One day, we will have such a Temple || Acharya Prashant (2019)

A ‘Temple’ must really be a university, in purest sense of the word.

Great creativity must arise out of a Temple.

A Temple must be a place where great ideas must be discussed.

A Temple must be a place of great conversations and healthy debate.

Great scholars from all directions and dimensions must converge in the Temple.

When people go to a ‘Temple’, they must return enriched.

Why did Osho say that he is the rich man’s Guru? || Acharya Prashant (2016)

The ordinary language is always dualistic. In ordinary language, when you say rich, it is the opposite of poor. But in the language of the wise man, the spiritual man, in the language of the mystic, duality has very little place. Even though he uses man-made words, even though he uses the same dualistic language, yet due to his touch, the word which was a very ordinary word, starts carrying the fragrance of non-duality. That is Advait.

So when somebody like Osho is saying ‘rich’, he means a richness beyond richness and poverty. His richness is not coming from having something. Usually when you have a lot, you say you are rich. He is talking of a richness where you feel that you are something. Something not in the sense of a possession, something not in sense of material. Something in a very abstract sense. Because if you are something, even in terms of knowledge or reputation, then that is just material. Then that is just possession.

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When God is the Lover, to be kissed is to be killed || Acharya Prashant (2016)

God is a really finicky husband and autocratic father.

He gives you orders that you can never understand.

He gives you orders that are impossible to execute.

He’ll always tell you to do something that will put you in trouble.

“Don’t go home!”

He’ll never give you something that will make you feel warm and comfortable.

“Go out. Midnight. Dance there. Naked.”

Oh God! Where is the fire?

“No fire. Keep dancing and keep dancing to my tune.”

That kind of a fellow this
God is. What to do?   


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