Why aren’t you feeding the right wolf?

There is the petty within you that says that I want to dominate your life, that I want to be expressed, that I want to become your breath, your action. And there is the Great within you, which is parallelly saying, “I have a right to be expressed.” Don’t you feel the call of that great? It is impossible. 

There is so much within you that is beautiful, that is healthy, and that too wants to lead you, that too wants to take you places, that too wants to make you live an alternate life.

Why don’t you give that a chance? Why don’t you?

It’s a small beautiful story, I often recall it. So, the grandma is telling a story to the kid. And what’s the story, she says “You know what baby, we all have two wolves inside of us and they are always fighting – A black wolf and a white wolf. And they’re growling and fighting and hitting each other and trying to overpower. They hate each other’s guts.”

And she keeps on describing how they are engaged with each other in the fight. The kid interrupts and says “But granny which of these wins? The white wolf is fighting the black wolf continuously within us, which of these wins?” And grandma smiles and says, “The one you feed.”

Which wolf are you feeding? And why? Why aren’t you feeding the right wolf? It has an equal right. It is equally yours. Probably much more yours than the wrong wolf. Both the wolves are within you. Feed the right one, please. And you know which one is the right one.

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Just feed the right wolf

gen 1Acharya Prashant: Gangesh is asking about the various pettinesses that occupy the mind. He says these pettinesses are there, all the time there, and they demand expression. What do I do? Should I speak to someone? I can’t curb them. I can’t just wish them away, and they are always making their presence felt.

Gangesh, why are you reporting selectively? If you must talk of all that which is seeking expression, why do you also not talk of the immense within you that is trying to get expression? Is it only your pettinesses that want to get expressed? Does the Great inside you not want to get expressed? But you have not written a single word about that. Why are you taking sides? Why don’t you let it be an impartial battle? And if you have to take sides, please take the right side. Read more

Ego is easily exhausted while compassion provides continuous energy

Question: I want to become more attentive, calmer, and more efficient in my work. It is said that tendencies melt with time, but nothing seems to have changed in me.

Speaker: When you say, “You want to become more efficient, you want to become more attentive, more calm”, is it not something that you demand for yourself ? Something that is in your self-interest? Something that pleases you, furthers your own cause?

You must be able to distinguish between two types of works, two types of activities. When you say that you are doing something in order to ‘fatten your bank balance’ or ‘take care of your family needs’ or ‘gain a particular position in society’ or ‘fulfill your own expectations or the expectations of your friends and acquaintances’, when you work with this objective in mind, then you can have a source of energy, a source of progress that is totally self-centric and this source will serve you well. What you want will be taken care of.  If you want to rise ‘high’ and prove a point to the world, then your own ego and the energies of ambition and comparison can easily provide you with the fuel through which you can rise. In fact, those are the only sources from where you can get the energy to rise. Read more