Watch where your time is going || Acharya Prashant, on Nitnem Sahib (2019)

So be extremely cautious.

You have to be cautious towards the investment of all your resources, but among all the resources, we have repeatedly said that, the prime one is – Time.


Be careful about everything that you spend.

The other things that you spend can be regained, money lost can probably be regained, but there is one resource that is not retrievable.

There is one loss that is irreversible.

The loss of time.

Therefore ‘time’ as a resource has to be very strongly guarded.

Why is there so much violence in Prakriti? || Acharya Prashant (2019)

In prakriti, there is neither morality nor immorality, there is neither Compassion nor cruelty, there is neither violence nor non-violence.

‘Prakriti’ is just prakriti.

You can call it ‘a giant machine’.

In that machine it just happens that the lion must kill the deer.

Is that good? No.

Is that bad? No.

It is just as it is, because prakriti has no need to be liberated.

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