How to keep others happy?

Speaker:  HIDP is telling us that our first and primary responsibility is towards ourselves. Then what about parents, friends and the society?

Listener: Not the society.

Speaker: Just the parents.

Listener: Parents and our teachers.

Speaker: All of that is society. Even parents are society. Anybody apart from you is?

Listeners (in unison): Society.

Speaker: So there are just two, the individual and the society. You are there and everybody apart from you is society.

So what to do with them? What about them? If my primary responsibility is towards myself, then what do I do with them. I can probably see where your question is coming from. She is saying, “I want to keep my parents happy” Read more

Forget the imaginary, just attend to what is

Question: Is death, as an event, good or bad experience, if we dissolve our self in the universe after death or to the bigger Self?

Speaker: See, you are sitting here. You are writing something. You traveled a particular distance. How is all of that any less important than an imaginary moment of death? Nobody ever seems to ask, “What will happen, when I will sip the next cup of tea?” Nobody seems to ask, “What will happen when I will breathe next?” Are all these things any less important? But we all seem to be asking about death.

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Competition, career and planning

Speaker: Manoj  asks, ‘Given that there is so much of competition, how do I plan my career?’

Manoj, can I solve a problem if I do not understand it ? Can I solve a problem if I do not understand it? You said that there is so much of competition, so how to plan my career. Now, look at the three words that are involved in it. ‘Competition’, ‘plan’ and ‘career’. Do we really understand any of these three words?

Do we understand what is competition, and what is a competitive mind? What is a mind that is always competitive and that is always thinking  in relation to the other? Such a mind is an afraid mind. Such a mind does not look at itself because it is so busy looking at the other, it’s life, all its activities. All its thoughts are determined by what is happening on the outside. So, if someone else is running at a particular speed, this mind might say that I have to run harder. If that fellow starts swimming, then this might say that I have to swim harder. This mind has nothing of its own. Somebody else dictates what it does? And it is always afraid. It is always afraid because its sense of accomplishment comes only in relation to others.
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Idealess action, Zeroness, Fullness

Question: Please tell something more about Idealess action and Zeroness.

Speaker: Idealess action simply means that I have so much clarity that I don’t have to think anymore. An idea is a thought. “I am so damn clear that thinking is no more required”, that is Idealess action. “I have understood so deeply that I do not need to ideate anymore”. Such action is creative action, fresh action because in any case all thoughts, all ideas, can come only from the stuff that is only stored in the mind. Right? We know that. So any action coming from an idea will be an action being repeated from the past. Because every thought is coming up from where? Its roots are in the past.
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Do not give false treatments to your restlessness

Speaker: If you are peaceful, if you are joyful, if you are centered, if you do not always feel like running after achievement, then no change is needed. Everything is alright.

Look at this. When you are running after achievement, what is this that you are saying? ‘I want success.’ When you say that I want change, when you say that I want success, what is that you are saying? ‘I do not accept things as they are. I want something new which I can call as success.’ That is proof enough that there is something unsettled in the mind, that the mind is wandering.
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Happiness is a false medicine || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Question : Sir, what is the definition of happiness in terms of ‘mind’, ‘space’ and ‘time’?

Speaker : The details of happiness vary from person to person, but the process of happiness is always the same. You could be happy looking at one type of food, somebody else will be happy looking at some other type of food. So the details may vary, but the process is the same. What is happiness? Who will explain, in terms of the discussion we have done so far? In Who will explain that what is happiness? Yes. What is happiness?
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