How to get the courage to live by the Heart? || Acharya Prashant (2016)

You are your own best-kept secret.

When you meet a person, meet in friendliness, meet in love. Meet to share. Meet to play. Meet to rejoice. That’s a right relationship. Don’t meet to sit at that person’s feet. That’s vulgar. You don’t need to sit at anybody’s feet. I repeat – this head can bow down only in front of one authority, and nobody else. With everybody else, let there be love, not submission.

Dropping desire is just another desire; knowing desire is fulfillment of desire || Acharya Prashant (2015)

That’s the contradiction that man must overcome.

Being small, he must contain infinities, otherwise he won’t come to rest.
Being man, he must transcend humanness, otherwise he won’t relax.

That’s the challenge, that’s the invitation.

Enter so deeply into yourself, enter so deeply into your smallness,
that you come to the beyond-ness, that you so desperately crave.

What is meant by being vulnerable?

‘Vulnerability’ does not mean being defenceless against a hostile world.
‘Vulnerability’ simply means that having armours is stupid,
because there is actually nothing out there, having enmity against you.
There is simply nothing out there that is disposed unfavourably against you.

‘Vulnerability’ means relaxation.
‘Vulnerability’ means that if you are getting hit, then what is getting hit deserves to get hit,
and what is getting hit, is just getting highlighted as the next item that must disappear from your mind.

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