The image of the so-called enlightened one makes one scared of enlightenment || Acharya Prashant (2016)

The fact is, enlightenment is your nature. As you are sitting here, not busy with this and that, you are already enlightened. It depends totally on you whether you want to remain enlightened. Your freedom is immense; you may choose to give this up very soon. What you are getting a flavour of, right now, is nothing but pure enlightenment. And since enlightenment is so ordinary, you don’t want to believe that, “This is enlightenment!” Yes, this is enlightenment, nothing else is. But you will want to reach out for the stars and hence miss the earth.


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Only the fake saint conforms to the idea of a saint || Acharya Prashant (2016)

What if the person called as saint didn’t have words? What if he was not wearing a special robe? What if he was not keeping his hair in a special way? What if he was in normal civilian uniform and you meet him on a train and there are no words, how would you know him as a Saint?

My question is would any of these saints remain if they’re robbed of their vocabulary, their clothes, their prestige and their podium? What if they’re sent to walk the streets and shop like a commoner? Do you think the shopkeepers would give them any special respect?
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Ideals and Intelligence

Do you really know what Truth is?

How can you speak the truth, if you don’t know the Truth?

What is your truth except a mere repetition of facts?

In the name of Truth, you only express your opinion about the truth. Truth is a situation vested in a person. There is no objective truth. When I stand clear of my thoughts, dogmas, prejudices and pre-conceived notions, only then I can see the Truth.

You are a Lao Tzu when you don’t have a Lao Tzu as your ideal || Acharya Prashant (2016)

You may have Lao Tzu as an ideal.

Whom did Lao Tzu have as an ideal?

We have Lao Tzu as an ideal and yet we are nowhere close to Lao Tzu, are we?

Lao Tzu had no Lao Tzu as ideal, and yet he was Lao Tzu.


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The Spontaneous Dance of Intelligence

The intelligent man has no beliefs. Because all beliefs come from the past. He just knows.

There is a difference between knowing and believing. Do you understand this difference?

If I am blind, then I need to believe that there is a door there. But if I have eyes, then do I need to believe that there is a door there? I will know.

Religion is not believing. Any intelligent man is bound to be religious. Every intelligent man is religious. Because religion is Intelligence. Religion is knowing. Religion is not belief. Going to the temple or the mosque is not religion.

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