Rishikesh of Shiva must stand for dissolution, not continuation in another name || Acharya Prashant (2016)

Rishikesh is the city of Shiva, it is the city of ending. This Ganga, symbolically it arises from the forehead of Shiva. There are so many other cities for beginning, for commencing; come here to stop. Rishikesh must not become another beginning. We have so many beginnings, don’t we? You meet a new book, it’s a beginning, a new woman, it’s a new beginning, you watch a new movie and it’s a new beginning; so many beginnings. Things must end somewhere. So, no better place to end than Rishikesh. You have been through Brahma and Vishnu, now it’s your time to meet Shiva. Which is alright, because only after having gone through the various Gods and Goddesses, you ultimately come to Shiva. Rishikesh remains meaningless, if you meet this Goddess, that Swami, that Guru and you don’t meet Shiva. Shiva is annihilation, it’s a full stop and every full stop is a ground for infinite Universes.

This Ganga is symbolically a representation, not of flow, but of stillness- comes from nowhere. It only means that it comes from ‘stillness’, from nowhere. Nowhere means, ceasing, stopping.

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