Surrendered, whatever you do is a prayer

Whenever your words are not are your own, you are praying; and that does not mean that you have to stand in a church or in a temple or by a river.

Whenever there is spontaneity, whenever you have surrendered, the surrendered action is a prayer.

That does not mean that you must stand with folded hands, you could be walking, that walk is now a prayer. You could be sleeping, that sleep is now a prayer.

Surrendered, whatever you do is a prayer.

What are tantric divine energy connections

Question: What are the divine energy connections between man and woman?

Acharya  Prashant: All energy is the mind.

There is no other energy. Is there energy without matter? Is there energy without the world? When you have a lot of things to think of, then you only get muddling up. Let me just make it simpler for you — There is the Self, which is all and nothing, and everything else that you can think of, talk of, touch, feel, smell, sense is mind. Nothing is energy. If you can touch energy, it is mind. If you are thinking of energy, it is mind.

Do not talk of too many things. There aren’t too many things. There are just very few things, and they too get reduced to nothing.

Listener 1: What about these are chakras and all?

AP: And there is a hole here (pointing at the head)


L2: Is not the energy more fundamental and its nature is interchangeable?

AP: When two things are interchangeable, nothing is more fundamental than the other — they are one.

L3: Mulaprakriti is also a form of primordial energy…

AP: It’s all the mind.

Would you be talking of these things if you were asleep? It’s the mind, the consciousness, that’s all. Why must we make such big stories out of simple matters?

Spirituality is about seeing the simple in the complex. Do not complicate any further. Our lives are already very complex.

When I am throwing a stone at you, the stone coming towards you is energy. It is also hurt, it is also hatred, it is also ego, it is also time and space — they are all one. Energy is hurt, energy is ego, energy is time. When I am talking about objects, is there any object sans energy? So why are you talking about energy as if it is something special and different?

Objects are energy. The stone coming at you is energy. The passion for a woman is energy. Is there energy without a woman? They are all one. The stone that is coming towards you is both — ego and energy. It is mind and space and time and anger and nationalism and knowledge and everything else that you can think of or conceptualise. It is all.

~ Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session: Acharya Prashant: What are tantric divine energy connections?

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‘You’ are unnecessary

‘You’ are unnecessary. ‘You’ are unnecessarily here.‘You’ are not needed.

Just get out!

Your entire system is so beautiful and self-sufficient, it knows what to do.

Why are ‘you’ interfering?

The eyes, the nose, the mind, the intellect, they all know their respective functions. When ‘you’ leave them alone, they are so happy. The memory knows how to operate; the mind knows how to think. They all know what to do.

Why are ‘you’ worried? Why can’t ‘you’ just relax?

Give yourself freedom and see how beautifully the entire thing operates.

You will walk, you will talk, you will read, you will do everything.

And you will find that it is happening so nicely, when you are allowing it to happen, without ‘you’.

The relationship between freewill, destiny, and law of attraction


Question: Can you talk about the relationship between free will, destiny and the law of attraction?

Acharya Prashant: All three do not exist.


Free will belongs only to the Truth.

Your destiny is to reach the Truth.

And only the Truth really attracts you.

Free will — only the Truth has free will, all other actions are unfree.

Destiny—the Truth is your destiny, nothing else is. Destiny is something that is inviolable, only the Truth is your destiny.

Law of attraction—nothing else attracts you only the Truth attracts you. It may appear that this or that or x, y, z is attracting you but the fact is that whenever you have been really attracted, you have been attracted only to the Truth. Read more

If yours is not a world of miracles, then yours is a world of machines


Question: I have been meditating for many years, and I have been attending Satsangs and I have been doing a lot of things. But the more I do, the more I see – It’s all about me! Everything is about me. Even trying to follow a spiritual path is about ‘me’ doing all these things to follow a spiritual path! And so how to get out of that?

Acharya Prashant: You are already out of it. If you can see that all of that is just an egocentric activity, you are already out of it.

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Love, take me to the Heart!

Speaker: Every single line here makes use of characters, objects, metaphors, images, that is the only way language can proceed. That is the tool of language as well as the limitation of language. It will have to talk about something. Whenever you will use words, whenever you will use language, obviously, you would be talking about something or somebody. Read more

To understand something, observe without concluding

Question: Sir, in your blogs it is explained that the mind goes behind what it values, which is what ‘I’ value. But sometimes it happens is when I restrict it not to do certain things; there is an even greater temptation to do those things.

I was reading the Bible and it said that, “The forbidden fruit was eaten by Eve out of temptation”.

Why is the mind so tempted?

Speaker: The mind cannot really be understood by itself. The mind can at most observe itself. It cannot understand.  The mind can at most go close to its functioning and note the details. That is the maximum the mind is equipped to do. No machine is blessed with power of understanding. But yes, the mind is a very nicely designed machine that can observe, register, make notes, store and compare. These are the things that the mind can surely do. The mind should be utilized to these purposes and nothing more should be expected from the mind.

Let us understand a few basics here. Understanding is the dissolution of all observation, comparison, analysis and conclusion. These are the things that the mind does. When these activities of the mind either reach their climax or come to their eventual defeat. That is called dissolution of mental activity.

That dissolution of mental activity is, understanding. Read more

How do I get rid of my bad habits?

Question: I want to get rid of my bad habits. I have tried all the things to get rid of them, but I am still unable to do that. What is the reason?

Speaker: How do you know whether a particular habit is good or bad? How do you decide?

Listener 1: It has been told to us earlier, that what is good and what is bad.

Speaker: You have been told earlier that what is good and what is bad. That is the way we go about deciding everything – what is right, what is wrong, what is fair, what is unfair – on the basis of criteria that has been given to us in advance. That this is good, this is bad.
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Love comes along with Courage

Question: Why can’t I keep my learning at the back-end, and act as a normal human being in the front-end? When I try to make people aware of the learnings I have had from you, I receive severe resistance. Is it important at all to disseminate this wisdom?

Speaker: What has the questioner just said? That the audience here is abnormal. What do you mean by a ‘normal human being’? What is your concept of ‘normal’? The one who doesn’t have any learning.  What kind of statement is this?

The one who would learn, would he still have an option to act as if he is blind? The one who is able to see with his eyes open, would he still have an option act in an unconscious way? Deep within you think that the those who are blind, unaware are ‘normal’ and anybody who realizes, is awakened, is able to see, has something wrong with him. He is abnormal.
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The real meaning of Meditation

3 (2)

Nisango nishkriyo asitvam, svaprakasho niranjan.

Ayamev hi te bandhah samadhi manutishthasi.

– Ashtavakra Gita (Chapter-1, Verse-15)

{You are now and forever free, luminous, transparent and still. The practice of meditation keeps one in bondage.}                                                                                  

Question: What is meditation? Why the practice of meditation keeps one in bondage?

Acharya Prashant: Meditativeness is simply our inner nature. To meditate is different from any kind of mental exertion or mental activity. To meditate is to be at a point where parallelly two non-events are happening. First, there is no need for mental activity . . . because there is no need for any activity, so I am calling it a non-event. So there is no need to think or solve problems, or resist challenges or plan. No need is felt. Secondly, and parallelly, even though there is no need to gather knowledge, yet all is known.

Most of the knowledge that we have, comes to us because the insecure one within us needs to have information from the world. That is the reason why we seek knowledge; there is a feeling of incompleteness and the possibility of some loss, if that knowledge is not there. Read more

Gratitude – The only legitimate function of mind

Question: I once heard you saying, “A healthy man does not run away from the disease.” I have observed that after listening to this, I have become caring towards myself and for everyone else, because now I have stopped running away from my disease. I am trying to be healthier. I have started taking steps to cure the disease in me. Thank you! Read more

Solve your mind, all your problems will be solved

Question: I have resigned from my current job. At present I have different options from different fields, to pursue as a career. I do not know what to do next. How do I know what is my calling? How do I know that this is really my calling and not just boredom from the present job? How do I know that it is not just the tendency to escape from one thing to the other? How do I know that? Read more

Attention wipes your sins away

Question: How is the karmic account of my past lives linked with my current state of mind?

Speaker: How is the karma of the past linked to my current state of mind? What you call as your current state of mind is always a friction, a conflict, a tug-of-war between two opposing forces. One is the force of the past, one is the force of conditioning and the other is the call of peace, the call of the untouched, the call of the core. What we call as the mind, is nothing but a sandwich between these two.

But it is not a normal sandwich, it is not a normal conflict, it is a conflict between two parties in which the first party is the first party, and also the power provider to the second party. Are you getting it?

So there is that which you can call as the core, and then there is that which you can call as conditioning or illusion or Maya.
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Have much? Get more. Have little? Lose all !

For to the one who has will be given more and he will have more than enough. But the one who does not have even what he has will be taken away from him                                                                           

 -(Bible, Matthew 25:29)

Speaker: The one who already has, shall be given more and more and more. The one who has not, shall be deprivedmore and more of even that which he has.

This sounds very unlike our image of God. He is giving to those who already have and he is taking away from those who do not have. What is this thing about having and not having? The only thing if it can be called so, worth having, is God himself. Call him Truth, call him Love, call him Freedom, Simplicity, Joy, Realization, whatsoever, you may pick the word according to your conditioning depends on you, but that is the only thing worth having. Read more

Being close to yourself is closeness to others

Question: ‘I fear coming close as I feel I will recoil. I have seen this happening in the past. Moving closer seems to be the only way.’ This is coming from a book by Osho. What do these lines mean?

Speaker: You cannot come close to something unless you value it, that is the way of thought. Understand this.

You are saying, ‘I fear coming close, as I feel I will recoil’.

Ego lives in attraction, you cannot come close to somebody unless you value what that somebody stands for. That cannot just happen. So do not try to come close to an external person, do not try to come close. Just observe, so that your thoughts start coming from another point. Read more

Why can’t I speak in front of others?

Question: How can we overcome our fears?

Speaker: For quite a while I have been inviting questions. Did you think just now of asking this question, or  was this question written on your page since the beginning?

Listener 1: Since the beginning.

Speaker: Since the beginning. You did not raise the question in the beginning. You are raising it now when we are at the end of the session. What prevented you from raising that question since the last one hour?

Listener 2: Stage fear.

Speaker: But you just got up and said something. Repeat your question.

Listener 1: How should we overcome our fears?

Speaker: How many of us are thinking that his voice is trembling, his legs are shaking and he is about to faint. Is that so?
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This futile search for happiness

Question: At every point in our life, we want to get rid of the burden, and become happy. But that point doesn’t ever come. How to achieve true happiness in our life?

Speaker: Now that you have realized that happiness hardly ever comes by wanting to be happy, the obvious thing is to not to want to be happy. For so long we all have wanted to be happy, tried to be happy, without being happy.

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Planning is a product of fear

Question: Sir, you said that life is going from the last two thousand years or so, and we are here for just sixty or seventy years. So, how can we change anything?

Speaker: Do you require two thousand years? Do you require sixty years? If you really, really want to do something, you would do it right now. Why do you think of sixty years or six years, or even six months or six minutes. You wanted to ask the question. Were you worried before asking that I am going to live for only sixty years? Did you think that what is the point in asking this question?
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What does freedom mean to you?

Question: Sir, you just said that intelligence demands freedom. What kind of freedom?

Speaker: To begin with, there has to be freedom from something. You asked what kind of freedom. It depends on where I am standing. If I am standing in deep bondage, then the first step of freedom is, ‘freedom from’ something. Freedom from compulsorily thinking. Freedom from necessarily following. Freedom from being like the rest of them. It is like getting rid of your chains. ‘Freedom from’, this is Neti- Neti (Neither this, nor that). I am already doing a lot, I want freedom from it. This is freedom from my existing ways.
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Only a healthy mind can have healthy relationships

Question: Sir, my parents always told me to make friends, to be social. You are saying concentrate on yourself. Sir, my question is that how to manage between our social life and also concentrate on ourselves?

Speaker: Lovely! Good. Very good. I am glad that we are uncovering a lot of things. Friends, social life, being social, relationships; that’s what we are entering now. Can a slave really be friends to anybody?

Listener 1: Yes, Sir.

Speaker: Really? What can a sick man give to others except his own sickness? There is a basket of apples, and there is one rotten apple there; sick, not healthy. What will this apple give to the other apples? Only rottenness. A man who is confused, full of violence, can he love? Will he radiate love and joy to others? He will always radiate his own confusion and violence to others.
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