How to drop the burden of past? || Acharya Prashant (2018)

Man suffers alone, so obviously his primary responsibility is to alleviate his personal suffering.

It’s just that when you enter into your personal suffering and go deep enough, you realise that your personal suffering is inseparable from the general good.

You cannot get rid of your personal suffering, without bringing goodness to everybody.

But the beginning nevertheless has to be with your personal suffering.

Don’t ask for confidence, ask for fearlessness || Acharya Prashant (2017)

The more the world will mean to you, the more afraid you would be.

The more your mind is full of others – and thoughts of others, and opinion of others, what the others can give, what the others can take, what they are saying, how they are looking, how you are looking to others – as long as your mind is full of this, your face will be dripping with fear.

More is the presence of world in the mind, more is the life full of fear.

More is life full of fear, more is the demand of confidence.

Unfortunately, confidence is no treatment for fear.

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