On Krishnamurti and Osho: You cannot reject the world while holding on to yourself || Acharya Prashant (2016)

When Krishnamurti said there is no authority, he does not said you are the authority.

He said nobody can be an authority including you.

So then only Truth is the authority.

When the world is not an authority, when you are not an authority then nothing is an authority. Then that which is nothing and hence the Truth is the authority.


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Equality is quite a foolish idea. Oneness is diversity, not equality

Live simply, and that’s all!

You are alright just as you are. You cannot improve yourself. By trying to improve upon yourself, you only disfigure yourself. You are perfectly tuned machine, don’t fiddle with it. The perfect one does not send imperfections. You are alright!

Don’t try to become something else. And if you have become something else, then return to what you are.

Don’t be so clever. Let those eyes not be eyes of suspicion. Allow yourself to be cheated a little. If the world wants to cheat you, allow yourself to be cheated.

It’s alright to be cheated a little. It’s alright to be losing a few things than to be robbed of your innocence. Stay innocent!

How to get the courage to live by the Heart?

You are your own best-kept secret.

When you meet a person, meet in friendliness, meet in love. Meet to share. Meet to play. Meet to rejoice. That’s a right relationship. Don’t meet to sit at that person’s feet. That’s vulgar. You don’t need to sit at anybody’s feet. I repeat – this head can bow down only in front of one authority, and nobody else. With everybody else, let there be love, not submission.

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