To become free of problems, take on the biggest Problem. || Acharya Prashant (2015)

You might be driving a totally destroyed kind of vehicle, a vehicle in shambles.
But if you have been driving it since 15 years, you are unlikely to meet with an accident.
It is diseased. Every part is rusted and out-of-place. Everything cranks.
And yet you will not meet an accident, because you are well-adjusted with this disease.

Now you get a new vehicle and it runs. And it really does run.
You are quite likely to meet an accident.

The new, the fresh, the healthy, comes with its own share of precautions to be taken.
Health will come with its own quota of fresh concerns.
Learn to respond to them.

Once you have reached the destination, you can begin the journey || Acharya Prashant (2015)

Khalil Gibran is saying “Only when you have reached the mountain top, you can begin to climb”. These words befuddle us. We do not know what they mean. It is for precisely this reason, that we are attracted towards them. These words seem to violate the normal laws of cause and effect, of sequence and duration.

Do you know the Heart’s deepest desire?

When you keep rejecting the objects of your desire, and dreams, then slowly the tendency of the object to show themselves, to present themselves, reduces. Now you have come to a point where you know that things, or persons, or ideas, or thoughts, is not what you want. So what happens is, that the chase after things, or persons, or ideas, or reputation, loses its energy.

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