What is meant by right thinking and wrong thinking?

All that human mind has, comes from somebody else. All your notions of right and wrong come from others. At your age, should you not inquire from where you have obtained these notions of right and wrong? Somebody told them to you. Right? Somebody else told you that always speak the truth, don’t lie, don’t hurt others, respect your elders, and that is right, and if you steal, then that is wrong.

But the world is still full of thieves. Forget about theft, we have dacoits. Forget about stealing ten rupees, here the order is of billions and all those who are stealing these billions were kids once, and they all have been given the concept of right and wrong and yet the world is full of rapists, murderers and thieves.

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You are wonderful, beautiful, awesome, simply as you are

Speaker: Virah wo aag hai jise parmaatma swayam fuunkta hai. Parmaatmaa ke liye hai, aur use phuunkta bhee wahi hai. (Longing is the fire which is stoked by God Himeslf. It is for God, and is stoked by God.) Read more

Do not let the world occupy your mind

Question: Sir, how can we control the internalization of thoughts which we get from society and other people?

Speaker: When you get them, are they external? Or are they already internalized?

Listener: Most of them are external only.

Speaker: A thing is external or internal depending on whether it is external to you or internal to you, right? Do you have thoughts floating about in the thin air? Or is the thought already in the mind? When you say, there is a thought, where is the thought?

Listener: In the mind.

Speaker: So, has it not already been internalized? The moment somebody is able to provoke you into thinking, he has already taken a slice of you. He has already occupied a part of you. Your well-wishers will not provoke you into thinking. They will bring you to peace. So, if you are thinking hard, and thinking hard is confusion and disturbance and frustration; if you are thinking hard and you come across a well-wisher, his presence will be able to calm you down. Your thoughts will subside. Read more

The simple, continuous, ubiquitous call of Truth is easy to miss

He may be here, and he may call her.

But like many others she may not hear.

-Khalil Gibran

Question: Why can’t he hear? What stops him from hearing?

Acharya Prashant: He is asking, “When there is the Call and the Caller, why can’t the Caller himself make the Call heard?”

How do you know that you are not hearing?

Is it possible that the Truth calls and the sons of Truth refuse to hear? Is it possible?

How are you so sure that you do not hear the call of Truth?

I am asking you, “How do you know that you are not hearing his call?”

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How to get rid of dependencies in life?  

Question: Sir, how to get rid of dependencies in life?

Speaker: Does dependence come to us and say, “Please be dependent on me”? Does the crutch beg and say, “Please be dependent on me”? Does the veil come and say, “Please cover your face with me”? Who goes to some object to become dependent? Who is it that goes?

I go there, right? So first of all realize that I am the one who seeks to be dependent. Why do I go to that crutch? I have fine, nice, muscular legs. Why do I go to that crutch? Because I believe that I need it. Obviously if I believe that I need support, that I need to be dependent, then I will go to an object. Read more

How to deal with social pressure?

Question: Sometimes when I try to do the work which I really want to do, society opposes me. How can I get rid of all that?

Speaker: When you will really want to do something, then all opposition will be your fuel, the force that will be against you, will become your helper. Circumstances are just that, circumstances; thing that are on the outside. The decision to allow them to become all important is always yours. And remember you will never be found in circumstances that have nothing to do with your being. The louder you cry and complain about your circumstances, the louder rings the question, “Why are you in these circumstances”? The more you say that people around you are horrible, the more I want to ask you, “Why you are living with horrible people?” That makes you appear more horrible than those horrible people. Those people may be horrible because they do not even know that they are horrible. But you claim to be the wise one, why are you still found with them? And then you make a big show of it. And then you raise a hue and cry. You sing aloud of your providence. Read more

If a leader needs followers, he will never let them be free

Question: Sir, you have said that a real leader does not need followers. I want to understand this.

Speaker: To understand this statement, you will have to go into the word need.

What is a need? When does one need something outside of himself?

Followers are people, other people.

When does one need other people? What is a need?

A need is a feeling of incompletion. A need therefore is a dependency. A need therefore is a sense of being weak, of being inadequate, of being not total without something else or somebody else. And hence, to have a need of another person or another thing is a kind of an inferiority complex. If you are with this, till this point; what follows will be readily clear to you. Do you understand need? Read more

Why does one suffer from inferiority complex?

Question: Sir, how can I know that I am suffering from inferiority complex? How to become self-sufficient?

Speaker: How to know or how to correct the complex?

Listener: How to correct?

Speaker: How to correct the complex. Everybody is suffering from an inferiority complex, everybody. This whole world that you see around yourself is a proof of our sense of inferiority. Inferiority means, ‘I lack something’. Have you seen how desperate we are to gather, to collect? What all do we collect? Tell me.

Listener: Good image, good salary.

Speaker: And everybody is collecting this that, everything. You collect something only if you feel you do not have it. You collect something only when you feel that there is something that is asking for fulfillment. So all this is just inferiority complex, nothing else. It is just that certain kinds of inferiorities are not termed as inferiorities in our language.

So, somebody is ambitious, people do not usually call him suffering from inferiority. But that is what ambitiousness is. I need this, I want to become that. If you really look out how much do you need? It is not much. It is attainable. I am not talking about the mental, psychological needs. I am talking about your basic physical needs, you have not much. And the body is not which feels inferior, it is the mind that feels it is inferior. Read more

Spirituality is science turned inwards – it looks at both the subject and object

Question: What is the definition of spirituality?

Acharya Prashant: First of all the definitions that pre-exist in the mind must be cleared. Spirituality has nothing to do with religious customs, religious observations, or anything that pertains to a sect, a cult, a particular path, a particular group of people, a particular book, or a particular person.

Spirituality is simply the search for Truth. And it is very rigorous in the sense that in the language of spirituality, Truth is that which is not only unchanging within time, but is actually beyond time.

The word spirit means essence – that which is real, that which actually is. Man has to go to spirituality because everything that he perceives to be, keeps changing, and in that way keeps deceiving him. Whatever you come across, whatever you get attached to, whatever you think to be real, it is no more there the next moment. Yes, the next moment can come a year later or thousands of years later; but there surely comes a moment when what you thought to be real is shown to be false. False in the sense that it is no more there. And that is the definition of falseness. Falseness is that which presented itself as being, but in due course of time, moved into non-being. That is false. Read more

Self-awareness is not self-stalking

Question: I seem to be moving from the so-called liberal, open to a highly moralistic type of woman. It is a movement from one end to the other. But nothing has changed actually. I may just be repressing myself, and keeping more watch on myself. What is happening to me?

Speaker: Do you want to ‘know’ what is going on, or you want to change what is going on? What is the intention?

Listener 1: Both. Read more

How can I get my ex-girlfriend back? || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Speaker: ‘How can I get my ex-girlfriend back?’ The question comes from Shubham. Shubham you will have to die (audience bursts into laughter). There is no other way, you will have to die.

You know, it was Kabir who said:

ये तो घर है प्रेम का, खाला का घर नाहिं ।
सीस उतारे भुँई धरे, तब बैठें घर माहिं ॥

You will have to die. And obviously it is not death of the physical kind. When Kabir says, ‘Cut your head before you can enter the house of love’, what does he mean? What does this denote? Kabir says, ‘Cut your head down’. What does this denote?

Listener 1: Ego.

Speaker: Yes, wonderful. This denotes the sum total of your past. This denotes the absolute sum total of your past, your attitude, your conditioning that you carry forward. You cannot get your ex-girlfriend back if you continue to be the same person who broke up. Are you getting it?

After all there was a context to the breakup. Am I right? If you are the same person who broke up, how will you engage with her again? To engage with her again you will have to be an absolutely new, fresh person, that old fellow must die. Unless the old ‘Shubham’ dies there is no possibility of a new relationship. Is this becoming clear?
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Real happiness is Self-sufficient

Question: Is happiness related to self-sufficiency?

Speaker: Yes, obviously. Real happiness is self-sufficient. Real happiness does not depend upon an object or an event.

But look at our happiness. Look at the kind of happiness we have. We say that we are happy because of something. Real happiness has no ‘because’. We say that our happiness is dependent on the presence of such and such person, or the happening of such and such event. Correct? We say that we will be happy when we get that result. So our happiness is a dependent happiness. Right? Dependent on what? That result. When that result comes, then we will be happy. Otherwise we cannot be happy. And till the time that result does not come, how will we be? Sad. Because if happiness is there in the result, then till the time the result is not there, we cannot be happy. Our happiness is a very, very dependent happiness. It is not self-sufficient.
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The child is bound to be conditioned, you are not || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Speaker: The mind of the child is like a sponge. It gets influenced by everything. Just as the sponge absorbs everything it comes in contact with, the mind of the child also absorbs everything. Read more

On strength and risk || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Question 1: Sir, if I say that facing a person is my strength, how would you justify it?

Acharya Prashant: Why should I justify it?

Remember one thing.

Nothing outside you can ever be your strength. Something outside of me can be a crutch. Do you understand a crutch? A support – a support helps for sometime, but ultimately it is the strength of your own legs that carries you forward. So your strength is what you are.

I repeat that. Anything outside of you, be it your parent or anybody else, cannot be your strength.

Question 2: I think that I have an ability to take risks. I don’t think much before taking any challenges. Is it good for me and my future or can it land me into trouble?

AP: What do you mean by risk taking?

Risk is defined as variability in outcome. Risk is, ‘I may succeed, I may not succeed.’ What if I am not at all thinking about success and failure? Is there any risk then? Risk is only when I am bothered about success and failure, only then there is a risk, otherwise there is no risk.

I say there is an eighty percent risk of failure. What if I am not at all thinking of failure? What if I am happy with just trying? Then there is no risk. So why think in the language of risk and all that? Let stock brokers do that. They talk a lot about risks, rewards and returns.

Excerpted from a ‘Shabd-Yog’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session video: On strength and risk || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Live life in your own Light || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Question: In the last HIDP we had a session on EGO. What I understood from the session is, ‘I am living in this society and this society is shaping my mind and also shaping my attitude. I come to know only  from the society that I have this thing good in me and this bad’. There were questions written in that activity in which the last one was, ‘How will I come to know good things in me if I am not taking societies views on me?’ Sir, what will be the answer to this question?

Shri Prashant: Manas! It’s a very, very relevant question. He says that going by the social standards makes something easy for me. Society has clearly told me what is right and what is wrong. Society clearly lays down a code of conduct and tells me that this is ethical, this is not, this is appropriate, this is not. So it becomes easy for me to distinguish between right and wrong. He asks that if I put these standards away which society has given me, then how will I come to know whether I am doing the right thing. This question has been repeatedly asked from me in various ways.
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Love does not expect

Shri Prashant: Shubhashish says it is natural and normal that when I do something for somebody, then I raise expectations. With how many of you does this happen? Read more

It is so simple to know yourself

Listener: Before knowing others know yourself. If you know yourself, you will love the world. I also agree with this but then a question arises in my mind. ‘How can we know ourselves? What can be done to know ourselves? What should I do to know about myself?’ These are the questions which remain unclear in my mind.

Speaker: It’s actually so simple that you might be missing it. You are saying that yes I understand that it is important to know myself, that the world can be known only if I first understand the knower, and the knower is me. But you are asking for a method or path. You are asking that how to know myself. Alright, knowing myself is important, but how to know myself? The ‘how’ is where you are stuck. ‘The how’ is so obvious that you are missing it.

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To live fearlessly, remove your dependencies

Listener: Sir, how can we overcome our fears?

Speaker: You have raised an apt question about fear, because this precisely is the moment when a lot of this audience might be in the grip of fear. I am exhorting you all to ask questions and many of you are quite reluctant. The reason is fear. Not that you don’t have questions to ask. You surely have questions to ask, but you are afraid. You are asking me how to remove fear. Let us start from here.

What makes any member of the audience sitting here afraid? Why can’t he ask questions when he surely has questions to ask? Would he still be afraid if there were not so many people in this hall? Would he still be afraid if it were only me and him? He would not be afraid. Right now he or she is hiding somewhere. From whom is he hiding? From the members of the audience.
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Ego is the centre of all positives and negatives

Listener: Sir, it is said that chase positive energy. When I am with you, I always feel that positive energy. Why is it that we always need someone to be with us to have that positive energy? Can’t we have of this energy on our own and lead a happy life?

Speaker: Two things, one I believe that I am talking to an audience that have read the fundamentals of science. Energy is not a vector, it does not have any directions. How can it be positive or negative? What do you mean by positive energy? Energy is in Joules. Do you put minus or plus sign there? There is nothing called positive energy. That was the first part.
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What is not external? || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Listener: Sir, all the contents of the mind are external influences. So, directly or indirectly the personality that I have is external. Sir, the thing is, do I have a quality of my own and if I have, how to identify that?

Speaker: This is that quality. This question is not coming out of personality, it is coming out of attention.That is what you are, that is the only thing you are, rest all is fake, everything else is fake, this is that quality. You do not need to find it out, it is always there with you, you are that. What to find out?

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