wearing. Pay attention to the words that you utter. Pay attention to what you talk to your girlfriend on phone. And you will understand death.

The only way to help the world is to leave the world alone || Acharya Prashant (2015)

The world’s problems are solved by not taking the world as real. Understand this. The world’s problems are solved by those who do not contribute to those problems.

The world’s problems are not solved by those who take the world seriously. The world’s problems are actually solved by those who know that the world does not mean anything. Hence, leave the world to itself.
If you can leave this earth to itself, will global warming be there?

How to deal with anger? || Acharya Prashant (2015)

Anger cannot be right in isolation. If everything else about you is wrong and petty, then anger too is bound to be wrong and petty. Do not be too bothered with the problem of anger. Do not try to look at the one fragment of mind and quarantine it. Whatever is the quality of your life that is also the quality of your anger. When life is genuine, then anger is also genuine. When life is fake, then all you have is fake anger. When life has depth, then anger too has depth. When life is shallow then anger is just as we said, poking and pinching.

Respond to His call and He will take care of the rest

Man can only do what man can do and to expect more is pure arrogance. To ever say that, “Let me toil more, let me exert more. I am such a devotee that I will reach freedom through my efforts. And I will not stop and not breathe till I am liberated”, might sound like a statement of commitment and devotion and a deep mystical thirst; but it is actually just arrogance. “I am trying to impose my will upon the cosmic order. I am saying, I want to be liberated and existence will have to abide by my will.

The falseness of the so called ‘Power of Now’ || Acharya Prashant (2015)

Facts are material; facts are dualistic; facts are supplied to you by your senses. Facts might take you to the door of the Truth but, facts by themselves are not the Truth.

‘Now’ is not the present, and facts are not the Truth. To say that facts are the truth and ‘now’ is the present, is to say that material is the final reality; and if material is the ultimate Truth, then there can be no Love, Freedom or Joy because none of these are material. There can be no Love in facts. There can be no Freedom in facts.

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