To really be a human being is to go beyond what is normally implied by being human || Acharya Prashant (2016)

What does it mean to be a man?

To be a man means that one has to abide by what is normally associated with being a man. This identification with birth, this living, this dying, this fear of death, this desire for security, this identification as a gender—all of that. That is what goes along with calling oneself a ‘man’, a human being.

In fact, to really be a human being, you have to go beyond what is normally implied by being a human being.


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Artificial intelligence and Real intelligence

Creativity is causeless and beyond reason. Creativity is not a product of the usual processes of the mind. Creativity requires freedom and faith, neither of which are possible to a system put together by the mind. Hence, the right and ineluctable place of human beings will on the high peaks of creativity.


Books by Acharya Prashant are available on AMAZON:

If you find yourself in big problems, just realize that the way out is small action || Acharya Prashant (2015)

In this whole universe of changes, one change cannot matter, cannot be too big; it’s going to be small. But the ego wants big! Big is not there, only small is there – infinitesimally small. So small that you want to disrespect it, ignore it, miss it – that’s the mistake. There is only that which is so small, and if you disrespect it and miss it, then you are missing all that there is.

If you really want change then start respecting the small.

The Best will not come to you as a result of your want

You see, self-improvement, the agenda for improvement, is decided by the ‘self’. The self totally disregards the greater agenda and imposes its own little agenda. And that it calls as self-improvement. Obviously in its own eyes, what it wants to do, where it wants to reach, what it wants to become, the questions that it wants to ask and get answered are very important, but only in its own eyes.

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