On Rumi: To have knowledge is ignorance; to be free of knowledge is wisdom

Surrender is the decision to not to belong to yourself.

Surrender is the YES to belong to God, to belong to the Truth.

Surrender is the realization that there is something more important than your own petty self.

Remember, it is not a decision; it is a realization.

You see that there is an immensity that deserves more respect than your limits do.

That is surrender.


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Go mad, but go really mad. Don’t just pretend || Acharya Prashant (2016)

We have been accustomed to thinking that the Liberated One, that the one who has attained Moksha or Nirvana behaves in a cool, composed, poised, elegant way. We have a certain image of the Buddha— walking nicely, smilingly gently, speaking softly, not being rude or harsh, offering a gentle touch, not hurting or killing, acting very very wisely, acting very intelligently; intelligently in our own sense whatever we call as intelligence. We have that particular image of the Liberated One.

The poet is trashing that image. The liberated one is a mad one, He cannot sleep at nights.

The Liberated One has no obligation to conform to your image of the liberated one.

When you chase something, you will get its opposite as well || Acharya Prashant (2015)

Whenever you see a thing, do not be captivated by it. At that very instant, remember it’s opposite. Be situated at a point, where you can look equally at black and white: together and in parallel.
Do not be swayed away, do not be taken in. And when you are bothered, resist the temptation of going to the opposite of your current state. It would be a great temptation, but resist.
When you encounter suffering do not jump to the other pole. Instead, remember that suffering comes when you are in between the poles, or at either of the poles.
Suffering is the result of forgetting the non-dual Truth. Suffering is the result of forgetting Advait (non-duality; oneness). That is the only reason why you suffer.

Respond to His call and He will take care of the rest

Man can only do what man can do and to expect more is pure arrogance. To ever say that, “Let me toil more, let me exert more. I am such a devotee that I will reach freedom through my efforts. And I will not stop and not breathe till I am liberated”, might sound like a statement of commitment and devotion and a deep mystical thirst; but it is actually just arrogance. “I am trying to impose my will upon the cosmic order. I am saying, I want to be liberated and existence will have to abide by my will.

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