Can one Truth be bigger than another?

transform in totality. Look at everything that is false about you and you do have an intuition of that. You do have an inkling of that. Get rid of everything that you are unnecessarily carrying with you. And then you will find that the quality of your life and decisions is improving. As long as you are living the same life, I repeat, you’ll keep on making the same and the same decisions.

As long as you are surrounded by the same people, how can the quality of your decisions improve?

As long as you are absorbed in the same daily routine, how can the quality of your decisions change?

As long as you are coming across the same faces and the same situations every day, how can the functioning of your mind change? 

Acharya Prashant
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Enlightenment is not one event, it is a continuity in one empty Joy

Enlightenment is not one event, one thing, one experience. It is a series of Enlightenments that you are continuously going through. It is continuously beginning and never coming to an end. That is why it’s foolish to say that one is enlightened. One is in process of enlightening and every subsequent enlightenment is more fulfilling than the previous one. The previous one was perfect and this one is better than perfect. That’s the magic.
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Learn from kids before you teach them || Acharya Prashant (2016)

As long as the parents think that they are parents, they will only spoil the kid. You just have to be with the kid. In love, there is no name of the two parties and the relationship cannot have a formal structure. Whenever I have been with the kids, instead of teaching them I have been learning from them. On several occasions, they have given my ego great lessons—by exposing me.

I do not know whether we are qualified to teach kids; we must first learn from them.
And maybe that would be sufficient. Then there is a question of knowledge, all the technology and all the progress, economics and civilizations and politics.That knowledge, some part of it, is probably necessary for physical survival and that needs to be given but without its psychological content; without the psychological connotations that its carries. That must be given obviously but they must know that they need to stop when the traffic signal is red. So that’s knowledge needs to be imparted but that’s all.

In the psychological sense, no kid needs any training; we need de-training.

~Acharya Prashant
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Do not look at a man through eyes of morality || Acharya Prashant (2014)

There are far more important things to look for in a man or in a woman than to ask whether he drinks or not. There are far, far more important things. If you are looking at a girl, then there are 40 more important things about her than her chastity.

If you want to make friends with somebody, there are a hundred others considerations that you should have, not whether he drinks or not. And these are trivial matters. These are made important by those who do not know what is really important.

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