Gems from Articles, April’19

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The condition you have come to, is not sudden. It has taken millions of years of evolution, for you to come to this state. It’s a very, very old habit.

It is like dust, that has settled over something, since centuries, millennia, aeons.

Time has brought you to your current condition.

And that which time has given you, takes time to go away.


The one whose dissolution you are talking of, is he the Truth? Obviously he cannot be the Truth. Why would one demand the dissolution of the Truth? Why would one think that the Truth can be dissolved at all?

So you are demanding the dissolution of the one, who is not the Truth. Who is he then? He is a product of time. Truth is not a product of time, and therefore Truth does not bother you. And therefore, you are not demanding the dissolution of Truth.

You are demanding the dissolution of that which is, false.

Now see, now see. You are demanding the dissolution of the false. Just as it is silly to demand the dissolution of Truth, isn’t it equally silly to demand the dissolution of the false?

Truth cannot be dissolved, because Truth is timeless. And false cannot be dissolved, because the false does not exist at all. But surely, you are asking for the false to be dissolved, which means you take the false to be…..Truth.

Because you take the false as Truth, therefore you stumble, and get deceived, and get hurt.


If you identify with the false, is a quick movement into the Truth possible? No. It will take time. ‘Sadhana’ is the way. You will have to be constantly embattled against yourself. And you will have to be constantly engaged with the ones, who appear closer to the Truth. These are the only two ways of ‘saadhana‘. There is no third way.

Fight against yourself, and side with the Saints, both are needed. In fact, just proceeding on one leg of the saadhana, without bothering for the other, is more dangerous than not beginning with saadhana at all. You have to both – fight against yourself, and side with the Saints.

If you side with the Saints, without fighting against yourself, then you will use the Saints, to fatten yourself. And if you fight against yourself, without siding with the Saints, then you will go mad, because you will keep destroying who you are, what you are, without finding anything.


You need to have both – a determination to defeat yourself, and devotion to be with the lovers of Truth.

And both these things take time, because you are firmly convinced that you are a product of time.

Not that time is a necessity in the process.

It’s just that you have declared yourself at a position, that makes time a necessity.


Invest that time in two things: in fighting against yourself,  and in being in the company of Saints and lovers of God, Truth.


It is very difficult to break away from the Truth, and habituated as we are to ourselves, it is probably equally difficult, if not more difficult, to overrule ourselves, and leap directly towards the Truth.

So ours is a funny situation.

Can’t go away, can’t directly come close. And at the same time, we want to tell ourselves, that we are busy and occupied, and doing something constructive. So we start with the merry-go-round, maintaining a safe distance from the center, as if that safety is any less discomfiting, than a total separation from the center that invites us.

This is complexity, and this is dishonesty – the in-between-ness, the safe, middle path. The position, the movement, the locus that convinces us that we are not totally dishonest.


You see, without a love for honesty, there can be nothing called ‘dishonesty’. Obviously, we love that which is real, that which will not deceive us, that which we eagerly want. But in spite of our love, in spite of our deep, and true desire, we still deny ourselves, we defy ourselves.

We defy the command of our own hearts.


Dishonesty is – to not to see what you are seeing, to not to get what you want, not to be what you are, not to live by what you know.

If you don’t know, you cannot be dishonest.

If you don’t love, you cannot be disloyal.


It’s absolutely fantastic, that we know, we want, we love.

And it’s equally tragic, that in spite of, knowing, wanting, loving, we somehow still choose to remain deprived.



The more certain you are, that you are approaching the person, with the only intention to show him the light, the easier the process will be.

If the intention is pure, then the process is quicker.

And this empowers you a lot, because now you have something to work upon.

If you just say that the other person does not listen to you, then you are helpless, because you anyway have no control over how the other person thinks, and responds, and reacts, and lives.

But once you know, that the other person’s response, is dependent on purity of your intentions, then that enables and empowers you, because now you can work upon yourself.

And by working on yourself, you can cause a quicker change in the other person.

So work on yourself.


in the mind, there is nothing without a purpose, or a reason.

And as that reason or purpose gains purification, the place of that person in your life, that is your mind, changes. And then, working becomes far easier, with respect to that person.


You have to be absolutely certain, that it is only because of love, and only because of kindness, that you want to bring the light to the other.


The world is a habit, but drugs are a worst habit.

At least when you are free of drugs, then you can look at the facts. Under the influence of drugs, you cannot even know the facts. And I have repeatedly said that – the facts are the door to Truth.

If you do not know even the facts, then you are one step further away from the Truth.

The one who is finding refuge in drugs, is fed up of the usual stuff of consciousness. That is certain.

But, he is taking a very wasteful route.


See, what do most people feel?

They feel a particular type of universe, just because they live in a particular type of consciousness.

They feel the universe, in a particular way, all the time. So, they start taking the universe, as Truth.

After all, what is Truth? That which does not change.


Dedicate your time to something sublime, and then you will not be available to get hurt.

You are hurt. because you are available.

Why are you walking around with free mental space, and spare time?

Be fully dedicated to something worthy, then all these little bruises, and wounds, and rubs, will not bother you.

Life hurts, and wounds, only those who are jobless.

Why are you jobless?


To be born, is to be born into one great job.

What is that job?

The life-long mission of liberation.

You have to be fully employed there. It’s a full-time job, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three sixty five days a year.

But you do not do justice to real occupation, you steal time.

And then your punishment is, that the world will hurt you.

Your theft costs you very dearly.


Be fully consumed in the one, great, divine mission.

Otherwise, life will beat you down, very badly.

You have been entrusted with time, not so that you while it away.

You have been entrusted with your fifty, or eighty years, so that you make the best use of every second. Your time is not your personal property. It has been entrusted to you.

You better use it for the designated, and assigned purpose.


If you are suffering, there is nobody, but you, who is responsible.

Unless you fully accept this responsibility, there is no freedom.

If your suffering is just incidental, then how can there be freedom from it, because incidents can happen any way, any day?

You have to first of all clearly realise that suffering cannot come to you, without your consent. Not only your consent, but your active participation is needed in your process of suffering.

Not only your participation, but your active doership is needed, for you to suffer.

Otherwise, you cannot suffer.


Any bit of suffering, is a clear indicator that you have been messing up with somebody’s trust.

You know whose trust I am talking of? The one who gave you time.

He gave you time, trusting that you will use time piously.

He didn’t give you time to smoke it away.


You don’t have to ‘do’ anything, to escape from body.

You ‘do’ a lot to stick to the body.


I say, “Do the right thing, and do not bother about the result.”

I am saying, “Do the right thing, and do not bother about the results.”

But to those, who are not doing the right things, I say, “Look at the results of your actions.”


‘Do the right thing, and forget about the result’ – is the utmost and final condition.

‘Do the right thing, and forget about the result’- that condition is possible only to someone, who is already liberated of the future.

But those who are not liberated, those who have even an iota of doubt, about the center from where their actions are arising, must use the results of the action, to know the source of the action.


The source of the action, and the result of the action, correspond with each other.

If the action comes from the center of holiness, then the results are bound to be – holy.

If the actions come from the center of nothingness, then the results are bound to be – nothing.

Similarly, if the actions come from the center of vice, or deception, then the results are bound to be distressing.


An action which has led to peacelessness, could not have come from the right source.

An action that leads to lovelessness, has definitely come from a loveless center.

So, do mind the results.

The results will tell you where you are standing right now.

Much later will you come to a point, from where you will not need to bother about the results.

That is liberation!


Man is really not born to go beyond.

Going beyond, is the highest, and the most exquisite pursuit.

If you don’t pursue that path, you are not a sinner.

You are just, normal.

If you not spiritual, you are not a sinner.

You are just normal!


Spirituality, is a most exquisite pursuit.

It is only for those, who are not at all contended with, what the world can maximally offer.

Not only are they not contended with what they already have, they are not contended even with the best, what the world can potentially offer.

Those are the ones, who must take the spiritual path.

Others must satisfy themselves, with the worldly beauties.


Most people are condemned to, almost succeed in the world.

The misfortune of most people is, that they never get beaten up so soundly, that they will see the futility of the world.

So they should remain well-adjusted and compromised. They should continue with the worldly life.

They should not, unnecessarily, invite the spiritual trouble. You know, for the sake of it, just because some great names have talked of spirituality, you too start dabbling.

And then, you burn your fingers.

Spirituality, is for the ones, who are ripe enough.


The first thing that is needed is, viveka (discretion).

The second thing that is needed is, vairagya (dispassion).

The third thing that is needed is, shad sampatti, the six qualities (shama, dama, uprati, titiksha, shraddha, samaadhaan).

And finally, and most importantly, you need, mumuksha(desire for liberation).

When you see that you have all these, only then must you turn, a seeker.


Science is fully contained in spirituality.

Spirituality, that does not contain science, is superstition.

However, science is too small, to overlap with, all of spirituality.

But one thing is certain, when you are scientific, you are spiritual as well.

However, all spirituality, is not science. Spirituality goes, way beyond science.

Spirituality begins, when you have a strong feeling, that things are not the way they must be.


The effect cannot be dimensionally, beyond the cause.

Which is to say – the fruit of the action, cannot be dimensionally superior to the action.

Which is to say – the fruit of the action, is actually just the quality of the actor.

The result is dimensionally the same as the action, and the action is dimensionally the same as the actor.

Therefore, the result is in the same dimension as the actor.

~ Excerpts from ‘Shabd-Yoga’ sessions.

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Acharya Prashant, with students: You are the mother of all importance


Acharya Prashant: All your student life, you have been talking and studying about this and that. The languages, Science, Social Sciences – History, Geography, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry. Now, Technology.

But there is one entity that you have forgotten so much, that it is very difficult at this moment, to even remind you of that entity. That entity has never been in the domain of your education. You have studied about a lot of things, but there is one entity that you have never studied about. Never bothered to attend to.

What is that entity?

Listener: Personality.

AP: Personality?

You will get to study a lot of Personality.

In fact, you have been studying about nothing but ‘Personality’!

‘Personality’ by definition is nothing but what you gather from outside.

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Be bothered about the mind, that is far more important. 

I just do not think that technological progress is a barrier to spiritual growth. I give no vintage to the allegations that science and technology and evils. Because science and technology simply do not lie outside of man’s mind. It is man’s mind that is primal. If the mind is at the proper place then whatever it does, this technology, that technology, any technology that may arise in the future would be auspicious. And, if the mind is not in the proper place then even if you take away all the technology, and turn man back into the forest dweller, still man would remain uneasy, restless, and harmful to himself and others.

So, if this technology is available today, in the right frame of mind, please see how it can be used to reach more people. This technology is there because it is necessitated by the state the world is in today. When there are eight billion people obviously you cannot use your tongue as the channel to reach them. Talking, speaking, discussing was alright when there were limited people and lots of qualified teachers, then small groups could have sufficed. Today, given the way we are and at the point at which we stand these technologies are necessary in fact these technologies correspond to the world we live in, you cannot deal with this world leaving out those technologies. 

This world and those technologies go together. The state of the world is always parallel to the state of technological progress. They are together. So, you cannot cut one out of the other. Be bothered about the mind, that is far more important. 

And, how does one bother about the mind? How does one take care of the mind? The third quality of knowledge is always available and the third quality of knowledge is non- knowledge. It’s a deep meditative understanding that is available and one has to just ask for it, one gets it, use it. That is why in various cultures this third quality has even been called as God’s blessings. It has even been called as God’s direct word. Certain books have been said to be coming directly from God, not from man, for this reason.

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Mind and technology

21762214_1227353527370622_921021697824714700_nAcharya Prashant: Yes, what you want to say?

 Listener: What I want to ask?

AP: Yes.

Question: well, I want to ask something about the generation of Wi-Fi, What is doing that with people, with the earth, all those invisible things (Swirls hand in air). If you can say something, they (To the other listeners) all have their phones inside, I don’t have a phone.

Acharya Prashant: Do you mean the technical aspects of that, or, are you really bothered about what the continuous prevalence and availability of information, is doing to the human mind?

Listener 1: Yes (latter).

AP: So, it is not the particular technology that you are talking about, you are rather talking of the continuous bombardment of information on man’s mind.

You see, man has an urge to keep absorbing, to keep sucking in stuff from outside. Now, why does that happen? That happens because of a certain fear. A fear that if I do not know, then I will miss out, that if I do not know then there would be something reduced from my being. So, you want to know. Knowledge makes you feel happy, complete, confident. Read more

No scripture ever offers you knowledge

No scripture ever offers you knowledge. There is a great difference between knowing Science, and Spirituality. Science is knowledge. Science is incremental. A certain fellow does something, and the next fellow takes it forward from there. It’s like a relay race.

Spirituality – everyone has to start afresh. It doesn’t matter, how much your father, your ancestors, your predecessors knew. You will still have to start from where you are. Einstein didn’t have to start from zero. Newton said, “He could see so far, because he was standing on the shoulders of giants.” In Spirituality, you cannot stand on somebody else’s shoulders. You have to stand on your own. So, knowledge cannot help.

In Science, the more knowledge, the better.

In Spirituality, the more your freedom from knowledge, the better.

It has become a trend over the last few decades, to conflate these two – science and spirituality. In fact, certain authors think that it is a mark of their scholarship, if they use scientific terms in the spiritual domain. They would try to bring in quantum physics in Spirituality. There can be nothing more foolish than this. It only shows that you know no Spirituality and you are also revealing that you know no Science. If you know Science, then you would not conflate it with Spirituality. And had you been spiritual, why would you bring in Science?

Science is such a small petty subset of Spirituality. Science is about trying to look at objects, objectively. That’s what Science is – Look at the objects, without prejudice, objectively. That is Science.

Spirituality is about looking at the subject and object together. And hence, a third kicks in, that which you know by the name of witness. When the subject and the object are together, then that togetherness, is a very special thing. Science would never look at these two together.

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Science, spirituality and their relationship

Question: Acharya Ji, how is the knowledge of the scriptures different from the knowledge of science?

Acharya Prashant: No scripture ever offers you knowledge. There is a great difference between knowing Science, and Spirituality. Science is knowledge. Science is incremental. A certain fellow does something, and the next fellow takes it forward from there. It’s like a relay race.

Spirituality – everyone has to start afresh. It doesn’t matter, how much your father, your ancestors, your predecessors knew. You will still have to start from where you are. Einstein didn’t have to start from zero. Newton said, “He could see so far, because he was standing on the shoulders of giants.” In Spirituality, you cannot stand on somebody else’s shoulders. You have to stand on your own. So, knowledge cannot help. Read more

You have no obligation to win, lose or even participate.

Even when you are identified with being a winner or the loser, still there is something within you which can neither be a winner nor a loser. I just called it the third state. It is not the third state. It is your fundamental nature. It is your fundamental nature that gets hidden when you are obsessed with winning and losing. The fact is – deep within, you don’t bother and that’s such a relief, such a mercy.

Fact is, after the greatest victory, when you go to sleep, the victory is gone and the victor is nowhere. And after the greatest loss, when you again go to sleep, you are neither the loser, nor is the game anywhere. And you like it. Don’t you?

Is there anybody who hates himself sleeping? IS there anyone who says, “No, it’s such a bad day. I cannot go to sleep.” Sleep is always relaxing; always because in sleep you are neither one nor two. That is the secret of sleep. That three is always there. Just don’t push yourself too hard. Don’t be too severe with yourself.

You have no obligation to win, lose or even participate. In your sweet will, in your innate joy, you may decide to participate, in your playfulness, you may even decide to go for a win; in your love, you may decide to lose. But none of that must matter too much with you. Your essential freedom lies in your ability to walk in at any point and also to walk away at any point.

Join the game, leave the game. Join the war, leave the war. Join the war without bothering about what can befall you, what kind of harm, what kind of wounds or what kinds of glory and victory and leave the war without wondering what the others might think of you and what are the opportunities that you are squandering?

Your freedom does not merely lie in not playing the game.

Your freedom also lies in joining the game as and when you please. And the one who is able to join the game as and when he pleases, is also the one who will be able to leave the game as and when he pleases.

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How to be free from this rat race?


Question: Acharya Ji, the results of class 10th and 12th are out. And the parents of children who have scored high marks are shouting over the roof top. Entire social media is filled with such declarations.

My first question is: What does it do to their children and other parents and children who may not have scored that well?

And the second question is: Even if as a parent, we do not do so, isn’t there a problem in the system? What should we do as a parent and the current ecosystem?

Acharya Prashant: We come to notice these things only when they present themselves in the loudest manner possible. We talk as if the problem lies in a certain event. We say that the results have been declared and the parents are now behaving in a particular way and that is the problem. Is that the problem?

Have the parents and the kids suddenly converted into believing that it is important to be ambitious, it is important to be competitive and to be a high achiever? Is this something that has suddenly happened? Or was it always there? On the other hand, I would also want to ask: Why does it really hurt when somebody shouts from the roof top, as you said? Is it not so that it can hurt only when you too wanted your kid to do equally well, whatever that means and now that your son and daughter could not be that big achiever, so it hurts when somebody else rub salts into your wounds by openly proclaiming his or her daughter’s achievement.

These are the two things we must go into. Read more

How to know the subconscious mind?


Acharya Prashant: What is it that is lying hidden but waiting to come out?

Listener: Subconscious.

AP: And what is there?

L: That which is not in conscious.

AP: (Smiles) and are they two related?

L: Yes.

AP: So, the conscious is talking of the subconscious, at least that much relation is there. What does the conscious mind know of the subconscious?

L: Unpredictability, only the feelings and characters.

AP: What lies there in the subconscious? Read more

With the sky in the Heart, Chasing horizons is Joy

WhatsApp-Image-20160704 (12)

Question: Sir, do you ever get tired of all those questions that people ask you?

Acharya Prashant (AP): There are not many questions; there is just one question always.

I have good fun in answering the same question in multiple ways. Read more

The world can redeem itself only by placing the highest value on the Guru


Questioner: The question is: Who is a Guru? Is a Guru different from a Teacher right? Can a Guru bring together — Knowledge and spirituality in one domain? And what is this contradiction between Osho and J. Krishnamurti?

Acharya Prashant: See, there has to be something which makes you feel that there is a difference between a Teacher and a Guru. What is that thing? Because language and dictionary will tell you that these two words are almost synonymous: ‘Teacher and Guru’. Yet something within you tells you that they are not. Indeed there may be a huge difference; a dimensional difference between these two.

Teaching, in the way we know it, in the way it is used in contemporary society, is analogous to filling up the brain, guiding the intellect in a predetermined direction. Now it’s a very important function: to bring a child or a young student up to date, to the point where evolution has brought mankind is important. If a child has born today, he must know the languages that are prevalent today. He must know the sciences, he must know the traffic rules, he must know the political environment, he must know computers and electronics, he must know the way the various societies are built and are operated. Read more

Just observe

Just see what the body is and the body is always available for observation, so seeing it must never be a problem. Just see what the mind is, and the mind too is always running around, you can always watch it.

See, here and there, jumping, hopping, climbing, falling, the mind is always busy with something, is it not? That way it is always a nice object to look at, like a pet monkey. There on the sofa it is, then hiding behind the television, in the closet, always there. So, know what the mind is and for that, you don’t have to go anywhere. The mind is. Your world is the mind, observe it.

Just see it without condemnation, without identification, without expectation; maybe with a little bit of wonderment, if you can afford that, if you can’t then that’s alright. Maybe with a very faint smile if it comes on its own, if it doesn’t come on its own then it’s alright. Maybe with a little bit of love, if it comes on its own, if it doesn’t come on its own, alright.

Just observe.

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Are you in the same dimension as the pattern?

Don’t be afraid of patterns.

Be with the Truth; you will not be afraid.

And when you are not afraid of patterns then you can toy around with them. And it won’t matter whether you fall into the pattern, whether you break the pattern; whether you play by the rules, whether you disregard them — nothing will matter.

The only thing that matters is: Are you in the same dimension as the pattern? Or are you in another dimension?

That is the only difference.

There is one mind that fights problems and never succeeds.

And there is another mind that goes past problems and goes past success and defeat.

The mind that wants to fight problems or solve problems will always find itself getting more and more problems.

It will forever be stuck in the game of success and defeat against the problem.

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Mantra, Maun, Listening and Awareness


Question: Sir, if I try to ensure to be aware of what is going on right now, it just takes me away from listening to you. Is there a fundamental mistake that I am making in understanding it?

Acharya Prashant: Not really a great mistake but still unless one reaches the last point one has not reached. There is something called mantra and then there is maun.

The thought of awareness is mantra but that is not awareness. It is still not awareness. Awareness is silence. You cannot think of awareness but you can think of stuff that takes care of rest of your thoughts. Such beautiful thoughts are the adages, the mantra, the verses, aphorisms, the words of the great Teachers. Those words by themselves are not awareness but they are the penultimate steps. They are very close to the final, to the ultimate. Read more

‘You’ are unnecessary

‘You’ are unnecessary. ‘You’ are unnecessarily here.‘You’ are not needed.

Just get out!

Your entire system is so beautiful and self-sufficient, it knows what to do.

Why are ‘you’ interfering?

The eyes, the nose, the mind, the intellect, they all know their respective functions. When ‘you’ leave them alone, they are so happy. The memory knows how to operate; the mind knows how to think. They all know what to do.

Why are ‘you’ worried? Why can’t ‘you’ just relax?

Give yourself freedom and see how beautifully the entire thing operates.

You will walk, you will talk, you will read, you will do everything.

And you will find that it is happening so nicely, when you are allowing it to happen, without ‘you’.

Let work be celebration

Let work be celebration, let work be life.

You wake up, and you want to work.

You wake up, and you do not want to run away from work.

You wake up, and you want to straight away reach out to something.

Now work is holy, it is sacred.

It’s your breath, it’s your heartbeat.

Spirituality is more scientific than science

Science says, “If my eyes can see, look at it, only then it exist.”

Spirituality says, “But first of all, am I sure that my eyes are an instrument capable enough to tell me the Truth?”

Spirituality is an honest, brutally honest search for the Truth.

And kindly do not think that it precludes science.

To go beyond something is not the same as rejecting it.

Spirituality is deeply scientific;
so very scientific that it transcends science.

You could even say that it is more scientific than science.

Acharya Prashant: God is a cat


Acharya Prashant: What is love? What is the definition of love?

A lot has been said on this subject and I can add to it. Even, I have spoken hundreds of times on this, but I want to ask you something—when you are really dallying with your lover, and we are adults, I am not prepared to believe that we have never known the immersion of love, when you are really dallying with your lover, do you suddenly pause and ask, what is the definition of love?” “Can you please define what we are doing right now?” Read more

On OSHO: Is sex momentary Samadhi, and Samadhi eternal sex?


Question: Sir, kindly explain this statement—Sex is momentary Samadhi, and Samadhi is eternal sex.

Acharya Prashant: It’s a way to point at the beyond using your language. A way to point at the one beyond experience using your experience.

Sex is momentary Samadhi—First of all, Samadhi is never momentary, it is not even spread out infinitely in time. Samadhi is a total forgetfulness of the moment. If you still remember the moment, then where is the question of Samadhi?

The word ‘Samadhi’ is so beautiful, it means ‘being exactly placed,’ or ‘being appropriately placed.’ Placed where?  Placed in the truth.

When the mind is placed exactly in the truth, that is Samadhi. 

A related word is ‘Samadhan’, which means dissolution. Dissolution is the mind coming close to the seat, to the center, the drop coming close to the sea, and dissolving.

What gives you the impression that you are separate? Before we talk of union, it is important to talk about separation.

Listener: Thought.

AP: Thoughts. The whole functioning of our internal system. The very presence of me as the body. If I am there as the body, then there is something that is non-bodily outside of me. My very presence is a separation, a division. My existence is a compartment. My existence is a wall. Is it not? This skin is so easily the wall of a prison. And all of this – the skin, the wall, this and that, has no meaning in deep sleep.

You may have burnt skin, does the burnt skin have any meaning when you are sleeping deeply? So the boundary disappears when that internal system relaxes. When thought ceases, then the mental activity just comes to a standstill.

A very faint glimpse of something similar to that is available in the moment of orgasm. The reason being, all your energy is then physically directed towards the mating process. That is how evolution has designed the body.

The very fact that you exist as the body demands that you continue as the body. That is the only thing that evolution wants: You have a body, and this bodily thing must continue, so you must procreate. Existence, which is the so-called physicality, wants not enlightenment from you; existence has no stake in you being a Buddha, but existence has a lot of stake in you producing babies.

So that is something that your body is designed to do. Every cell is in some way a sexual cell. That is the bodies top most priority. That is why winning over that is the final frontier. Hence, when the top most priority comes into question, then the system is designed to direct all resources towards that.

Look at the ordinary man—he might be engaged in anything, but if a sexual opportunity presents itself, everything else is forgotten, and all energy, all concentration starts flowing towards sex. Sex becomes the over-riding concern. We are designed physically to be like that. It is not a matter of morality, it is just a matter of the machine being programmed to be like that.

So, in the moment of sexual union, the entire energy, the whole system goes into a standby mode, and you become just your hormones, your genitals, your reproductive instinct. Now, the brain has no opportunity to think, even the blood flow to the thinking part of the brain diminishes. Because all the blood supply is now directed towards the physical process. Evolution wants that to be important, now evolution does not want you to be a philosopher. What will you do by thinking? You better produce babies.

So, just inadvertently, the brain comes to a stand-by mode. It becomes a little dormant. This is mind on an artificial tranquilizer. It is just that the tranquilizer is not being injected from outside, rather it is being secreted from inside. Whether the chemical comes through an external syringe, or through an internal secretion from the gonads, irrespective of that it is totally chemical and hormonal, hence it can’t really be called Samadhi.

There is no understanding involved in this. It is just the equivalent of people trying LSD and other drugs in the hope of experiencing something similar to enlightenment. And a lot of that happens. In fact, most of the alcoholism is due to this reason. Alcohol takes away your capacity to think.

So the mind is now not besotted with you regular concerns. And so people take it. If sex can give you a glimpse of Samadhi, then even alcohol can, then even more precise drugs can be carefully manufactured, which will give you the ‘Buddha experience’. In fact, this has actually been tried. People have said that enlightenment is nothing but a particular configuration of the brain. That it is something totally material. Why not operate the brain to produce enlightenment? And this has been taken quite seriously.

So, this statement that Sex is momentary Samadhi, has to be taken for what it is. A blind man, being apprised of colors using his blindness. The attempt is bound to fail. And whenever you say that the sexual experience is a kind of Samadhi experience, it only leads to more ferocious, more involved, more indulgent sexual activity. If sex can give me a glimpse of Samadhi, then more sex can get me probably a trailer of Samadhi, and even more sex, can probably get me Samadhi itself, why not?

All this just leads to a certain internal degeneration, nothing else. Now the other half of the statement, which says, ‘Samadhi is eternal sex’, this is more meaningful. The mind coming to its foundation, its source, its center, is also what saints have often described as the lover meeting the beloved.


For a simple reason—Just as the lover is restless without meeting the beloved, the ego is restless without coming to its dissolution. That is why saints from the bhakti and the Sufi traditions have referred to God in very loving terms, very romantic terms, often even in amorous terms. The mind that keeps going closer and closer, gets a taste of that which it has always desired. And that is the end of all desires. The mind going close to the center is going close to its final desire.

It’s a curious expression: final desire.

Final desire means both, the climax and it also means the end.

So it is certainly a union. And the word union is beautiful even in the sense of the ending of separation. Separation of not only the mind from its peace but also of the various fragments of the mind from each other. The various fragments in the mind, the various divisions in the mind can never actually reconcile with each other unless the mind is reconciled in total with its source. So, that is the end of all fragmentation that we see in the world. Why talk about it so much? Why use such evocative metaphors? Why not go directly to it?

Why talk about it so much? Why use such evocative metaphors? Why not go directly to it?

L1: Because it is easier to talk about it than to do it.

L2: What about the Shaiva Tantra, where they say that the Shiva and Shakti union happens through the Yoni? And that is a tradition in the Indian system. The say that if it is misused, then it is not a good thing.

AP: You see, whenever words emerge from a Saint, from a Seer, they emerge from a particular center. So even though they may look like ordinary words in the dictionary, yet their meanings are totally different. And they have to be decoded from the same center.

If one is speaking from a particular depth of consciousness, a particular settled awareness, and if I happen to listen to it with my ordinary mind, full of expectations, full of images, then what will I do?

L3: You will mold the meaning accordingly.

AP: Obviously, the meaning in my head will not at all be what he has sought to communicate. Just as Shiva is nothing material, just as Shakti too does not exist as a particular object, similarly when they are talking of the yoni, the yoni too is not a certain material or physical part.

You see you go to a Shiva temple, you find both the Lingam and the Yoni there, and together. Now, have we gone there to worship our genitals? Or are they saying something of the beyond? But if I am obsessed with sex, what will I say? “This temple stands for reckless pursuit of sex!” Then the temple becomes a certification of one’s licentiousness.

The day before, we were talking about Kabir praising the Sati. Now when Kabir says Sati, is he referring to a particular woman, or is he referring to a particular quality of mind? Depends on who we think Kabir is. If Kabir is a man, then Kabir’s

Depends on who we think Kabir is. If Kabir is a man, then Kabir’s Sati to us, will be a woman. And why would Kabir be a man to us? Because we are severely body-identified. So when Kabir is there, we say that he too is a body, and if Kabir is a body, and he says, ‘Sati’ then the Sati has to be a woman in the body.

That is how we read the scriptures. And that is why the scriptures very clearly lay down the conditions. They say that only such and such mind is qualified to come to us. They say that unless you have let go of your expectations, desires, and your ordinary ways, do not come to us. Patrata – You have to be someone who can first of all decode us, understand us.

When an Ashtavakra speaks, he requires a Janaka to listen. And when a Krishna speaks, at least an Arjuna is required. He did not go about speaking to just anybody in general. But the scriptures fall in wrong hands. And then they are interpreted to suit one’s own personal convictions. And that is why so much of perversion happens with the alleged sanction of religion.

Would religion really sanction all that? Would the scriptures really support all that you see happening in the name of spirituality or religion? The words might be divine, alright, the words might have descended straight from heaven, alright, but who is reading those words? You. And who are you? The one who does not know how to read.

If I cannot observe simple things directly, if I distort them, if I imbue them with imaginary meanings, will I really be able to read clearly? A Gita, a Bible, a Quran, anything, even the newspaper! I am someone who can’t even read the newspaper directly, and what do I pick up to read?

L4: Gita.

AP: And what will I make out of it!

Yoni refers to the seat of all creation, so in that sense, it simply refers to the creative power inherent in nothingness. It is just an indication, nothing else. In fact, in that sense, the Lingam and the Yoni are just one. Seen with one kind of mind, you would want to represent That as the phallus, with another kind of mind you would want to represent That as the Yoni. With another kind of mind, you would want to represent That as the two in a union. It is just the same.

Are there multiple truths?

No, but there can be multiple ways of expression, images.

Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity.

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