To become free of problems, take on the biggest Problem.

All this universe is the dream product of the non-dual, untainted,

Knowledge Bliss only.

~ Advaita Bodha Deepika

11182253_657064954399485_7358815056560707587_nQuestion: Very rarely could the mind see the futility of all the pettiness it holds onto. But these days, with the mind engrossed in so many activities, the petty thoughts rarely bother. Even people and situations, which I tolerated due to my insecurities, now hardly leave any impact.

Not sure if this is a trick of the mind to co-opt due to its fear or is it really quietness? Is it okay?

Speaker: Yes, it is okay. (Smiles)

You were since very long, very well-adjusted with your miseries and diseases. Now, start learning to get adjusted to health. That also requires a little bit of adjustment, because health is such a stranger. You have not known it. So, when it comes, you do not know what it is, and who it is. You have never seen its face before. It was like your own unborn baby. Or you could say that you were the unborn baby and it was like your mother, whose face you had never seen. Now get adjusted.

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Why you have come to this Campus? || Acharya Prashant (2012)

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Speaker:  If somebody asks, “Tell me about yourself”, then how will you talk in the language of ‘We’? You see, this is what it is. I do not know myself and I claim to know everybody else as well.  It is already dangerous to claim self-knowledge, and I am claiming knowledge of others as well. Yes, so ‘I’…?

Listener 1: But Sir, I am not getting you actually.

Speaker: “I am not getting you”, right? Not “We are not getting you”. What did you say? “I am not getting you”. Correct? So, ‘I’! Yes?

Listener 1: Sir, I was saying, up to now, it was just a growth. But now I am here for development. Growth plus progress.

Speaker: Alright Sir. Now how do you differentiate between growth, progress and development?

Listener 1: Sir, according to me growth + progress = development.

Speaker: What is growth? What is progress? When you say X + Y = Z, you must first know ‘X’ and ‘Y’ in order to come to ‘Z’. What is growth? What is progress?

Listener 1: Growth is just increase in size and when some progress is included in that, it becomes development.

Speaker: When some…?

Listener 1: Progress is added to it.

Speaker: What is progress?

Listener 1: Progress means enhancing your views, observations and all the things.

Speaker: When you say increase in size, increase in whose size? Your body’s size. Is that what an educational institution is for? What do you mean by increase in size?

Listener 1: Sir, knowledge, mindset. It is a part of development.

Speaker: Growth. Let’s first focus on one thing. What do you mean by growth? We will then come to progress so that we can come to development. What is growth?

Listener 1: Simply as you have told that…

Speaker: Why should what I have told? I am nobody.

Listener 1: You were saying one thing…

Speaker: (Interrupting) You tell me, what do you mean by growth because it is your life, not mine. Right? It is your life. Not mine. So you tell me, what do you mean by growth.

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Running the same circle again and again will not take you beyond the circle

Question: Sir, there is a common notion that if I go about consuming things, then there would be a time when I will see the uselessness of these things. And ultimately this would help me to go to the other center, the immensity. I have a strong belief in that, though I do not know whether I am right or wrong. Would you please shed some light on this?

Speaker: The man who is rushing towards his fiftieth round of consumption, is he in any way different from the man who is rushing towards his five hundredth round, and the man who is rushing towards his first round?

Listener 1: Not much, except that he will be more experienced.

ObjectSpeaker: That experience means nothing. The forty-nine times have given him nothing. That is why he is rushing the fiftieth time. The man, who is rushing the five-hundredth time, is again standing at the very same level, because four hundred and ninety-nine times he has failed. That is why he is rushing the five-hundredth time.

Listener 1: Yes.

Speaker: You know, there is breathing, that happens continuously. It has a utilitarian role. You breathe, but you never think that breathing will give you contentment. So you can continue to have an ‘experience’ of breathing, right?

And it has to happen continuously, mechanically, thousands of times, millions of times, right? But with your experience, your approach is different. You do not enter into your experience in the same way as you breathe. With experience, there is a mental component involved.

Breathing happens without mentation. You are not thinking about breathing. Or are you? You are not placing any hopes on your breath. Or are you? Nobody ‘hopes’ anything from the next breath, or do you? Do you ever think that, “With the next breath, I will be taking in God”? Or do you? Or, “With my next exhale, I would be shutting out, all my suffering.” You never say that.

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Once you have reached the destination, you can begin the journey

Only when you drink from the river of silence,

shall you indeed sing.

Only when you have reached the mountain top,

then you shall begin to climb.

And when the earth shall claim your limbs,

then shall you truly dance.

Khalil Gibran

Acharya Prashant: “Only when you have reached the mountain top, you can begin to climb.”

When we refer to mountains and their tops and climbing, we refer to them as we are. We live in a deep unconscious state of identification with material. Even if an example that may point towards our essential nature beyond space-time is given to us, we interpret that example as we are.

For sure any example that is given would be given in words or atleast this much may be said that any example that is given would be preserved in words. We do not really have examples of how teachers help and guide their students.  We have stories of how they help and guide their students. The teacher’s guidance might be his instantaneous touch, but that touch cannot be captured or replicated later on.

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Do you know the Heart’s deepest desire?

Question: Sir, what are dreams?

Speaker: All dreams are about something that is not there, or at least does not appear to be there, but the mind has an urge for it to be there.

“It is not there and I want it.”

Or, “I do not see it. I do not know whether it is there or not, but at least I do not see it, and I want it.” That is what I call as a ‘dream’.

We all have that urge, we all miss something. And what we miss, we want to get. So this much is common to every human being – there is something that one misses, there is a hollow, there is a gap, there is a need, a kind of vacancy waiting to be filled. But after this point, the commonality amongst all human beings stops.

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What is one’s ultimate goal in life?

Question: How do we understand our ultimate goal?Goalless

Speaker: Your ultimate goal is to come to goalessness.

As you are, you are bound to have goals. I cannot advice you to not to have goals. Because it is impossible for you. It is impractical for you. You will need goals. Given your constitution, your stage in life, the makeup of your mind, you will need goals. And if you must have a goal then the goal must be goalessness.

Till the time you have goals, keep telling yourself- “I am not yet done.” You have reached the goal when you forget everything about goals. You will have goals and if you must have goals then this is the goal to have- “Can I go beyond this goal? Can I really see what this goal is?”

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The only way to help the world is to leave the world alone

Question: Sir, why should I care about global warming or any political situation in a country? If the world is unreal, then why do all these things matter?

Speaker: You don’t care about global warming. Do you?

Listener: But still, why should anyone care about global warming?

Speaker: You forget about others, because you do not know others. But you anyway don’t care about global warming, do you? So, from where is the question ‘Why should I care about global warming’ coming?

Listener: Sir, then should I forget about it?

Speaker: You have already forgotten about it. Being what you are, do you have an option? You are asking as if you can care about global warming. Who can care about global warming? Global warming, remember, is nothing to be taken care of. You stop doing what you are doing and global warming will take care of itself. You don’t have to take care of global warming. What do you take care of? You only take care of yourself. When you take care of yourself that’s when global warming happens.

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The falseness of the so called ‘Power of Now’

Question: Sir, people these days emphasis on the idea of the ‘Power of now’. But you say that the present is different from the now. Please elaborate.

Speaker: This whole talk about the power of now is a great sham. It is deep materialism disguised as spirituality. The present is not the now. The now is a point in the stream of time. The now is that which is preceded and followed by the past and the future. The present is that in which the past, the now and the future, simultaneously co-exist. The now is a point in the stream; the present is the vast infinite land, in which that stream is flowing.

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What is the meaning of intellect?

Question: Is spirituality easier or more probable for a sharp intellect?

Speaker: We do hear this sometimes that one requires a certain level of intellect even to be spiritual. That one needs the power to think and analyse, logically discern, so as to go deep into the spiritual truths. But to what extent is this factual, that we will have to investigate. Read more

Friends, jobs and the need for entertainment

Questioner: Sir, everyone is expecting something. Parents are expecting something, friends also expect something but sometimes I prefer to be alone. What to do in that situation?

Acharya Prashant: Do you really have a friend? What kind of friend is this who does not like you to do what really gives you joy?  If I am your friend and you want to be alone, what am I to do? Chase you? Get stuck to you? Or allow you to be alone? Do we really have friends? What kind of friends are these?

Somebody has said that a person is worth being with if you feel alone in his company. Only that person is worth being with. That’s the test. Read more

Were you born with a sword? || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Speaker: Do you see the difference between these two approaches?
Model 1 says, ‘I study so that I can get a particular result’. Model 2 says, ‘I study because I love to study’.

Now in which case are the results going to be better? And even if the results are not better for some reason, which of these is likely to be found in a good mood always? Read more

How to obtain a satisfied future? || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Question: In present college scenario there is one thing which is the academics, which I focus on or there is this equivalent pool of activities which will help me develop my personality, in a sense that if I get better in a specific activity, it might help me in future, in my life. So, in general I may have the belief that I am good in academics, I need to excel in academics but academics might not help me in my life, in my future. How should I balance and how should prioritize things? What is contentment? Is it right to compromise on contentment because I may do something particular today which will help me in future irrespective of whether it is making me happy or not? Is it the right way to lead life?
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Hundred percent Being, Hundred percent Living || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Question: How can I give my hundred percent to studies?

Speaker: This hundred percent, is a state of being. You cannot be selective in giving hundred percent to something. It is your own totality. We often ask these questions: ‘How can I give my hundred percent to a particular sport? How can I give my hundred percent to a particular relationship? How can I give my hundred percent to studies?’

How can you give your hundred percent to one thing when you are never hundred percent? Right now see how attentively you are looking at me, there is a deep desire on your part to give your hundred percent to listening to this answer but, chances are that it would not happen because you are the same person who was outside this door a while back, and you are the same person who would be listening to me now.
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May your ambitions be defeated || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Question: Sir, in the beginning you said that when we have plans for future, we get stressed. Don’t you think that in life one should have at least one ambition to follow so that at any time in future if one is going on the wrong path or out of the way, then one has that ambition in his subconscious mind to keep one on that way only, the way that one needs to follow to get that ambition?

Speaker: We all have ambitions. An ambition is the plan for future, a desire for future. Right?  What was your ambition when you were four years old? What did you want to become when you were four years old?
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Rapists we all are

Question: A girl was being raped. She was left alone for that. Thousands of people just gathered. They expressed their anger. We are living in a society that teaches the woman not to get raped, but not the man to not rape. People always raise questions on the ways the woman dresses up, talks and the kind of friends she has. Why everyone teaches the woman and not the man?

Acharya Prashant: You are narrating a very small part of the story. You are painting a picture where a girl is being raped and thousands are watching and she says, ‘why is it so?’ Why is the society such that, it teaches a girl to not to be raped but hardly seems to tell the man to not to rape. No, that is not really factual. This society is teaching both the man and the woman. It is teaching the man to rape and woman to get raped. It is teaching everybody. It is not only teaching the man, it is teaching the woman as well. And it is not only teaching the man to rape, but also teaching the woman to rape.

What do you think? Are women not rapists?

Do you understand rape?

What is rape?

Whenever you approach anything in any state other than Love, it is called rape. A rape is not limited to sexual intercourse. Look at the way you handle your registers, that is rape. These sounds that you are hearing all round, these are rapes. Rape is a much wider thing.

Rape is a state of mind.

When you are raping a woman, you are consuming her, right? You are looking at her just as a body, as a material to be consumed, right?

Anything that you look at just as a body, or as a material to be consumed is rape.

And women are raping. They are raping very much. Look at the way people spread dirt around. Is that not rape? Are you not raping the earth? Look at the way we consume our rivers. Are we not raping them? Who told you that rape is merely a sexual activity? Rape is a state of mind. A mind that cannot love will only rape. And we all rape. Please do not think that rape is limited to a few men. No! This entire society rapes. Is there anything that you do not rape?

So, let us not be particularly sad when a man rapes a woman because we are anyway raping everything and everybody all the time. Men are raping and women are raping. And this society has only taught us rape. We are all rapists. And we do not exempt anybody. We rape small animals. We rape our own children. We rape our clothes. We rape the classroom. We rape the pen that we are holding in our hands. We have not spared anything. We are raping all the time. But we do not see that the entire thing is all pervasive. We are bothered only when the act becomes very sexual and very explicit, then our morality suddenly wakes up. Then we say that something bad has happened. But that is happening all the time. You are blind if you cannot see it. It is happening all the time but you do not object.

Look at what is happening in your movies all the time. You will not object when all those gross themes and songs are there in your movies. You will not object. In fact, you will purchase Rs. 500 ticket to watch the same movie, right? And because you are paying money to the producer of that movie, he will produce more such movies that are full of rape. And then, when people watch those movies and go ahead and rape, who is responsible? Who paid that producer to make that movie? You paid him. Don’t you watch all these movies that contain all these raunchy numbers? Explicitly sexual! Do you not watch them? Have you not paid money to watch them? Then who is responsible if a woman gets raped? Why do you say that just four people must be hanged? Everybody must be hanged. We all are responsible. It is just that four people did the act, but behind those four people is the entire society. If you want to hang, hang the entire society and that entire society includes women as well. Hang the women as well, they are equally responsible. Are they not raping? Why do you say that women are the victims? Women are as much perpetrator of the crime as are men. This entire society!

We rape our own bodies. Don’t you see that? When we use our bodies just as material, that is rape. Don’t we look at our bodies just as material things to be displayed, exhibited? Don’t we do that? And that includes both, men and women. When you say that my eyes are objects that must attract other people, my hair, my entire body is something that must attract other people, then you have raped your own body because you have reduced your own body to just an object.

Whatever is objectified is raped.

And don’t think that you can reduce rape by making some laws, or by hanging a few people. Till the mind of the individual does not change, rape will not stop.

Rape does not start in the body; rape starts in the mind.

The Body only expresses rape.

Don’t you see that?

And it is a collective mind; it is a social mind that rapes. That mind needs to be changed otherwise, your laws and policing won’t be of any help. Till the time you have these television serials, till the time you have a consumerist mindset, till the time you live only as a material being, till the time you are ambitious, greedy and full of fear, the raping mind will persist. But no, you will say that being ambitious is alright, but rape is bad. If being ambitious is alright, then it will inevitably result in rape.

You do not understand the origin of the whole thing. You just want to cut down the leaves of the tree. You do not understand where the roots are. And unless you understand the roots, just cutting the leaves, again and again, will be of no help. There are a thousand leaves, how many leaves will you cut? And even if you cut them, they will grow again because you are not prepared to look at the roots of the whole thing. This mind is the root. This mind, that looks at the world as something to be consumed. ‘I want to consume! I want to eat more and more. I want to satisfy my body’ – that is what is rape. What else do you do in a shopping mall? You consume and satisfy your body.

‘What will look good on me? What can I eat? What is nice to touch? What kind of smell do I like?’

Can this mind resist raping? It rapes!

And for god’s sake do not think that only that incident of rape is violent where a woman is being raped and thousand people are looking. Rape is happening every day, every time.

What do you think what is happening in all these married relationships? The husband is raping the wife all the time, and the wife is prepared to be raped. The wife is looking at the husband’s body as an object, and the husband is looking at the wife’s body as an object. And that is rape.

Is there real Love?

No, it is merely the rape. But then you will not call it rape because there is no FIR and because it is within the institution of marriage. So, you will not say that it is rape. It is rape! Whatever you see all around is nothing but rape. So do not be too disturbed when you come across a particularly bloody incident. This is not just one incident. It is happening all the time.

99% of the population of the world is just a product of rape.

A very wise man in the last century said, ‘We all are illegitimate children’. Because none of us are products of love. And whosoever has not been born out of love is actually an illegitimate child. Doesn’t matter whether the parents were married or not. So, he said that we all are illegitimate children because there is only rape. There is no love. The husband is raping the wife, the wife is raping the husband. Body to body.

Stop rape!

There is no better way to stop rape than to stop raping yourself.

See this thing very clearly, and take an oath that I will not rape. I will not rape anything or anyone around me. I will not use anybody. I will not objectify anything or anybody.

Everything is breathing. Even the stone is breathing. Even the stone is pulsating with life. Do not look even at the stone as if it is only an object, which is rape. Do not think that the river is just flowing water, which is rape. The river is a living entity, the River is alive and if you do not see that, you will end up raping the river. That’s what we have done to our rivers. We think that it is just flowing water.

What do you think? A tree is just the roots, stem and the leaves? No. A tree lives. Don’t rape it. How do you get your food? How you kill animals and eat them? Is that not rape? If rape is just a violation of body, are we not violating the bodies of animals all the time? A woman’s body is exposed and penetrated, and you call it rape. And what else are you doing to a chicken? Are you not cutting its body apart? Is that not rape? But then you have no issues in eating chicken. You do not realise what you are doing.

So, to begin with, stop raping.

Everything, every object, every person and everything that you can perceive is worthy of respect. It deserves your love. Treat it with love.

When you touch it, your touch must be sacred.

Do not touch it as if it is something to be eaten, to be consumed.

Touch only with love, and that is not rape.

Are you getting it?

~ Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session: Acharya Prashant: Rapists we all are

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Why is life not lively? || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Speaker: Prateek is asking, ‘what is thing called as boredom?’ Why life is not really interesting? Even when there is a period of interest, why does it fade away? Prateek, boredom comes because you are somewhere else. All the fun is right now, here, but you are missing on all the action. It’s like a great party that is booming here, right now, and you are somewhere else. The party is real; the place you are at is imaginary. You are missing out on all the fun, on all the celebration.

The next question would be, ‘if I really know that there is a great feast going on here, then why would I miss it?’ Yes, nobody wants to skip it. The thing with this is that, we all have been trained and educated, conditioned thoroughly, to live in the future, especially as a young man. Our education and upbringing is all about looking towards future.
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What is reflected awareness? || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Speaker: The question is, ‘what is reflected awareness?

There are two ways to know yourself. I will first take up the way we commonly know ourselves. What is that way?

So, here is Preeti and someone comes up to her and says, ‘Preeti, you are brilliant’. Right? And this sentence changes into her mind as, ‘I am brilliant’. Are you getting it?

An external entity comes to her and says, ‘Preeti, you are brilliant’. What does Preeti make of this statement? That I am brilliant. Now, has Preeti known for herself that she is brilliant? No. An external entity said something to her and she has just internalized it. The result will be that she would never be sure of herself, because it is not her own knowing, it is coming from outside. She will also live in fear, because if she accepts that I am brilliant which is coming from outside, then she will also have to accept that I am stupid which will also coming from outside. Are you getting it? The gates have been opened. You have given somebody else the power to determine what you are.

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Why am I always thinking of the society?

Question : Why am I always thinking of the society?

Speaker : We give consideration to society because whatever we are doing, is usually for the sake of society.

Listener : Why even in our personal actions also we include the society?

Speaker : Yes, what you call as your ‘personal’ actions, the horrible fact is that even they are social actions. We may think that when we are alone in our house, let’s say in the kitchen or in the study room, then whatever we are doing over there, is a personal action. But it is not a personal action at all, because it is still being dictated by the society.

There is a student who is in her study room preparing for an engineering entrance examination. But she is preparing just because of the social pressure. Now is this preparation, is the moment of preparation when she is alone in her study, is this a personal action or a social action? Is it personal action or a social action?
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Tell the mind the valuable is safe || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Student: Sir, how to get rid of unwanted thoughts in the mind?

Speaker: The unwanted thought? What is your name?

Student: Avnish

Speaker:  Avnish is asking how to get rid of the unwanted noise of thought in the mind. How many of you have experienced this, that there is so much of unnecessary noise going on in the mind? What is this noise? Let us examine the noise.

What is the noise all about? What does the noise say? Where does it come from? What does it consist of? What is this noise? Tell me, many of you raised your hands. Tell me something about the noise. What does the noise consist of? Examine the noise. Tell me something about the noise.

Student: Noise is negativity.

Speaker: That negativity, could I call it fear in a way? Fear?

Student: No sir, it is not fear. Anything comes to me, I always take it negatively.

Speaker: What do you mean by taking something negatively?

Student: Sir, positive approach is not there.

Speaker: Doubt. Can I call it doubt, a doubt, a particular doubt?

Student: Sir, fear of failure.

Speaker: Fear of failure. What does the noise keep saying? So, there is doubt that we have already taken and there is fear. There is doubt and there is fear. Tell me something more about the noise. You asked the question, you tell me something about the noise, Avnish.

Student: Unwanted thoughts

Speaker: You are saying it is unwanted. You have already said something about the noise, that it is unwanted. That it is ‘unwanted’. So one characteristic of the noise now is that we know that it is unwanted but it is still there. It is about doubt, it is about fear, we do not like its presence. That is why we are saying it is unwanted. Right? We do not want it, we do not like it. Why don’t you like that noise?

Student: Sir, it is not required.

Speaker: It is not required. How do you know it is not required? What is required? When do you say that something is required? Right now I am speaking to you, what do I require? What do I require? I probably require some audio support. Whenever something is really required, it is in that moment, in that moment. Right now, do I require a car? As I am speaking to you, do I require an aeroplane? Do I require a gun?

So, all requirements relates only to that which is in the moment.

So that noise probably is not about that moment.

Then what is that noise about? If that noise is not about that moment, what is that noise about? You experience that noise; all of you raised your hands, almost all of you. Tell me what is that noise about? Is that noise related to something that is happening right now? Have you really experienced that noise? Yes, something that is always talking, chattering here? What is that noise about? Is that noise about what is happening right now? You are reading a book but there is something going on in the mind. Now, what is going in the mind? Is it always about what you are reading?

Student: No

Speaker: Then, what is it mostly about?

Student: Thoughts

Speaker: Thought about what? About what? About what you are reading? For example, you are reading thermodynamics.

Student: Something apart from thermodynamics.

Speaker: Something apart from thermodynamics, it could be anything. But for sure, if I am reading thermodynamics, then that noise is not about thermodynamics. That noise is about something else, something else.

Whatever I am doing in this moment that noise is always about something else. I might be in this moment. I am always in this moment, living is always right now but that noise is about something that had happened or something that I am imagining would happen.

So that noise is about past and future. That noise is about past and future. Somebody said fear; somebody saidpreset noise doubt. So may be fear of past, doubt of future. That noise is always about others. Do you see these things about that noise? What do you see? That noise is never relevant to what is happening right now. That noise always takes you away from what is happening. That noise always takes you away from what is happening, what is really happening.

Let us do a quick experiment right now. Honestly, even as I have been speaking over the past ten minutes, how many of you have experienced that noise over the past ten minutes?

(Some students raise their hands)

Did that noise have something to do or anything to do with what I am saying right now or was it mostly about other things and other places, past and future, other people? What was that noise about? Honestly. OK, let me put it in another way.

How many of you are sure that you have not thought of anything when you have been listening to me? When you have been listening, you have been just listening and not been thinking of anything else, has it happened with anybody? That over the past continuous ten minutes, there has been no thought in my mind, I am just listening. With how many of you has that happened?

With how many of you has this happened that, even as we are sitting here, supposedly listening but the mind has been wandering elsewhere? With how many of you has that happened? That is what the noise is all about.

So, the noise is about, not being here, not being really present. If I am really present then there can be no noise.

Let me do another experiment. Do we have anybody here who would like to claim that he has heard me in attention even for one minute? Is there anybody who has heard me attentively even for one minute? Raise your hands. Raise your hands if you have heard me attentively even for one minute. There are so many of you.

Now tell me when you were listening to me, attentively, in that moment, exactly in that moment was the noise still there? Not right now, not after that, not before that, in that moment when you were listening deeply and attentively, was the noise still there? Yes, was it still there? In that moment when you were totally in attention, was the noise still there?

That noise arises when your mind is occupied with other things, that noise arises when you are absent from the happening, that noise arises when you are absent from life itself, the one who is present to life will not experience too much of that noise, not at all. The one who is present to life will not experience that noise too much. Are you getting it? That noise arises only when the mind is detached, only when the mind is catapulted from the present. If the mind is anchored to the present then there is no question of that noise arising.

How many of you play any sport with passion? Soccer, cricket, anything? When you are deeply immersed in playing, is there still some noise going on in the mind?

Listeners: No sir.

Do you see what is happening? Do you see what is happening? What is happening? Whenever you are deeply into anything that noise falls silent. But whenever you are absent from the happening that noise arises. So how to get rid of that noise?

Student: Concentration

Speaker: Be into life fully…no that is not concentration. That is not concentration. The more you try to concentrate, the more that noise will arise. When you are playing football, do you want to concentrate on football or is it just playing?

Students: Just playing.

Speaker: Those of you, who are listening to me, are you trying to concentrate or you are just listening?  How many of you are trying to concentrate? Those who are not here will need to try to concentrate, others are just listening. That is not concentration, not concentration. It is just presence, a certain surety that it is all right; I can be here, certain calmness. I need not be worried everything is okay. Everything is okay, I can be present here. I can be present here. If you have left a valuable outside and you are sitting here and the thing that you have left there is very valuable to you, would you be able to be present here? Where would your mind be?

Students: Outside

Speaker: What would you always be thinking? That the thing might be stolen or destroyed or misplaced, something can happen to it. That is the condition of all of us. That is the condition of entire humanity. We all keep thinking that we are present here but something valuable is kept somewhere else.

I am assuring you that the valuable thing is always there with you.

If you know fully well that your most valuable thing is kept secured close to you, would you still be worried? Would you still be worried? Would your mind still be outside? When you know that your valuable asset is kept somewhere apart then you have reasons to be disturbed and worried. But if you are sure that, that which is so valuable is close to you, right where you are, would you still need to think about it? Would you still need to think about it? Then you would not be thinking about it because you very well know that it cannot be lost.

The mind is always worried because it is always thinking that something precious has been lost and that it has to be either regained or secured, something needs to be done with it.

That’s what the mind is always worrying about. What is the mind always worrying about? That something precious is either to be achieved- a job, a relationship, respectability, money. The mind is always thinking that something precious is kept outside that room, I have to go and get it or it might be stolen, lost, destroyed whatever. I have to get something. Even as you sit here your mind would be wondering about job or examinations. Something important is happening somewhere else, that’s what the mind is always thinking.

Tell your mind that the real thing is very much safe, very much secure and always with me. The real and the most IMG_71382775877529valuable thing is very much safe, very secure and always there with me. Tell the mind that there is no reason to be worried; the really valuable thing cannot be taken away.

You said the noise is about fear, you said the noise is about doubt. You know what is the fear? What is the fear? That the valuable thing may be taken away. What is the doubt? Whether I will be able to regain the valuable thing. Everything relates to that. Tell your mind that there is no question of regaining because it has not been lost. How can you regain that which has not been lost? Tell your mind that I have not lost anything so there is no question of gaining it back.

Mind is worried, the mind is worried about losing, the mind is worried about achieving and that is what this noise is is all about. It is so worried; it is like a little kid who is worried.

Oh! Worry reminds me that I am also worried. Where is my handkerchief? Where is my handkerchief, I am so worried. It was a valuable handkerchief, my emotions were attached to it, my past was attached to it, where is my handkerchief? Somebody please go and get my handkerchief. Are you all so insensitive, won’t you help me? What are you nodding your heads for? Go get my handkerchief, I can’t speak. And even if I keep speaking, my mind will be with my handkerchief and then what will the quality of my speech?

When my mind is always thinking about the handkerchief, what will be the quality of this Samvaad? Very poor, but I am so worried. Where is my handkerchief? I am looking all around, all around. Is my handkerchief there? Is it there? No it is not there. Is it there with you? No it is not there. Is it there? No not there, I am looking all around, wherever my senses can go. My eyes, my eyes, my eyes can go left, can go right, my eyes can go up, can go down. My ears, I am trying to hear the fluttering of my handkerchief. I am trying to sense my handkerchief in all directions. Where is my handkerchief? Help me. You all have no concern for me. But then something happens, something happens. Something happens, what happens? Ma’am says, ‘HIDP’. Say, speak out, ‘HIDP’.

Student: HIDP

Speaker: There is more doubt in this than is there is in their noise. How do you say ‘HIDP’?

Student: HIDP

Speaker: Yes, once again.

Student: HIDP

Speaker: So my handkerchief, handkerchief? All of a sudden instead of looking outside, I start looking towards myself and then here is the handkerchief. Here is the handkerchief. Yes let us laugh at it, let us enjoy the whole game but also let us understand that in 2000 years, I would not have been able to discover it, had I been constantly looking for it. Where was I looking for it? There, there, there, there, there and my mind was worried that I have lost it somewhere. So there was so much of noise. I needed someone to tell me to look at myself. I needed someone to tell my mind to look, to look at myself, inwards, within and the moment I looked within I say such an idiot I am, utter fool. I have been looking for it all around when it has been present all throughout in my……?

Students: Pocket

Speaker: The thing is, even the pocket can be taken away. A few of you can decide to beat me up, come over here, tear apart my clothes and take my kurta away and the pocket also goes away.

That noise arises when your mind is occupied with other things. That noise arises when you are absent from the happening.

That noise arises when you are absent from life itself.

The one who is present to life will not experience too much of that noise, not at all. The one who is present to life will not experience that noise too much. Are you getting it?

That noise arises only when the mind is detached, only when the mind is catapulted from the present. If the mind is anchored to the present then there is no question of that noise arising.

The real thing is with me always, forever unconditionally. Even under the worst of situations, the really valuable thing is always with me. So why are you worried? That which is precious in life cannot be lost. It just cannot be lost, don’t be worried. Don’t be worried and then that noise will subside.

Excerpted from a ‘Shabd-Yog’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session video: Tell the mind the valuable is safe || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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