Surrender happens as a result of right living.

Surrender is not something that you do. Surrender is something that happens as a result of right living. You cannot drink six days of the week and on the seventh day surrender your drunkenness. Your drunkenness is exactly the same stuff that you have yourself willingly acquired over the six days. Now, how will you surrender it? In fact surrendering it means nothing. Real surrender means that you change those six days.

When you change those six days, then on the seventh day as well as on those on the past six days, you find yourself a different one. How do you change those six days? First of all, there has to be a strong enough reason to change. The only reason can be your own imperiled condition.

If everything is alright, then is there a reason to change it? There is no reason. You have to first look at the way you are living, the way you are relating, the way you are earning, eating, sleeping, and then see what it is doing to you. You have to be very sensitive towards yourself. And then, that which is not needed, that you are unnecessarily carrying gets dropped. This dropping, this spontaneous dropping is called surrender. You do not do it. It is spontaneous. It is a result of honest observation.

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Can one Truth be bigger than another?

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Question: Is this something like one truth is bigger than another truth? Like, if I want to pursue a path, right. But if I pursue that then there are chances that I might be losing some important aspect of my life. And that is also a truth. So which truth should I follow and should I listen to?

AP: How many truths do you know of?

L: As of now I’m talking of these two truths.

AP: What if two or four more come?

L: They may.

AP: So how many are possible?

L: I don’t know.

AP: Is it possible that something is Truth and something separate from it is also Truth? If there is Truth then everything apart from it is bound to be?

Listeners: False.

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Enlightenment is not one event, it is a continuity in one empty Joy

Acharya Prashant: If it’s a model, an idea, if it’s a thought then you can very easily say what is it that you have known; because then you have concluded something. When it comes to the Truth, when it comes to the Heart, you know that you can never say what is it that you have known.

Conclusions can be very easily expressed, realizations cannot be.

Conclusions can be, they have to be, very easily expressed. Realizations cannot be expressed because essentially all that you realize is  a cutting down of the clutter.

All realization is just clarity, emptiness. So all realizations are one. In fact realization can never be expressed as plural. Just as all empty spaces are one, similarly all realizations are one. Just as all zeroes are one, similarly all realizations are one.

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Learn from kids before you teach them


Question: Sir, is there something we can do for the education of our kids at home or at schools?

Acharya Prashant: What we call as education is just a preparation to serve social roles. The kid comes only physically conditioned; we make the kid a servant of the society. If you are in charge of a kid, then you have to be very sensitive, very careful and loving. Because remember that education does not happen only in school or college, education also happens when he is on the TV or the internet or with his peers, education is happening all the time. One has to be very careful about these messages. Read more

Quotes, August’15

  • Know a man not by the loudness of his voice, but by the depth of his silence.
  • Compassion is not an expression of affection.
    Compassion is a treatment of disease.
  • Know the disease with detachment, and treat it with care.

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Do not look at a man through eyes of morality


Acharya Prashant: Vice is the spice of life.

 I am saying: vice is spice. Mostly, what you call as virtue, is just empty morality. Read more

Responsibility is the fruit of maturity

Listener: Sir, we have heard this thing and understood it well that with maturity comes responsibility. My question is on the next statement which I will state now that, “Responsibility also given before time and before maturity, have the tendency to spoil that person to whom it is given, because of the over-indulgence and expectations from him”. Is this statement true?

Speaker:  Nice, wonderful. With maturity comes responsibility, and if responsibility is given before time then it is a spoiler. That’s the statement that has been just made. Is the statement clear to everybody? With maturity comes responsibility. But if responsibility is not timed well then it will spoil. Let’s try to see. What is maturity?

Listener 1: Sir, the tendency to differentiate between real and fake.

Speaker: Very nice, very nice. What is maturity?

Listener 2: Sir, tendency to take correct decision.

Speaker: Tendency?

Listener 3: Ability to walk alone.

Speaker: Ability to walk alone, yes all of that, all of that. Nice! And? What is maturity?

Listener 4: Creating a background to work all the decisions in your life.

Speaker: Good, good.

Listener 5: A state of mind where we can take our own decisions.

Listener 6: If you act after understanding and analyzing the facts, that’s maturity.

Listener 7: Sir, that period of time in which the society expects from you to give them something or to cooperate with them.

Speaker: Why not begin with immaturity?

Listener 8: When you don’t have to look at others for what you have to do.

Speaker: Nice, we will begin with this. We will begin with ‘looking at others’. You would surely call that immaturity. So how is a child born? What is the state of the child? What does the child know himself or herself as?

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How to become a child again?

Question: Sir, how to become a child again?

Speaker: The child is there, let it loose. Why do you cage it? Why do you suppress it? Why must you act so mature and grown up? Why must your face be so thoughtful? Why must you appear so serious and absorbed? Why cannot you act a little stupid?

There is a difference between being childish and being childlike. Read more

Love comes along with Courage

Question: Why can’t I keep my learning at the back-end, and act as a normal human being in the front-end? When I try to make people aware of the learnings I have had from you, I receive severe resistance. Is it important at all to disseminate this wisdom?

Speaker: What has the questioner just said? That the audience here is abnormal. What do you mean by a ‘normal human being’? What is your concept of ‘normal’? The one who doesn’t have any learning.  What kind of statement is this?

The one who would learn, would he still have an option to act as if he is blind? The one who is able to see with his eyes open, would he still have an option act in an unconscious way? Deep within you think that the those who are blind, unaware are ‘normal’ and anybody who realizes, is awakened, is able to see, has something wrong with him. He is abnormal.
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All displacement from the Present is suffering

Question: Is acceptance of everything that comes in life is same as living in the present?

Speaker: What is acceptance? What are these things that come to life? What do you mean by ‘my life’? What do you mean by ‘acceptance’?

Listener 1: ‘Acceptance’ means that the things that are coming to us, we are just watching them. I am not doing anything to change them, I am not making any effort to change them. They are leading me and taking me where they want me to go.

Speaker: They will lead you where you want to go.

Listener 1: No, where they want to take me.

Speaker: Who are you?

You are a bundle of desires; your subjective, personal desires. That is what you are, that is what your own self-concept is. “Who am I? My personal desires.” That’s what I am – the personal desires; not existential desires, not the will of the existence. You are the will of the ‘person’, the ‘me’.
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Relationships are not ‘give and take’

Question: Sir, my friends, family and relatives condition me. Do I also condition them ?

Speaker: It’s a network. You see, there is no point in blaming anybody. Those who condition you, are conditioned to condition you. Are you getting it? Those who condition you, are not really villains or evil-doers. They themselves do not know what is happening. No one has planned it. All are victims.

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The saint is not obliged to conform to your expectations

The saint is not obliged to conform to your expectations

In what direction am I going, how shall I find the road? I hope they will send me a map before it’s too late, or it’s all over for me, my breath all gone to waste.

– Lalleshwari

Question: Lalla had surrendered all her life to ‘That’. Now, why this confusion? Why is she saying that a road is still to be found? Why is she asking for a map? Why is she saying that it might be too late? Why is she afraid that her breath might all be gone to waste?

Acharya Prashant: The mind will go where it has to go. A surrendered mind is still mind. There is a beautiful line from the scripture Drig Drishya Viveka. It says, “Yatr yatr manoyati, tatr tatr samaadhayah.” (Wherever the mind goes, there is peace). It does not say that the mind goes nowhere, that the mind is not wandering at all. It is saying, “Yatr yatr manoyati, tatr tatr samaadhayah.” Read more

Detachment is the fruit of maturity

Speaker: You see we are outrageously arrogant when it comes to small things, we are so fond of claiming that which we do not have, but we are absurdly humble when it comes to claiming that which we really have. You don’t have a large house but you would not feel shy of boasting it to others that I have a large house and so much money. But it terrifies you no end to admit that you already have enlightenment. There you want to act humble. Why don’t you just admit? Read more

What is Prayer?

Hari ke jan satigur, satpurkha binau karau gur paasi.

– Shri Guru Granth Sahib, 10

{O humble servant of the Lord, O true Guru, O true primal being, I offer my humble prayer to you, O Guru!}

Question: What is prayer? Is there a need for another thing or another body separate from you for praying?

Acharya Prashant: The word ‘praying’ is beautifully understood when you also take its counterpart in Sanskrit Praarthna.

Arth means desire. Whenever you usually pray – and we all keep praying – our prayers are to the world, our prayers are to people, to situations. Whenever we normally pray, there is a desire behind it: arth. The desire is obviously a product of conditioning; it is obviously material, as all desires are bound to be. It is about a thing, a person, or an idea. Read more

Being close to yourself is closeness to others

Question: ‘I fear coming close as I feel I will recoil. I have seen this happening in the past. Moving closer seems to be the only way.’ This is coming from a book by Osho. What do these lines mean?

Speaker: You cannot come close to something unless you value it, that is the way of thought. Understand this.

You are saying, ‘I fear coming close, as I feel I will recoil’.

Ego lives in attraction, you cannot come close to somebody unless you value what that somebody stands for. That cannot just happen. So do not try to come close to an external person, do not try to come close. Just observe, so that your thoughts start coming from another point. Read more

Happiness cannot be the purpose of life

Question: Sir, what is the purpose of life?  Is it earning money, or happiness?

Speaker: The lady is asking, ‘What is the ultimate purpose of life?’ She has already presented us two options:

  1. Earning money or,
  1. Happiness.

But you already know. You have already discounted everything else and zeroed in on to two options. What are they? That the purpose could be either to earn money, or to be happy.

Alright. So let’s first look at these two. What does one earn money for?

Listener 1: For livelihood.

Speaker: And, why does one want a livelihood?

Listener 2: For comfort.

Speaker: What does comfort give you?

Listener 3: Satisfaction and happiness. Read more

This futile search for happiness

Question: At every point in our life, we want to get rid of the burden, and become happy. But that point doesn’t ever come. How to achieve true happiness in our life?

Speaker: Now that you have realized that happiness hardly ever comes by wanting to be happy, the obvious thing is to not to want to be happy. For so long we all have wanted to be happy, tried to be happy, without being happy.

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The delusion called ‘Achievement’

Speaker: Do you really want to understand what this whole business of ‘achievement’ is? If you really want to understand, only then we can go into it. If you are into it superficially, out of an obligation, then you will not understand anything. So do you really want to understand this ?

Listeners: Yes, Sir.

Speaker: If you think this must be a very, very serious thing in which we are investing our entire life, this business of achievement, then it is very important to understand it. If you think this to be of that great importance, then only you will be able to understand. And if you think that there is nothing to do, life comes and goes, and if we waste one life then another life is waiting for us, then there is no point discussing all this. So are you really sincere about understanding ? Read more

Only a healthy mind can have healthy relationships

Question: Sir, my parents always told me to make friends, to be social. You are saying concentrate on yourself. Sir, my question is that how to manage between our social life and also concentrate on ourselves?

Speaker: Lovely! Good. Very good. I am glad that we are uncovering a lot of things. Friends, social life, being social, relationships; that’s what we are entering now. Can a slave really be friends to anybody?

Listener 1: Yes, Sir.

Speaker: Really? What can a sick man give to others except his own sickness? There is a basket of apples, and there is one rotten apple there; sick, not healthy. What will this apple give to the other apples? Only rottenness. A man who is confused, full of violence, can he love? Will he radiate love and joy to others? He will always radiate his own confusion and violence to others.
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How to attain maturity?

Questioner: Sir, how to attain maturity?

Acharya Prashant: We will have to understand first what this thing called maturity is. To go into the question of maturity, we first have to understand immaturity because that is what surrounds us, day in and day out. The fact of the matter is, as we are right now, immaturity is closer to us than maturity. So we will see what immaturity is.

When you see a child, we say that the child is immature. What is the reason? How is the child immature?

The child is immature because his brain is not yet fully developed. The consequence of that is the clear display of immaturity; that the brain just acts like sponge. What does a sponge do?

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