What you call as normal is abnormal, and also highly insane || Acahrya Prashant (2016)

Masses are herds. They live in crowds. So, if they find that a thousand have been ignited by the touch of the saint, then they might probably want to be the thousandth-first. But to be the first to listen to a saint, requires something saintly within the watcher, within the listener, within the follower, that is rare, doesn’t come out quite easily. So, in general, a Ramakrishna or a Mahavir is unlikely to get social approval.

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To call everything as one is not spirituality, but insanity || Acharya Prashant (2016)

Non-duality and duality are non opposites.

They are not comparables at all.

In fact anything that you say about non-duality—makes it dualistic.

So, whenever you will talk of non duality, you would essentially be reducing non-duality to duality.

Non-duality is not a philosophy. Non-duality is not a thought. Non-duality is a cessation of all that you can say in dualistic terms. And whatever you say is going to be dualistic. So, non-duality is simply a cessation of the self.

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